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Landor Associates Lindsay Churchman March 7, 2012 Landor s client firm Sand Diego Zoo is just one of the

many companies in which they have developed a new corporate identity. They developed a new brand idea, brand line, and identity system to unify the San Diego Zoo s three unique properties. The extent of the San Diego Zoo's wildlife conservation efforts was going unrecognized by the public, in part because there was no one unifying brand idea for the three diverse properties: the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and the Institute for Conservation Research. For the identiy they drew insight that different animals use a variety of unique expressions. They then used the signature in a range of executions that celebrate animal s distinctive personalities. They engaged audiences and changed over time for special events. They also created a whimsical custom font and wrote a new tagline Wild at Heart. The three properties are now distinguished by color, content, and photography style. For the non-consumer-facing conservation research institute, the identity maintains an organic connection to the overall visual system while representing its ethical, professional approach. The San Diego Zoo identity stands out from other zoos, and the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive. A few other companies that Landor has created a reputable, long lasting brand identity for with helpful and innovative strategies are FedEx, BlackBerry, John Deer and Levis.

Landor generates new ideas for corporate identity makeovers from taking advantage of social media opportunities, collaborative effort to inspire breakthrough ideas, ensuring a correct strategy and positioning, as well as a ton of research. Landor looks at trends, consumer insight, brand valuation and the brand asset valuator.