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Email 16: Chichakli - Schmidle Files - SkyPotrol.net

Email 16: Chichakli - Schmidle Files - SkyPotrol.net

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Published by: George Mapp on Mar 07, 2012
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Re: Query from The New Yorker
Nicholas Schmidle <nickschmidle@gmail.com> Кому Chichakli R <chichakli@yandex.ru> 7 фев. в 04:56 почта

Thanks Richard! This is great. Did Viktor come alone? He spoke English I assume? Any further recollections? What he was wearing? Body language? Was he serious? Quick with a joke? What do you recall about his personality? What was his project? And how did he have to adapt to meet the requirements of the free zone? In other words, how did his business had to change to be admitted to the free zone? He was living in Dubai then, right? The other five air cargo operators there at the time with the Russian aircraft, were they also companies led by young Russian men? And any idea if they had also been in Sharjah since the time that Viktor started Transavia in Nov 1993? Just trying to get an idea of who, if anyone, Viktor was competing with. Also, do you know when he arrived in Sharjah to begin with? In other words, I know he got his license in Nov 93 but wasn't sure prior to that? And where was all the cargo heading for CIS coming from? What was it? Foodstuffs? Consumer goods? Thanks! You've been tremendously helpful. Best, Nicholas

Sent from my iPad On Feb 6, 2012, at 7:36 PM, Chichakli R <chichakli@yandex.ru> wrote:
Good day: IThe first time I met Victor was in about July or early August 1995 few month after I start working for the Government of the State of Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates as the Commercial manager of Sharjah Airport free economical zone. I never met or knew Victor or Sergey prior to 1995 - and accordingly, you assumption about 1993 and1994 is 100% wrong. The first time I met Sergey was about October 1995. I left Sharjah and went back to the United States on June 30, 1996 The first time I met Victor was the time he came to my office to submit an application for a business licenses in the free zone. Victor was 28 years old, and I found him to be driven and energetic; but not "one of a kind" by any mean. He presented a business plan for his project and was will spoken and willing to listen and adapt to meet the requirements of working in the free zone. At the time Victor applied for a license, there was about 40 license issued already, out of which 5 were issued to air cargo operators and almost all of them were slightly older than Victor and they were running Russian aircraft. In 1995 Sharjah Airport was swamped with piles of cargo destined to the various CIS countries that were once parts of the Soviet Union, and that was the right time for operators to capitalize on the high demand for cargo capacity. Victor was quick to respond and he was one of the few that were not affraid of expanding their fleet in response to the demand; thus, he was th one to benefit the most. Sincerely Richard

07.02.2012, 03:22, "Nicholas Schmidle" <nickschmidle@gmail.com>:
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