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Biodynamic Farming

Created by Rudolf Steiner Powerpointd by James Martel

Rudolf the red-nosed Steiner


in 1861 in Kraljevic, a small town in present day Croatia. was a well-known philosopher at the time, and eventually conceived the idea anthroposophy, a spiritual idea that brings together the sciences, the arts, and religion into one central, all-encompassing thought.


We regard the perfection of the whole as depending on the unique perfection of each single individual."

On the path to knowledge and freedom, humans tend to distance themselves from the rest, claiming individuality, when there is really a lot more connecting us than we think. The key word is unique. We arent always as unique and different as we think! Spiritual and natural forces all working constantly. Quoted from Theory of Freedom by Steiner

The Earth is totally alive, man.

Biodynamics came about from Anthroposophy While there are natural, observable forces acting around us, which we can study and detail, there exists many spiritual forces. These unobservable (yet) forces are part of the connectedness of everything. Plants are utterly open to and formed by influences from the depths of the earth to the heights of the heavens.


a rich, lively soil produces rich, lively crops. The general idea is quality, not quantity. Producing plants under rich conditions will in turn provide the most nutritional foods.

Soil ceremonies

constructed what he called biodynamic preparations

Natural materials are prepared in recipes and placed in compost piles. The chaotic forces of the cosmos are organized and this preparation acts as a medicine to the Earth.