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The Math of God

The Math of God

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Published by Syed Abidi
Universe, God, Math, Numbers, Miracles,
Universe, God, Math, Numbers, Miracles,

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Published by: Syed Abidi on Mar 08, 2012
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The Math of God

Page 285

Highlights of 19

19 x 19 is the Super cycle in Bahai’s Calendar.

19 lamps shine in the torch of the Statue of Liberty, USA.

19 is the common denominator of the Holy Quran.

The Sun, Moon and Earth lineup in the same relative positions once

every 19 years.

19 is the smallest prime mentioned 6 times in the Holy Bible.

There are 19 chapters of the book of the Wisdom of the Ancient
The Astral body is said to be composed of 19 elements.

19 is the ‘God’s Secret Formula’ applying in Chemistry, Physics,
Mathematics and everywhere in the Universe.
Perfect π is equal to 19 divided by 6.

19 is the |1 - 9|th prime number.

The total number of chapters in the Holy Quran is 19 multiplied by
6, i.e. 19 x 6 = 114.
The numerical value of Allah’s name, ‘Wahid’ is 19.

Number – 19 is symbolized as ‘Sun’ in Numerology.

Halley's Comet passes through the solar system once every 76
years, which is a multiple of 19, i.e. 19 x 4 = 76.
Earth's mass and volume are both multiples of 19.

The half-life of oxygen-19 is only 19 seconds.

There are 19 different shapes of Arabic alphabets in Arabic
19 is the God’s secret Formula according to Dr. Richard Plichta.

19 is the signature of God on the Universe, life, time and space.

19 is the Secret Code of One and Only Almighty God.

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