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Problem Set #13 Bard High School Early College Queens 9th Grade Algebra NO calculators allowed.

Review: Write each equation on your sheet and then solve. 1. 3.

2. 4.

Directions: For each problem, 1) chose a variable and state the unknown quantity that the variable represents, 2) translate each problem into an equation, and 3) solve. 5. Three times a certain number is 46 more than the number itself. What is the number? 6. When the quotient of a certain number and is increased by 8, the result is 40. What is the number? 7. Twice a number is decreased by 9, and then this quantity is multiplied by 4. The result is 8 less than 10 times the number. What is the number? 8. The number of ducks on the pond tripled when the new flock landed. Next 11 more ducks came. The resulting number of ducks was 13 less than 4 times the original number. How many ducks were there to begin with? 9. The perimeter of a square is 116m. Find the length of a side. 10. A triangle has two sides of equal length and a third side that is 16cm long. If the perimeter is 50cm, how long is each of the two equal sides? 11. (Challenge) Find three consecutive odd integers such that 7 times the sum of the first and the third is 120 less than 10 times the opposite of the second. 12. (Challenge) The difference between the square of two consecutive numbers is 121. Find the numbers.

Even solutions to Problem Set #12 2. 4. 6. 8.

Odd solutions to Problem Set #13 1. 3. 6 5. 7. -14 9. 29m 11. -7, -5, -3

7 7