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Flat Stanley Adventures From Ann's Grade 5 Class

Flat Stanley Adventures From Ann's Grade 5 Class

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Published by Ron-Natalie Sing
Stories about Flat Stanley from Ann's Class
Stories about Flat Stanley from Ann's Class

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Published by: Ron-Natalie Sing on Mar 08, 2012
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Stanley and I go to Atlantis One day I received some mail in my mail-box.

It said: To: [Name and address withheld].” I took it inside to open it up and see what was in it. I opened it up, there was nothing in it. But when I was just about to throw it in the recycling, I turned around and there standing right in front of me was Flat Stanley! “Hi there!” he said. I fainted. When I woke up I thought I was just dreaming so I went up to my room and acted like nothing ever happened, only to see Flat Stanley in my room. “Oh there you are!” Stanley said. So, I quietly said: “What are you doing in my room, and PS. Why are you flat?” “Oh, it’s a long story.” Stanley said. “Oh… Okay…” I said. “So what’s your name?” He asked. I told him “[Name and address withheld].” “Cool, my name is Stanley, Flat Stanley.” “So what do you want to do Stanley?” I said “Hmm, Oh I know!” He said “What?” I asked. “Wanna go skydiving?” He said “Wait, WHAT?!” “Or we could go to Atlantis!” He said ”How would we do that?” I asked him. “Simple, we just mail ourselves in a letter to Atlantis!” He said. “But one small problem, I’m not flat.” I told him. “Hmm…” “Then we have to find out how to make you flat!” He said. “Yeah, like that’s gonna..” Suddenly my bulletin board fell on me! “Are you okay?” Stanley said “Umm I think so… whoa wait a second, I’m flat too!” I exclaimed: “Cool!” Now we can go to Atlantis!” Stanley said. “So again, How do I do that?” I asked “Just fold yourself into a letter, you know to Atlantis.” Stanley replied “Ohhh, okay.” I said. Just then we were both folded into a nice letter and then mailed to Atlantis. Then we heard a big crash, We reached Atlantis! “Wow this place is amazing” I said “You can say that again, follow me!” Stanley said. Then we were greeted by a Atlantian! “Hello and welcome to Atlantis!” He said “So what country do you come from?” He asked us “We come from America” Stanley replied “America..? Haven’t heard of such a place, what is it like?” He said It has tall buildings!” Stanley said “Oh and don’t forget the hotdog stands.” I told him, we both laughed the Atlantian led us to the main part of the city were we both stayed in an underwater hotel. “Wow that was cool!” I said “I never knew I would meet a real life Atlantian before!” I also said “I told you this would be a good idea.” He said. Then suddenly we heard a commotion going on outside, we went outside to see what was going on and right infront of the city was a giant squid! “It looks hungry!!” I exclaimed “We should do something before it tries to eat Atlantis!” Stanley exclaimed, Then the squid looked at us with its dark black eyes “This isn’t good…” I quietly said “Hmmm” Stanley looked around for some ideas. “Aha!” Stanley said “You said he was hungry right?” “Yeah and..?” I replied “Maybe we should feed it something, you distract him and I will find some food.” He said “Okay I’ll try” So Stanley went looking for something for the squid to have. “Nice squid, you’re a nice squid…” I said trying to calm it down, But then it picked me up with its slithery tentacles! Meanwhile Flat Stanley was looking for something for the squid to eat, “Aha” He said, Then he went over to the squid and was just about to eat me! Then Stanley went over by the squid and yelled “Hey squid!” The squid looked over to Stanley “You hungry?” The squid slowly nodded its head “Then have some stake!” He yelled then he threw the stake into the air, or water more like and it went into the squids mouth! The squid put me down and was chewing the stake. “Thanks” I said “No problem” Stanley said The squid slowly swallowed and ate the stake and swam away. Then the hole city of Atlantis started cheering. After throwing a huge party we went back to shore. “Well that was fun!” I said “Yeah we had a fun time together” Stanley said “Well I’d better be going back home.” I said “Same here” So Then Flat Stanley folded himself into a letter and I mailed him back to his home. The end

Flat Sanely And The Ninja Bean by Jonathan.green Me flat Sanely was at the fun fair in the ride the NINJA BEAN then he herd mmmmmwwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaa. The usual he thought then he herd his name Sanely. I am here wwwhho are you ( he said in a shaky voice ), classified he said now you will go by by. Then he herd a click click then it stopped click click click and then he fell at the speed of mock10 …………… and then it stopped then roooaaaaaarrrrrr then he encountered the evil Ninja Bean.The ninja bean through diamond swords but he was distracted by the ninja bean that for got his soundings he was in a block type world he was in Minecrafttm surrounded then the creeper and it blew up and killed the ninja bean.

Flat Stanley at the Fair Flat Stanley was bored so he wanted to go to a fair. So he went to a fair. He went on a roller coaster and he had so much fun on it again and again. Then he didn’t feel so good so he went to sit down. But then he saw some candy and so he went to get some and there was so much candy on the counter. So, he got lots and lots of candy for free. Stanley realized that it was free candy day at the fair. Then, he sat down and ate lots and lots of candy.Tthen he saw a clown and went up to him and said can I have a balloon and the clown said what color and he said blue please and the clown gave him a blue balloon. to He took the balloon and said how can I hold this? The clown said let me tie it around your wrist. So, Flat Stanley said thank you; then, after that Flat Stanley saw a merry-go-round so he went on it and he had so much fun. By: Victoria Clement Grade 5 Heritage Christian School

Flat Stanley goes sky diving One hot day I was walking along my block when suddenly I saw something in the sky. I looked up to see something that looked like a flat man. It was come down at a very fast rate. It was headed straight for me! I tried to run but, smack! The flat man hit me. Sorry he said my name is Flat Stanley. I was Just sky diving but my parachute didn’t go of. What were you doing? I asked. Sky diving Stanley said. Really can I try? Sure let go. So we hijacked our mom’s car and drove to the airport. On the way we hit 3 cars, ran 9 red lights, and out ran 2 cop cars. When we got there we snuck in a big plane and grabbed a blue parachute and opened a door and then jumped out and then waited a while then opened our blue parachutes. And landed in my back yard. Then we took off our parachutes and threw them over the fence on to our neighbor’s yard. Then my mom came out and said who is your new friend? Flat Stanley I said. By: Noah

Flat Stanley goes to Alaska One day when I got back from another adventure, I said to myself: I want to go to Alaska I said to my mom . I think I want to go to Alaska. Alaska!!!!! My mom said: but you just got back from Mars. I know, but I’ve never gone to Alaska before. Wel,l if you really want to go, get ready and we will mail you off in the morning. When Stanley got up from a long flat good night’s sleep he was ready to be mailed out to Alaska. Stanley’s mom got out an envelope and folded up Stanley and mailed him out to Alaska. When he got off the plane he ripped himself right out of the envelope and he was so cold. He asked the pilot for an extra coat but the pilot said I don’t have an extra coat I’m sorry but I do have a small blanket. Stanley said thanks. Stanley said to himself this does not help at all. He said tothe pilot: Can you take me back, I am so cold. The pilot said no can do, sorry then he flew away. Stanley saw another plane and flew away on that plane. At least this pilot was nice. THE END Silas Grade 5 Heritage Christian School

Flat Stanley going to Ukraine By. Daniel Dashkevych Monday January 30 2012

One day Stanley was outside and Daniel came and said…. Hey Stanley, want to go play at the park or something today? Yes, said Stanley and they went to the park and after that they went to Stanley’s house and ate some food. Then, Stanley’s mom and dad came home and then Daniel’s mom and dad phoned and said he has to go home for dinner. Then after dinner Daniel’s family went to their friends house and talked and talked when they came home Daniel went to sleep. Then, the next day Stanley’s and Daniel’s family want to go visit their friends in Ukraine. So they came at the airport and missed the first plane so they had to wait 5 hours for the next plane. When the next plane came they got on the plane and came to Ukraine and went and got a TAXI. They came to their friend house and had supper. Then they went to bed and the next day they went to a restaurant. And had the best pizza in their life. After 2mounthes in Ukraine they went back home and had the life they always had a very fun life.

Flat Stanley In Hawaii Jan, 24, 2012 One day, Flat Stanley wanted to go to Hawaii. He knew his friend Danae was going. So he asked if she could put him in an envelope in her luggage. She agreed and they went off to Hawaii. When they got there Danae quickly ran up to her room in Hawaii and unloaded her bag, suddenly she pulled out the envelope and opened it and Stanley jumped out. “Are you okay Stan I thought you might suffocate in there” Danae said surprised. “Nope “said Stanley. As Danae went out of her amazing room she could hear some pretty birds chirping in hot summer air in Hawaii. Then she heard the squeal of her sister Madison” ah there’s a lizard in my room. Danae smiled at Stanley and started laughing. Stanley looked at her and said” did you have anything to do with this. “Maybe Danae started to smile again. Danae’s pet lizard was green and had yellow on his stomach. Danae named him Freddy. Freddy didn’t like Madison so he liked to scare her. Then Danae and Stanley saw a boy they went over and asked his name He said “Hi my name is Daniel d. Danae said “HI my name is danae Kelf. Oh well I have to go bye said Danae. At dinner Danae said she met a boy named Daniel he’s really nice. Stanley said ya he is .Her parents said they would like to meet him. Hey mom can I go to the face painting booth it’s on today please Danae asked. Well I guess so but be back by 8:30. Yes thanks mom bye. Hi Daniel what are you getting on your face? Um I think a dragon on my cheek. Cool I’m getting a flower. Stanley what are you getting? Um a fire. Cool. After they got their faces painted that all went home. Danae’s parents said we are leaving tomorrow morning. No Danae said. After they went to bed Danae and Stanley said bye to Daniel. The End by: Ashley Gerk

Flat Stanley in Space Feneti Jan 31 One sunny day the Lambchop boys where watching the NASA on the news Arthur and Stanley wanted to go to NASA after they went up to their room. “I wish I could go to NASA.” said Stanley “me to.” replied Arthur “let’s pretend to be astronauts.” yelled Arthur while doing the moon walk a little while later Stanley joined “Stanley” begged Arthur “can I mail you off to NASA?.” Fine, but I’ll need…. said Stanley …… a big brown envelope, a video camera and a bunch of fruit bar if I get hungry. Hours later Stanley was dropped off at NASA. Stanley wiggled it didn’t work so he ripped a little hole and slipped out Stanley turned on the video camera and started to walk down the hall. He walked in to a room and he saw the most amazing astronaut outfit ever and it looked like it would fit Stanley quickly put it on and it fit perfectly. Then he went to the next room it was filled with news reporters and the people who worked at NASA. Hey what is this doing here this should be in the rocket the security guard thought that Stanley was a cardboard picture of an astronaut. Hey, let go yelled Stanley and the security screamed “the cardboard thing is talking; please spare me, hey are you Flat Stanley?” Yes, said Stanley and I’m here because I want to go on the new rocket ship. Okay, I can get you on if you give me your autograph, said the security guard. “Deal” said Stanley. The security guard picked up Stanley an put him it on the ship and 3-2-1 blast off wake up what did you say Stanley woke up it morning am I still at Nasa. No,you”re at home; okay, I’m going to tell you a story.

Flat Stanley Visited My House By Hudson Rothwell One morning I woke up and looked at the end of my bed and I saw my dog sleeping there with one of my pillows I didn’t use that night. I got up and peeked in my Mom’s room and the TV was on and my mom, Delaney and the cat were still sleeping. So me and my dog walked to the kitchen and got some water. I looked over at my dog and I saw her staring at me with that face - the FEED ME NOW face. So I let my dog outside, got her food ready, and put up the gate. My Mom doesn’t like wet paws in the house so we always have to put up the puppy gate. Then I went and turned on my computer. The next day around 10:00am, my Mom woke up and asked her normal things. “Did you feed the dog?” I said yes. “Did let her out?” I said yes. Then a few seconds later she said, “Ahh, can you make me coffee?” I laughed. I don’t know HOW to make coffee! She laughed too when I told her. “Ok fine, I will make myself coffee!” Then about 10 minutes later my sister woke up. I was sad. It is so nice and quiet when she is sleeping. So we went on with our day and then around 1:00pm we heard a knock on the door. Of course I was the one who went down and answered it. And guess who it was? It was Flat Stanley! Flat Stanley and I talked for a little bit and then he asked me if I wanted to go fishing. I said, nah. Then he said to me, “Okay then… do want to go skydiving?” Sure, wait WHAT?! So we ended up going fishing. It was a nice sunny day when we caught some small fish. Stanley even went in the water and acted like a fish, swimming around and making bubbles! We had a good time. Finally around 7:15pm Stanley had to go home. Then I went to bed dreaming of the fun Stanley and I would have next week. THE END

Flat Stanley’s Adventure One day Stanley was sitting on his bed saying to himself: “ I’m bored.” Stanley lived by a forest so he decided to go on an adventure. Stanley quietly went down stairs and opened the back door and went outside. Stanley looked at the forest for a while and then ran off into the forest . A few minuets later Stanley’s dad went up stairs to get Stanley for lunch. Stanley’s dad knocked on the door a few times and then said: “ Stanley open the door now.” Then, Stanley’s dad opened the door only to notice that Stanley was not there. Stanley’s dad knew that Stanley was in the forest so he ran outside and into the forest. Meanwhile, Stanley was just walking around when he heard a sound. Stanley turned around and saw his dad running to him: “ Dad!” yelled Stanley. “ Stanley never run away again:” said Stanley’s dad “ Okay,” said Stanley and they went home.

Joen Grade 5


Flat Stanley’s Amazing Adventure Hey Isabella I heard you’re going to New York for Christmas break. Yah, Liberty I am and guess who’s coming? Who? Stanley really, yah where is he? He’s upstairs packing. Okay, here he comes, down the stairs crashing and sliding down. Isabella, we should go help him. Good idea; lets go, okay yells Stanley. Isabella and Liberty, help me now, got you says Liberty. Thank you, says Stanley. Your welcome says Liberty. Come on, Isabella be right there mom. Hey, my mom’s calling me okay, see you in three weeks Isabella. Yah, goodby Liberty bye. Hey, Isabella I’m going to need a goodbye hug, yah me too. Come on, get in the car Isabella. So, Stanley where are you going to? Have lots of fun! Isabella Grade 5 Heritage Christian School

Flat Stanly Goes By By January 24th 2012 One day flat Stanley went to the local Bob Franks Mall down town and he saw a new swimming pool, so he paid his $5.00 and jumped in and swam down to the bottom and saw a big drain and when he got too close to sucked him right down the slots in the drain. Stanley was falling down the drain at mock 5, that’s five times the speed of sound amazing can’t you believe the G forces that Stanly is experiencing not fun. But then he popped out of the drain and ended up in New York but then the military came and fired at Stanly but Stanly dogged all the bullets and misses. But then the military relised that it was Stanly and stopped firing and Stanly had a wonderful time in New York.

Stanley’s Adventure to Kelowna One day in the city of Kelowna, Reid Faitala got a letter from Flat Stanley when he opened it a flat figure unfolded. Just then I realized that it was flat Stanley! The next day I brought Stanley to school and everybody was amazed. At recess Silas said “I can’t wait to see you after school “aw man, I forgot.” Even thou I forgot Silas was coming over we still had lots of fun. Then it was time for Silas to go home. The very next day I got out of bed and looked for Stanley. I couldn’t find him anywhere! Then I had to go to the bathroom and it was locked I overheard Stanley talking on the phone with his mom and said his brother was really sick and that he needed to come home right away. I did not want him to leave but I know he had to. The next day I woke up only to find a piece of paper on my dresser it said that Stanley would come back whene his brother feels better. The end

Super Stanley One day Stanley was walking along when he saw the grand opening of the Science lab. So, Stanley walked over to it and went inside. Wow, he said. This place is amazing . Then he saw a sample potion type thing on a table. So, he drank it at first he felt a little dizzy for 2 seconds but it then went away . Later at his house he ate and went to bed . The next morning he felt different, not really sick or any thing or bad just a little unusual. Then, faster than you could blink, he made his bed . Wow, he said I think it might be that potion thing that is making me feel weird and act weird. Then, his brother walked in .What are you doing? his brother said . Nothing really; why? Just asking, wait did you already make your bed because that was faster than you usually make it. I know, I think I have super powers. And from that time on Flat Stanley was a super hero. Tune in next time to hear Super Stanley #2. Grade 5 Heritage Christian School By: Daniel H.

Flat Stanley On A Road Trip Flat Stanley was laying flat in bed. He didn’t want to get up because his bed was very warm and the room was cold. “Only a few more minutes of sleep,” Flat Stanley thought to himself just as his Mother walked into the room. “Time to get up!” his mother said in a very, very happy voice. Flat Stanley looked at his alarm clock and it said 5:30 a.m. This is crazy he thought. “Moooooooom just 5 more minutes. It’s so early.” “Yes it’s early Stanley but we’re late. Come on let’s go.” Stanley slowly got out of his warm bed and got dressed in his cold room. “Hurry Stanley and get in the car,” his mother called. Soon he was in the back seat of the car and they were driving. “Why is the car crammed with all this stuff,” asked Stanley, “and why are we leaving for school so early? Well, mom?” Mrs. Lambchop turned around and smiled at Stanley and said, “that is because we’re not going to school today. Keep your eyes open and see if you can figure out where it is were are going.” Stanley started looking at what was packed in the car. He found marshmallows, a sleeping bag, a tent, a fire starter, and a big bag of his clothes. Hmmmm, thought Stanley. “Mom, are we going camping?” “Yes!,” Mrs Lambchop said, “and not just camping. We’re going on a big road trip to the beach!” Stanley was so excited. They had a great time over the next two weeks travelling to the beach and camping right out on the sand close to the waves. The End By Jesse

Flat Stanley’s Amazing Adventure I woke up on a nice warm sunny day, I realized Stanley was gone. I looked for him outside my house, inside my house and under my bed! I couldn’t find Stanley anywhere. I walked downstairs and I noticed a note on the dinner table. It said: “Dear Isabella, I have gone to China for an adventure. I’m sorry I did not tell you, but I left you an airplane ticket in your closet.” I rushed upstairs put on my clothes, grabbed the ticket and put it in my back pack. I left my mom a note that said: “ Dear mom, I’m sorry I left but I have to go find Stanley. I’ll probably be back on Tuesday. I ran out the door and didn’t stop running. I got to the airport and it was so crowded! I ran into a little old lady and she said to me: “ It looks like you are going on an adventure!” The lady handed me $395! Grade 5 Heritage Christian School

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