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Dear teachers, friends, I am thankful to our principal sir and all my teachers for giving me a chance to share few

thoughts on my observations on XI the standard in NEJC I studied in ST. Xaviers up to 10 the STD and I joined in first batch of new English junior college science stream because, NEJC has established itself as caring, responsible, guiding institute in shrirampur as it emphasizes In 1. Overall development of students apart from curriculum activities, physical development, musical training, and speech competition are held regularly. 2.Parents meeting is held regularly and progress is shared with parent and follow up action planned and implemented 3. All the teachers are well qualified in their respective fields. 4.Personal Attention is paid to each and every student on each subject and chapter 5. All doubts are clarified on the spot. 6.We are encouraged to ask questions and we get satisfactory answers 7.We have a well equipped laboratory for chemistry, physics and biology

We have very good libray related to curriculum and on general subjects 9. We are encouraged in the general activates, in fact todays assembly for speech is one example among others. 10. All my teachers are very supportive and I have enjoyed this first of year college 11. I am sure, I will be able to fulfill my dream of my completing my second year also and pursue the desired future course with full direction, attention of teachers and principal sir. My friends believe me , I am sure I have done right choice in joinging the NEJC and I love every moment of attending the classes. Class room discipline is maintained, there is no discrimination and all teachers are very supportive And encouraged to discuss the questions and to get answers. The point to be noted individual attention is paid to all the students by teachers. I am sure this individual attention, you will not get anywhere else. I am thankful to the principal and teachers for this wonderful experience and exposure. I am sure all of will naturally continue your further studies in NEJC and bring glory to the college, your parent,

your town, your state and to your country. WISH U GOODLUCK THANK U .....