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Initial Ideas Decanter Why would a Decanter be somnambulant? Overworked: Story of a decanter owed by a raging alcoholic.

Story of an overworked decanter that has such a strong work ethic that it keeps working in it's sleep. Restless/Insomniac: Can't sleep because of physical and emotional trauma. Maybe He's in love with the wine glass but it's an unacquainted love. Keeps getting woken up by glassware or cutlery and after a while unconsciously tries to escape. Natural Sleepwalker: Story of him getting lost and finding his way back. Dream Sequence could lead to him to have an adventure... or accident. Face Problem Decanter doesn't really have a front: How to bypass this problem? Special Edition (Singles it out) Label? (Decanters tend not to have any label due to the material they are made out of.) Design Pattern (Tends to be symmetrical and therefore useless when defining front and back. However it could be something added later to make it look more grand.) Logo! (If added to the decanter neck a logo could not only define the front but also add to t he overall grandeur of the decanter) Environments As much as I'd like to speed up ahead and start on the environments I must resist because it's too early to decide. Instead I made a few notes to burn to memory things that I should note. The first is the ease of which to replicate. This is important because over detailed environments as pretty as they are would not be reasonable and would lead to unnecessary stress and also they may clash with characters and complicate a scene with risk of an unreadable story. In addition to the previous note, I need to

make it visually interesting partly for myself to raise moral during the mind numbing tweening processes and to enhance the immersion of the story and not be the story itself, or at least in this case. Short Story A short idea to kick start me off. The Decanter is asleep on a shelf. The Decanter slips into a wonderful dream where he courts the beautiful and voluptuous cocktail glass. In his dream he dances with his unacquainted love in a wonderful blissful encounter. As the dream heightens he hears distant voices as they get loader he realises as he comes to that he was dreaming and had moved to the edge of the shelf. But it was too late... He slipped and fell! As he fell he turned as a familiar figure. His love was there... on the tabletop. The moment passed like a brief eternity. As a single drop of gin escapes his depths his journey ended... Fin