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Published by: NoloContendere on Mar 08, 2012
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11 after the inspection he goes downstairs, gets a magnifying

12 glass and starts looking for the serial number, and he has to,

13 I guess, use some kind of solvent to bring it out or etch it

14 out, and he never tells anybody, never tells the inspectors

15 about that. And it's even odd, the government's position is

16 it's even odd that at one time back in 2000 he covered up the

17 serial number because but he wanted to get rid of the rust, but

18 never told the inspectors about that. That's odd. Would a

19 reasonable person do that? The government believes not.

20 The gun dealers and the manufacturer. Mr. Erb testified,

21 the manufacturer of the gun, through the Form 2, the birthing

22 form, he said, hey, I made these Sten machine guns, and that

23 machine gun that was introduced, Government's 3.16, was not a

24 gun that he made, and he gave several reasons. And one of the

25 reasons is there ain't no way that's my firearm because that's

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1 not even my serial number.

2 He's not the most meticulous person in the world, but the

3 gun in question, 683, and the guns on 682 and 685, the bookend

4 guns, 682, 685, they are my guns, but the gun in question, 683,

5 for all those reasons is not my firearm.

6 Grant Kemmerer, the person who it goes from Erb in Chicago

7 to Grant Kemmerer, and Grant Kemmerer said he's familiar with

8 Erb's work, he said this is not Erb's gun or his serial number.

9 He said it was an odd gun, he called it a garage gun, and he --

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