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Megillat Esther

where to where? countries? From over how many Achashveirosh, Persia, ruled the King of

the kings party?

How long was

What was Vashtis lineWhat was Vashtis lineage? Where did she age? Where did she come from? come from?

Who advised the king Concerning Vashti?

What were the kings letters about?

Who cared for the

women at the


What did Mordechai do every day? Why?

Esther was the daughter of ...

Brought before the king...

When was Esther chosen?

Esthers Party

Plotting to kill the king

Who was Haman?

Will NOT bow Why?

How was the month of Adar picked by Haman? Convincing the King

to kill the Jews

What day was the

decree given to

And what of the silver?

Kings letters circulated

kill the Jews?


A sign of mourning

Who told Esther?

Who did Esther send?

What news did he bring back to Esther?

If you remain silent

Mordechai sent back word...

Fasting and Praying

As soon as the king saw Queen Esther...

Finding Favor
Haman invited...

What did Esther ask for?

Why was Haman angry?

Bragging of success

Giant Gallows

Mordechai saved the kings life...

Esther prepares

Learning & Praying

Inspecting the gallows

To the one whom the king wants to honor

Hamans big imagination

To be



Through the streets of Shushan

To Esther's Party

Telling the truth...

The Royal Ring

Save the


A New Law Decreed

Letters to defend themselves...

In every town...

Leaving the kings palace...

13th Adar

14th Adar

Writing the Scroll...