A retrospective on the philanthropic legacy of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Project Framework & Results

Donor expectations for gifts & stewardships

Beneficiary long‑term impact

Disaster philanthropy lessons

Recovery & peace in Aceh & Sri Lanka

Research Questions

What do donors expect from disaster gifts? What follow-up is most valuable, and how do expectations shift with feedback?

What has been the legacy impact for participants in tsunami recovery projects? What are their stories?

What grantmaking lessons can be applied to future disasters, including multi-country events? What are the best uses of local grants (vs. large aid orgs)?

Where are Aceh and Sri Lanka today? How did the tsunami affect local civil society? How did recovery affect conflict and resolution?

Activities 2012–2014

Surveys and interviews of tsunami donors, paired with new project updates. Corporate donor analysis.

Field research on Give2Asia tsunami grants in Aceh & Sri Lanka.

Research on other NGO programs; invite local perspectives and creative contributions.


Insights on donor attitudes and responses to stewardship

Advocacy for re-engaging and giving longevity

Recommendations for grantmakers, donors and philanthropic advisors


Higher donor satisfaction

10th Anniversary Tsunami giving

Improved disaster giving

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