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Performed at the Theatre du Palais-Royal in Paris By: Molieres company: Troupe du Roi Play not a box office success

Replaced after two months Jean Jacques Rousseau argued that the authors aim was to make virtue ridiculous; making fun of the shallow and vicious taste of the man of the world Synopsis Alceste (main character) refuses to bow down to the social conventions of the seventeenth century However, he falls in love with Celimene, the very person who epitomizes what Alceste despises He eventually realizes that Celimene has been leading him on He gives her an ultimatum; He will forgive her and marry her if she runs away with him to exile She refuses, she thinks she is too young and beautiful to leave society and suitors behind Philinte betrothes Eliante Alceste exiles himself from society and Philinte and Eliante try and convince him to return Comedy of Manners Play concerned with satirizing societys manners Manner: method in which everyday duties are performed, conditions of society, or way of speaking Known as a high comedy; involves sophisticated wit and talent in writing the script and performance Minimal physical action and heavy use of dialogue Satirize the very people who were watching them (usually mid to upper class society) Satire focused on the materialistic nature of these kind of people; never ending desire to gossip, hypocritical existence

The Misanthrope and Other Plays by Moliere