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James Jett's Chronology of Events March 5, 2012

James Jett's Chronology of Events March 5, 2012

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Clay Clerk of Court James Jett said he provided the FBI with this chronology of events. Jett accused U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns of trying to buy him out of a congressional race for the new Florida District 3.
Clay Clerk of Court James Jett said he provided the FBI with this chronology of events. Jett accused U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns of trying to buy him out of a congressional race for the new Florida District 3.

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Published by: The Florida Times-Union on Mar 08, 2012
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of Events ...

February 17, 2012 ... 1 received a return telephone

call from Jim Horne regarding

my election as a candidate for Congress in the 3rd District.
During the conversation, picture. he stated on several occasions that he was not trying to to raise any money as "Cliff Stearns" was

talk me into getting out of the campaign, but just wanted to give me the whole It was going to be very difficult going to be endorsed

by everyone including John Thrasher, Lt. Governor Carroll
of the Republican Partv of Florida. leader-ship wanted me to get out of the race so in Alachua

and Len CUtTY, Chairman

Then he stated that the republican Cliff would County,

Clay County and have to run onlv the candidates

Vvhen I responded

that I wasn't getting out he said, {{House Spea kef John and wants to meet privately

Boehner is coming to Clav COUiltV for a fundraiser with you. He is going

offer you something

to drop out of the race." he said, I/! don't

I was shocked and stated, "what can he offer me", whereupon Cliff and wants him to continue

know what it is going to be, but it will be anything you wa nt as he is supporting in congress so he can finish the Solandra
,• ,• IJ


Jim contin ued by stating that Spea ker Boeh ner weu ld be coming to town 011 March the 2

and wou ld be at Judd Sapp's horne for the meeting.

He just wanted I again

me to be ready for whatever asked what would be offered

he was going to offer for rne to drop out.

and Jim stated, ,'\vhateve!- you want, but I told them

it would have to be a high profile position which would keep you jn the public so you can run for Congress when Stearns retires." ! sa id, "How can I trust a nv of them. to me." ! can't trust Cliff Stems as he has already lied we would have to think about in writing.




He said that was a concern and something possibly something



and ask for some guarantees, The conversation

ended with Jim saying to be ready for the call from Speaker

Boehner's office and if I wanted, he would attend the meeting with me.




Two people were sitting in my office and heard this conversation, Revels, Director of 'he Traffic Departrnent Joey Jett (rnv brother) of the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Ms. Cindy

with in the Clerk of Courts Office and Lt.

February 21, 2012 ...11:57a.!ll ...... i received a call from a telephone 256-5716 from a man who identified from Texas and Chairman of the Republican National Congressional

number (202) Committee

himself as "Pete Sessions" Congressman

He just wanted to introduce himself to me and to advise that he was not calling to He continued When]

talk me into getting 'Would be supporting

out of the campaign against Cliff Stearns. leadership, including Cliff Stearns in his re-election campaign.


advising that the congressional

Speaker Boehner and himself responded,

by asking why Cliff was moving into my area to run in this district and not running
ill the district where his home in Ocala was located, he said "1 think they changed the district lines and now includes his home in Ocala in District #3.'J that he was told the district line was

.1 said, "l don't think so", and he reiterated

changed, about 1 mile, so it included Cliff's Ocala home. He continued by saying that all of the republican Cliff in his re-election himself to me. by me stating


both state and me to know where

federal, would be supporting persuade me to discontinue they stood and to introduce We ended the conversation

campaign, was not trying to

my campaign, but simply wanted

was looking forward

to serving with

him in Congress and was not dropping out of the race.

February 23,2012 .... Residence of "Judd Sapp", at a fundraiser Cummings, candidate for Florida State Representative. just after candidate

for Travis

It was at the end of the fundraiser,
afternoon happening,

Cummings finished

speaking when Judd Sapp asked me if I knew what was going to happen on the when Speaker Boehner arrived. as a matter I stated, "No I don't know what is with Jim Horne." of fact I was not going to attend unless I received a call I had previously

from his office as per a conversation

Judd asked if I wanted to know what was going to happen and when I said yes, he asked to step outside where we could talk and he would let me know. Judd began the conversation me a little bit about Speaker by stating the he couldn't believe someone had not

advised me of what was going to ta ke place. 1 responded

that Jim Horne had told

Boehner wanting to meet to discuss an offer "THEY"

had corne up with, an offer which would allow me to drop out of the race. He said, "The Speaker wants to meet with you privately something and is going to offer you

to drop out of the campaign against Cliff. He wants Cliff to continue and has subpoenas on his desk at this time to be issue They want a two man race and do not want you running future.

his Solandra investigation in the immediate in this election." I responded limit."

by asking) IIWhat are they going to offer?"

Judd responded,

"l don't

know exactly, but, it is going to be essentially and he stated, "Anything a position you want.

anything you want.

The sky is the

I again said, I don't know what they could offer which would get me out It could be a position with the U.S. Marshalls, They wa nt Cliff within the Republican Party or anything you want. candidate for this district." and he stated that he didn't know. He felt

Stearns as the Congressional I then asked, "Whenis that, "If the republicans

Cliff retiring"

in the House can win, then Cliff will stay at least another take the house over, he witl

couple of terms or longer, but, if the democrats probably get out at the end of the term."

I said that I had a major to become a candidate,

concern with trusting Cliff Stearns supporting

a nything they said. I specifically
asking me

said, "How can I trust them.

has already lied to me about

me and then deciding to move in this district",

and Judd said I know what you mean. We finished by Judd saying that someone would be in contact with me to discuss

this meeting as Speaker Boehner wants to meet with me before the public arrives for the event, sometime "Thanks. around 4:00p.m. to it." And, we could use his private office to devices in there. I responded, meet as there are not aIly bugs or recording

I'm looking forward

February 24, 2012 ...At approximately my political consultant, with Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll.


! received a telephone a telephone

call from he had

Matt Justice, regarding


He stated she essentially me on Februarv 17,2012.

repeated all of the things that "Jim Home" had stated to That everyone VI/auld be supporting Cliff Stearns for

Congress and I should get out of the race. That I would be offered something from the Stearns' camp which would help in mv decision. VI/hen !\!latt told her that I had already spent some of my personal money in the ca mpaign, Ms. CaHo11stated that those monies would be given back to me. She said! could be hired bv the Stearns Campaign as a political consultant already spent on the carnpaign. to handle Clay County for him and be paid a salary which would repay any monies I had

February 28, 20l2 ...6:39p.m. from "Judd Sapp" from (904) 759-5179 ...lives at 3099 Dr.'s Lake Drive, Orange Park, Florida I received a telephone you the information catl from Mr. Sapp wherein the conversation began like

this. Mr. Sapp stated, "Jimmy, ! have spoken with them and they want me to give on what thev are willing to offer you to get you out of the 'Nhen I asked who "they" were he (Cha irman of the Florida Republican congressiona i race and SUPPO!-tCliff Stearns." said the Spea ker (Joh n Boehner), Lenny Party) and Cliff Steams. Mr. Sapp stated he was reading from his notes he had taken after talking with "them" and wanted to make sure he conveyed all of their offers to me. He said this, "Tiley are willing to immediately Republican National Convention you are on the floor of the convention have."

give you an important

role at the This will make you may

in August in Florida.

Lenny Curry wil! make sure

and have {{V.I.P." status.

sure you would have a high profile for any future

political aspirations

"You coulcl get a job on the state level. To include, if the head of F.D.L.E. leaves or retires, you can get his job. see that apparent

If that doesn't work out you can have any position
party of Flat-ida or whatever position whenever other position you he retires, either 4 or 6

you want within the Republican

mav want. These positions would make sure you become the heir

to Cliff Stea I"IIS' congressional

years from now." flAny campaign haven't debts that you have spent, as long as it is legal, would be made

WHOLE. I don't know if this is legal, but if it is they would take care of this so you lost any rnonev." bv saying, "let me look at my notes to make SLI!-eI tell you If you would like a lobbying job in Ta Ilahassee, that can be worked President is elected,

He continued everything.

out. And, if a republican

can get a U.S. Marshall position.

Any of these are available to you." I asked if I was still going to meet with Speaker Boehner at 4:00p.m. previously discussed, and Judd stated, "Onlv if you accept this offer. bV you turning as was The Speaker If you

doesn't want to be embarrassed 4:00p.m. dropping During the reception

it down with him present.

accept, we'll meet him at the golf club and then come back to my house around they will introduce you and you will say you are out of the congressional campaign and will publicly support race."

Congressma n Cliff Stearns fat" his congressional

I said I would have to think about it and Judd said, "call Jim Horne to confirm that all of this is true. He'll confirm this." I said, "I don't have to call him, I trust you. after I think about it overnight." at that time.

I'I! cal! you back tomorrow We concluded

our conversation

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