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Bone Terminology Osteon -Osteitis -Osteoma -Osteomalacia Myelo -osteomyelitis Arthro -osteoarthritis -arthritis Tendo, tendino -achiles tendon

-tendinitis -Tenosynovilitis Burs/o -bursitis Chondro -osteochondritis Costo -intercostal Dent/o -odonto -orthodontist -periodont Prosth -prosthesis Meta -metacarpal Phalango Humero Sacroiliac joint Thoracolumbar

Softness of bone Bone marrow/ spinal cord Joints

Bursa (between tendon and bone) Cartilage Ribs Teeth Shape like a teeth Specialist in straighten teeth Around teeth Artificial body replacement Appliance artificial to replace amputated parts Beyond Phalanges Humerus

Respiratory Pneumo Pneumon Pneuma Pneumothorax Pneumonectomy Pulmuno Pne/o -apnea -dyspnea -tachypnea Air Lung Wind /breath Collection of air in chest cavity Excision of whole /part of lung Lung Breathing No breathing Difficult in.. Fast

-bradypnea -orthopnea Hemoptysis Atelectosis Naso-/ Rhino PhrenoEpistaxis , epi (upon), staxis(drip,oozing) Pharynx -nasopharynx -oropharynx -hypopharynx Larynx -laryngitis Trachea -tracheotomy Broncho -bronchitis -bronchoscope Pleura -pleurisy Phreno -subphrenic abscess Medical intervention -tomos -tome -tomy Ectomy Ostomy Otomy -gastrectomy Radiologist Tomography Echo -echocardiogram

Slow Able to breath in standing position Cough in blood (in cases of TB, cancer, infection) Imperfect expand Nose Muscle related to inhale or exhale Nosebleed hemorrhage

Incision into trachea

Membrane surround lung Inflammation of pleura of lung Diaphragm

Cutting Cutting instrument Cut and excise (out) Cut and open Incision only (done in case of overweight [170-200kg] and cancer) Specialist in Interpret X-ray Procedure to get image of slices/ plane Sound wave