Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138, U.S.

Air Force Auxiliary
FROM THE Top: A CHALLENGE We start off a fresh new ear ith everal fresh. ne faces in Los Angel Cadet quadron 138. Each one brings n w strengths. enthu iasm and ideas to ur program. and ea h ne i a welcome addition to our growin squadron "famil . But just as important as recruiting n \ members is our challenge t retain current members. Nationwide. appr imatel 80% of CAP cadets drop ut in their first ear al ne; Ld like to think we have a better success rate than thai in quadron 138. LieurennntColonel Richard Sa. Ii s.CAP. former ommander of'Long Beach Group 7. nee noted that recruiting a nev mem er cannot be considered a succe unLiI that member r new or the econd year. That i ,he made the commitment, and \1 e retained him as a member. I feel that it is a continuing challenge to our senior and cadet staff to keep both our weeki meetings and activities interesting, exciting and challenging.In short, a reason to keep coming back. We strive hard to do just that, and I'd lik to think th t we ucceed. But it should al 0 be a challenge (0 each and very m rnber to encoura e our fellow members to attend meetings and participate in our many activities. I challenge each member of our quadron 138 famif -officers. cadets. cadet sponsors, and parents - L retain all ur fine members, to encourage and support their membership and participation.It benefits not only the individual member. but quadron 138 and all ofCi il Air Patrol. It s up to ea hone 0 us. -LtCol Charles Wiest

- Civil Air Patrol (PCR-CA-292)

rules that govern success are indispensable. Failure to learn and observe them often leads to social and personal tragedy. ur Moral Leadership discussions in the times ahead will encompass such topics as: Community Service Team Work, Heroes. and Leadership. Iwill be looking forward to your thoughts on these ery timely topics. God bless. -Chaplain David WELCOME tewart MEMBERS


quadron 138 continues to attract new members to our growing amil . This quarter. we welc me Chaplain (Major) Da id tewart and Captain Dean Th mas who transferred into quadron 138. We also proud I welcome nev cadets John Colon Cristal Ibarra, and Rosalba Ibarra. Sisters Crista! and Rosalba \ ere officiall worn in during our Parents' Night on 31 March. Who will be the next new member? Who will recruit him or her and earn a Cadet Recruiter Ribbon?

Joining the enior staff of an exciting i il ir Patrol quadron like Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138 is reall a "hoot" for me-a real thrill. Helping you with y ur su ess in th quadron and in your Later life is an important parr of who I am. Although ['m new on your Senior Roster. I' e still been around a bit As a six- ear old I took m rrst ride in a ar urplus "Jenny" ver alina. Kan as. That as a I ng lime ag . inee then. I've lived in eleven tates and tra eled in all fifty: have degrees from fi e colleges, and been rdained to the hristian ministry for fifty-three years. By participating in the monthly Moral L adership si n y u are fulfilling one of the conditions of ourad ancement in the quadron. But more than that becoming aware of spiritual principles is almost prerequisite to advancement later in life. The

"People who ay on top. who are winner. ear after year. have one thing in common-a winning attitude. They know that complacency breeds mediocracy. ..so they g;ve 100 percent. They always are the be t they can be and they never spend time thinking about what they should have done because it steals from what they ve yet to do. -A.J.Foyt My
SECOND FAMILY It has been a great honor to be a member of Los Angeles Cadet quadron 13 . I have noticed many changes in our squadron though, like man new faces. Some isitors have visited once and have never come back. For others like Cadet Anthony Rios 1 gu you can sa "It was love at first sight' as far as A.E. and P.T. were concerned. And even the girls of the squadron, like Cadet Lizzie Arellano. enjoy meeting and greetin their friends! for me, 1ha e enjo ed everything about the quadron, It s Like my second famiJ • not considering the fact that my mother and my father are the Commander and Deputy Commander of the quadron. Though I have trouble in some areas of A.E. and

First Quarter 1999

Squadron 138 Update
P.T., I know my fellow members will look after me. 1know that after a mile run sometimes even my Flight Commander, Lieutenant Tim Pint will ask me if Iam doing all right. or ifl need counseling one ofthe NCO's will team me up with another cadet studying the chapter. IreaUy want to say that Ithink this squadron is truly the best and stands out from all the others. Ithink we use a lot of teamwork, motivation and perfection as far as drilling and learning. Inside and out, hands-on and just learning, this squadron deserves anoorah!!! -c/AIC Stephanie Mherian EMERGENCY SERVICES CLASS On 7 February, six cadets from Squadron 138 attended a one-day introduction to Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services, conducted by Gill Robb Wilson Group 15 at the West Covina Civic Center. The class, taught by LtCol Charles Wiest, covered the CAP emergency services structure, policies and procedures CAP assistance to law enforcement agencies and responsibilities ofindividuaJ members. Among the21 students from several local units attending the class were Squadron 138 cadets Lizzie Arellano, Robert Hernandez, Jackie Lopez, Steven Marks, Stephanie Mherian and Anthony Rios. After completing the Emergency Services Questionnaire (CAPF 116) at the end of the class the cadets qualified for the Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services General Trainee Qualification Card. We are awaiting return of the approved cards from California Wing Headquarters. COMMUNITY SERVICE RIBBON UNITED WAY CAMPAIGN

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Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138 has been registered as a local United Way agency for several years. We recently received the quarterly disbursement from United Way. and received a total of$loo generously donated by LtCol Martin Ledwitz. USAF (Ret.) our former USAF Reserve Assistance Officer, Captain Leslie Suderno, and Cadet Sponsor Member Annette Rojas. Our sincere appreciation to all three for their continuing support of the fine programs of Squadron 138.

If you, your family or friends would like to participate in the
United Way payroll deduction program to support Squadron 138 we are registered as Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138. Civil Air Patrol: the agency number is 42642. Your donations are tax deductible, and directly support the cadets and activities of Squadron 138. All donations will be greatly appreciated. Any questions about United Way should be directed either to our finance officer, Captain Lesl ie Sudemo. or squadron commander LtCol Charles Wiest. CADET PROGRAM CHANGES DUE SOON In the next few months, Civil Air Patrol will introduce several new changes to the Cadet Program. The changes will take affect a month after the new CAP Regulation 52-16, Cadet Programs, arrives. Among the upcoming changes will be the dropping of the grade of Cadet Flight Officer and the addition of Cadet Senior Master Sergeant and Cadet Chief Master Sergeant. Following the U.S. Air Force example Cadet Sergeant will be renamed CadetSenior Airman. There will now be a total of 16 achievements in the Cadet Program; the new Achievement 8 named after astronaut NeiJ A Armstrong, will follow the Goddard Achievement. Phase I, the Learning Phase, wi II include achievements 1 through 3· Phase IT the Leadership Phase, will include achievements 4 through 8· Phase ill the Command Phase, will include achievements 9 through II' and Phase IV, the Executive Phase will include achievements 12-16. There will be new aerospace education requirements for Phases m and IV. There will be a written essay and speech required for achievements 8 and 16. To receive the Eaker Award a cadet must attend Cadet Officer s School, a Region Leadership School, or complete ECl 13 correspondence course. GROUP 15 COLOR GUARD WINS! A record nine cadet color guards from throughout California Wing competed in the 1999 color guard competition he Id at Camp San Luis Obispo on 13-14 February. Eigh.tofthe II groups in California Wing fielded color guards. as well as the 1998 California Wing color guard. Named the winner was the color guard from Gill Robb Wilson Group 15, commanded by C/

One of Civil Air Patrol's newest service ribbons, especially for cadets. is the Community Service Ribbon. This ribbon is awarded to recognize 60 hours ofvolunteer community service to any non-CAP organization or activity. A few cadets in the squadron have already begun to work toward earning this new ribbon. To qualify simply bring in a letter (preferably on the group s letterhead signed by the head oftbe organization or activity supervisor, verifying the date and number of hours you have worked. We will place this letter in your personnel file and keep n ack of how many hours you have accumulated.


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MSgt Melissa Mueller. Flag bearer was crrSgt Katie Mueller: guards were C/SSgt Sean Halbert and c/Sgt D andre Brown. Color guard advisor was IstLt Julie Mueller. Competing for their econd year at the wingcompetition. the cadets are from Cable Composite Squadron 25 in Upland. , Both I and my color guard were quite excited! 'declared ergeant Mueller. We knew we did well but we also knew that the other teams did equally well so we really weren t sure on our placing.' She continued, 'I think this year's competition was really a good one. It was well run. and we had a good tum out It was very fair, and me competition was stiff, which makes it fun and hard at the same time. I personally respond better when the competition is stiffer. For the first time, the annual competition was held in conjunction with the Cadet Programs Conference, which certain] accounted for the large number of enthusiastic spectators on the sidelines during me drill competition on unday afternoon. As their first official duty, the newly-named California Wing color guard presented the colors at the opening of the Cadet Ball on unday evening. Later in me evening, Colonel Bryon Brammer. California Wing Commander, congratulated the color guard and presented a plaque to them. The purpose of the color guard competition is to test the cadets performance in all areas of the cadet program. TIle two-day color guard competition included a 50 question written test on leadership knowledge, a timed mile run uniform inspection and drill performance. The Group 9 color guard (Antelope Valley Cadet Squadron IS) finished first in the mile run; Group 7 (Los Alamitos Cadet Squadron 153) scored highest in the written tes . Group 15 (Cable Composite Squadron 25) placed first in the inranks inspection; and Group II (Santa Maria Composite Squadron 30 finished first in the drill competition. Team scores for each area of the competition were calculated to determine the winning color guard and the overall ranking: I Place - Group 15; 2ndPlace - Group 7' )"' Place - Group 9' 4111Place - roup J I; 5111 Place - California Wing 1998 Color Guard' 6111Place - Group 3; 7th Place - Group 23' 8'" Place - Group I; 9ihPlace - Group 18. Individual high scores were: fastest mile run: And Leman (Gp 9) - highest score on wrritten test: tie Jeremy Vanderhal (Gp 1) and Grant Henniger (CAWG) Chief judge for the competition was LtCol Mike Prusak, USAF. California Wing Liaison Officer. Assisting bim were USAF Reserve Assistance Officers LtCol Marland Chow and Major Neal Thomas. Project Officer was Major Garnile Mherian. CAP. When asked the inevitable question about the secret to their color guard s success. Sergeant Mueller responded Basically our secret is that we were just a close tearn. We ve all been really close friends for many years. and we listen and respect each other. not just the commander. The secret is respect. and sometimes it's hard when you are friends, but since we all re pect each


138 Update

other, we all listen to each others' ideas. not just tell each other what to do but ask and discuss:' Congratulations to aU the color guards that competed. -LtCol Charles Wiest MODEL ROCKETRY The cadets of Squadron 138 are in the final countdown of a model rocketry program conducted by Captain Dean Thomas. This hands-on activity is designed to supplement the regular aerospace education program. Captain Thomas began the program with a talk. on the history of the United States space program, illustrated with exquisite models from his collection. Under Captain Thomas' tutelage 16 cadets built Estes Alpha rockets on 14 March. At the squadron meeting on 24 March. Major Gamile Mherian supervised the cadets as they built AlkaFuji rockets, powered by AlkaSeltzer tablets. A few of the paper rockets actually managed to lift off the parking lot! We hope to launch the Alpha rockets in May to conclude the program. We II report the fmaJ results with photos in the next issue of' Squadron 138 Update". Following a successful rocket launch. tbosecadets who have completed all the requirements will be awarded the CAP Model Rocketry badge which can be worn on the left pocket of me blue service uniform, ANNUAL CABLE AIRSHOW

Nine members from Squadron 138 participated at the annual Cable Airport Airshow. For a welcome change, the weather cooperated and remained clear and mild for the weekend! The Squadron 138 cadets joined cadets from several other groups to support the airshow, providing crowd control and security on the flightline, Cable Composite Squadron 25, headquartered at Cable Airport. was the host CAP unit. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICER'S SCHOOL On 19-21 March, crrsgt Anthony Rios, Squadron 138's First ergeant attended the California Wing Non-Commissioned Officer s School COS), held at March ARB in Riverside. He joined otherCivil Air Patrol cadets from throughoutSouthem California to gain' hands on experience in instructional methods, drill and ceremonies, color guard and manual of the guidon, and NCO responsibilities. NCOS is the second step in the California Wing Cadet Program s Integrated Leadership Program (ILP), following Basic adet School see accompanying article). BASIC CADET SCHOOL Gill Robb Wilson Group 15 conducted its biannual Basic Cadet chool on 26-28 February at the Naval Weapons Assessment

Squadron 138 Update
Station - Norco. Cadet Commander was ClMSgt Melissa MuelJer 1T0mCable Composite Squadron 25. Commander for the school was IstLT Julie Mueller. A total of32 cadets from nine squadrons participated. Basic Cadet School (BCS) is the first step in California Wing's Integrated Leadership Program, designed to gi e new cadet members a thorough understanding of Civil Air Patrol, give them a solid foundation upon which to build their Civil Air Patrol experience, and prepare them to take the Phase r examination. TI1e intensive BCS curriculum includes: the Cadet Honor Code, Cadet Responsibilities. CAP Missions, CAP Organization and History CAP Uniforms, Drill and Ceremonies, Cadet Activitie . Physical Fitness Program and much morel As usual Squadron 138 was well-represented at the school. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Wiest served as an instructor; Major Gamile Mh eri an served as project officer and assistant cook: and Captain Dean Thomas served as a Tactical Officer. Cadet First Class Stephanie Mherian and CIA Hector Moreno worked on headquarters administrative staff' Cadet Moreno had a great time cooking, as well. Attending as students v ere cadets Lizzie Arellano. John Colon. Raul Carrillo and Favian Rodriguez. The next BCS conducted Watch for more details! by Group 15 will be in October.

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Other big events at the Riverside Airshow. besides meeting people from other squadrons and working a lot, were the taking off of the A-lOs the parachuters doing stunts from more than a hundred feet in the air and interesting airplanes that we were fortunateenough to be around and to have the ability to touch some of them. 111ere were some new and old faces there and theexperience was great. Squadron 138 had a large turnout, including LtCol Charles

Wiest, Captain Dean Thomas, and cadets Lizzie AreUano, David
Bowden. Raul Carrillo John Colon, Robert Hernandez, Steven Marks. Stephanie Mherian and Jesus Ponce. Even our Aerospace Education Officer, Captain Dave Bowden from Los Alamitos quadran 4 L participated! The next time the squadron advertises an air show that you an work at, I suggest you fiji out a CAP Form 31 as soon as possible, because there is no greater experience. -CI A1C Stephanie Mherian

The 1999 Riverside Airshow on Saturdaj 27 March, was a big attraction for Civil Air Patrol cadets. Many squadrons participated. like Palms Springs Composite Squadron II Chino Cadet Squadron 20. Cable Composite Squadron 25. Corona Composite Squadron 29 and North Orange County Composite 56. as well as Squadron 138, of course.

A winner makes commitments; A loser makes promises.
Squadron 138 ended up the first quarter of 1999 with a Parents Night and pot luck dinner on Wednesday, 31 March. Over 60 families :nembers, friends and prospective membersjoined our regular officers and cadets for an evening of fun and good food. Through the generosity of many families, two tables were soon groaning under a wide variety of delicious main dishes side dishes, deserts and drinks. Chaplain (Major) David Stewart, our squadron chaplain, conducted a short Moral Leadership discussion. While two groups of cadets were discussing the evening's topic, Chaplain Stewart took the opportunity to explain the purpose of the CAP Moral leadership program to the assembled parents.

Cadets from all the different squadrons were assigned to four different flights: Alpha., Bravo Charlie and Delta. AlpbaFlight commander was Staff Sergeant Stuartfrom quadran 11.1 was assigned to that flight, and we worked the crowd line. making sure people didn t cross onto the active flight line. After about two hours assigned to Alpha Flight, [was reassigned to Bravo Flight Two c.A.P. information booths were set up during the airshow. One was for Squadron 29 in particular.

Following a few welcoming remarks to the assembled guests squadron commander LtCol Charles Wiest promoted Cadet Favian Rodriguez to Cadet Airman, and recognized C/MSgt Jackie Lopez., who recently completed all requirements for the General Billy Mitchell Award. Cadet First Sergeant Anthony Rios swore sisters Cristal and Rosalba [harm into the Cadet Program. Our thanks to all those who attended the Parents Night, and especial Iy to those who shared a delicious dish with us.

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MILESTONE An elusive aviation milestone ~ as set n 20 March 1999 as two balloonists landed in Egypt to become the first balloonists e erto circle the globe nonstop in a balloon. Flying the Breitling Orbiter 3. balloonists Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jone also set a new long-distance balloon record of29,OOO miles as well as one for the longest nonstop flight ever by any aircraft without refueling. The tl ight, lasting nearly 20 days took off I March from Chateau d Oex in the Swiss Alps and flew outh and west to Morocco, then east across North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula.. lndia, China, the Pacific Ocean, Central America and the Atlantic Ocean before once again reaching North Africa.. It finally landed near Dakhla Oasis. 350 miles southwest of Cairo, Egypt. The Breitling Orbiter 3 stands nearly 20 tories tall, and uses a hybrid helium-and-hot-air design to Iift its nine-ton weight. ince 1981. there have been at least 17 attempts to circle the globe b. balloon. The competition intensified tv o. ears ago \ hen brewer Anheuser-Busch offered a $1 million prize forthe first team of'balloonists to circle the Earth by the end of the 20th

9 April- Squadron 138 Annual Awards Banquet. EI Torito Restaurant Huntington Beach 17 April- Glider flights, Hemet-Ryan Airport 17-18 April- Group 15 Squadron Leadership Covina School West

24-25 April- Chino Planes of Fame Airshow 99 I May - Group 15 Levell Senior Member Orientation Course, West Covina 2 May - Group 15 Radio Operator Training, West Covina 7 May - Group 15 Annual Awards Banquet, at the Pomona Valley Mining Company 8 May - Downey Kid's Day, Furman Park 14-16 May - Group IS Squadron Management Covina 22-23 May - Group 15 • Operation Piper Hemet-Ryan Airport School, West flights,


29 Ma - Group 15 preparation for MemoriaJ Day ceremony Live Oak Memorial Park. Monrovia 31 May - Memorial Day ceremony sponsored by Allied Veterans Council, Live Oak Memorial Park. Monrovia 31 May - Group 1.5Memorial Day ceremony. Forest Lawn Covina Hills 19 June - Glider flights Hemet-Ryan Airport 13-22 August - California Wing Cadet Encampment, an Luis Obispo Camp

HELP WANTED Did you enjoy this issue of the ' Squadron 138 Update'? If so, we are actively seeking assistance for next quarter s issue. We need writers to submit articles on quadron 138 acti ities or any CAP-related subject, as well as photographers with photos of Squadron 138 members in action. You don t need to be a great writer. the editor of the 'Update can help you refine your article.

First Quarter 1999. "Squadron 138 Update" is published quarterly by Los Angeles Cadet Squadron 138. Civil Air Patrol, United States Air Force Auxiliary, P.O. Box 4307, anta Fe pring CA 90670. quadron 138 meets each Wednesday from 7:00 to 9:30 PM at the Marine Corps Reserve Training enter. 3551 . an Gabriel River Parkway Pica Rivera. For further information about quadron 138 or ivil Air Patrol, contact Lt 01 harles Wiest at (714) 962-1877. bye-mail atsq138@cawg.ca.p.gov.

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