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I decided to look at the Versace at H & M advert, as the strong use of symbolism and themes explored in the advert,

are representative of what we intend to convey in our own trailer. The manipulation of the models and the continual monitoring of their behaviour through Donatella Versace herself, is another element we are aiming to convey in our trailer to create tension. The advert is very stylised and quirky in style, which causes the viewer to question the reality of this setting as it creates confusion. This is evident through the shot of various staircases leading down illogical paths and directions. This fantasy aspect is indicative of Alice in Wonderland to some extent as the setting of the advert is beyond the realms of reality. Through the adverts strong use of symbolism, the audience are highly aware of the manipulation and control placed upon these models. This is most prominently evident through the portrayal of an eye covered wall which is shown monitoring the movements of the models, allowing them no privacy. Through the highly visual representation of a darkly obscured puppet master taking full control of the models and their bodies, the advert allows these women no control over themselves. This is seen further indicated through the repetitively of the actions as they appear to be ridged and mechanical. The portrayal of the many fashionably uniformed figures conveys them to be disposable and easily re-purchasable as they appear to be mass produced. This dehumanisation is further depicted through the animalistic print worn by the models and the zebra skin carpet. This is as both are associated with animals and denies the models any individuality. The lacking identity of these figures is conveyed further though a scene showing them herded into a less than human birdcage, representing their desperation to break free and express themselves. The trailer is ended on a shot of Donatella Versace stating in an almost sadistic tone, My house. My rules. My Pleasure.