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Harsh discipline policies are kicking students out of school. California issues almost 800,000 suspensions each year. 93% of California counties are issuing suspensions and expulsions at rates higher than 7% of their enrollment the national average. The suspensions/expulsion rate in nearly half of California counties is 15% or higher. In some districts and schools, rates are upwards of 50%. The problem is much worse for kids of color, especially boys. If you are a black boy in a L.A. Unified middle school, your odds of suspension are 34%. If youre a white girl, its 3%. Most suspensions are for low-level, non-violent acts such as defying authority. Behaviors that used to mean a trip to the principals office or a talk with a school counselor. Suspension is often the start of a spiral of negative outcomes. Students are: o Twice as likely to repeat a grade as those who werent suspended. o Three times more likely to come into contact with juvenile justice system in the year following suspension or expulsion. o The dropout rate was 59% for students suspended repeatedly.


Encourage Sacramento leaders to fix the suspension problem. Join the Facebook group Health Happens in Schools. Post a YouTube video with your thoughts on harsh discipline. Tag it CASuspensionStories.