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BY Brandon Orr

Miller read Daniel 8:14-14 to help him predict the second coming of Christ in the spring of 1843-1844. The miller rite Adventist believed that Jesus would return on October 22, 1844 this should of become a biblical day but, it didnt happen. After this, most of the followers of the miller rites left and returned to their original churches. A group of Adventist had arrived that Daniel 8:14 foretold Christ entrance into the most holy of the heavenly sanctuary rather his second coming. This group of Adventist still believed in the second coming of Christ and the they have stopped making a further dates for the event

A supporter of the seventh day Adventist movement is Ellen G. White. As you can see in the picture below, it is Ellen G. White at the age of 88 in California.

Ellen G. White was born on November ,26 1827 in the state of Maine and she died in July 16, 1915 in the state of California. Ellen shared her vision with seventh day Adventist believers, she got the vision Miller rite disappointment. A historian Randall Balmer has described her that she was an important figure to many religions. She is more than an important figure.

I think seventh day Adventists are very friendly, calm, joyful, peaceful. Like other kids that are seventh day Adventist, I feel lonely that they dont have any other friends that is seventh day Adventist in their school. I feel lucky to have seventh day Adventist friends in my school, I like to be a seventh day Adventist and I go to a seventh day Adventist school.

I special thanks to Adventist classic Library and,, and

At the picture below this is the Harford area seventh day Adventist schools sign.