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Business Proposal

What is Green Light?
Green Light Magazine, produced entirely by Princeton undergraduates, will encourage reflection on the unique Princeton experience. Moving conversation out of precepts and taprooms, out of stereotypes and complacency, Green Light will provoke campus-wide dialogue and invigorate a more active engagement with the important issues facing the Princeton community.

Why another Princeton publication?
Existing campus publications report daily events at Princeton or offer political insights on the world at large, but Princeton life deserves a more thoughtful and critical examination. Green Light will explore the components of Princeton life in a fresh, incisive, and personal way.

How will Green Light accomplish this goal?
Green Light will accomplish its goals by weaving together five types of writing: introspective op-ed articles, perceptive investigative journalism, faculty/alumni essays, creative writing, and critical reviews of cultural activities at Princeton. Green Light will also accept art and poetry by submission. See “table of contents” for how these elements are structured together.

Editorial Opinion Pieces
“Up-Campus, Down-Campus” will include a series of opinion pieces written by undergraduates that focus on topical campus issues. Ranging from the serious to the comic in tone, these articles will highlight each writer’s unique perspective, while aiming to initiate campus-wide discussion.

Investigative Journalism
Investigative journalism, written by Green Light’s staff writers and other undergraduates, will explore the history and inner-workings of various clubs, people, and organizations that play major roles in the campus community. By striving to challenge many of the campus’ most commonly-held stereotypes and assumptions, these articles will offer a more dynamic look at some of Princeton’s most famous (and infamous) groups and institutions.


Green Light will solicit advertisements from both local businesses and national corporations. Poetry.Green Light Princeton Magazine Business Proposal Faculty and Alumni Articles Green Light will include articles and essays for both faculty and alumni contributors. Green Light is currently creating a start-up Media Kit in order to solicit advertisements. paid subscriptions will be mailed to all interested alumni.000 alumni. we are looking for $60. Financials To ensure the first full year of production. and issued four times during its inaugural year. Green Light will also be available in its entirety on the internet. 2 . but it also provides the current Princeton student body with a sense of its own participation in the ever-evolving legacy of the University. art. New York Magazine’s former Editor-in-Chief Caroline Miller. and Art Submission By publishing creative writing.000 of start-up capital. and New York Magazine’s deputy editor Jonathan Gluck. Green Light brings the voices of Princeton’s talented writers and artists into our examination of Princeton culture. In the long run. Approximately 10.000 copies of each issue will be printed: enough to reach every dorm room and faculty mailbox on Princeton’s campus as well as the residences of over 4. Printing and Distribution Green Light will be fourty-four pages in length. Advertising With guidance from Shape magazine’s publisher Diane Newman. printed in full color. Creative Writing. This feature not only taps into the rich insights of the men and women who have shaped Princeton’s unique culture. and poetry.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins ‘06. Ilya Boroditsky ‘06 Jen Ragus ‘06 Adrian Ross ‘08. Joanna Roth ‘07 Lindsay Tintenfass ‘06. Mandy Mazur ‘08. Rob Buerki ‘06. Erin Ebbel ‘06. Hal Parker ‘07. Veronica Thew ‘08 3 . Kelly Sanabria ’06 Allison Berliner ‘06. Chris Berger ‘06. Jeff Miller ‘06 Emily Thornton ‘05 Avery McGraw ‘08. Leslie Bernard-Joseph ‘06.Green Light Princeton Magazine Business Proposal STAFF Publisher: Editors-in-Chief: Art Editor: Literary Review Board: Alumni Relations Director: Finance Director: Advertising Director: Grant Funding Coordinators: Layout Staff: Features Editors: Copy Editor: Webmaster: Art Staff: Advertising Staff: Alumni Relations Staff: Staff Writers: Andrew Perlmutter ‘06 Andrew Perlmutter ‘06. Claire Meyer ‘06. Jennifer Mickel ‘07. David Levine ‘07. Elliot Ratzman GS ‘06 Julia Frydman ‘08 Dimitri Laskoski GS ‘07 Rachel Lyon ‘05. David Marcovitz ‘06 Natalie Fletcher ‘06 Tim Weil GS ‘08. Liz Rutledge ‘06 Diane Chang ‘06. Avril David ‘05. Chana Landes ‘06. Jessica Inocencio ‘05. Amy Sennett ‘06. Avery McGraw ‘08 Jason Yen ‘06. Elissa Devos ‘07. Emmet Truxes ‘06. Ryan Foss ‘06 Dasha Koroleva ‘07. Jarryd Levine ‘07. Ezdean Fassassi ‘06. Aileen Nielsen ‘05.

contributor for Slate Magazine. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Professor of English. Visiting Professor of Journalism. Jordan Ellenberg: Robert George: Deborah Nord: Evan Thomas: Cornel West: 4 . Class of 1943 University Professor of Religion. Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law at Columbia Law School.Green Light Princeton Magazine Business Proposal Contributing Faculty Members Su Friedrich: Carol Sanger: Filmmaker. Professor of Politics. Professor of Visual Arts. Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. Member of the Council of the Humanities. Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek. Member of the Women and Gender Studies Committee. Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy Visiting Research Scholar.

Poets. and Artists Writers Sasha Joseph ‘06 Mimi Chubb ‘06 Brandan Jacobs Jenkins ‘06 Molly Gulland ‘04 Tim Weil GS Margaret Johnson ‘05 Poets Maggie Goodman ‘04 Sasha Shusteff ‘04 Maggie Dillon ‘06 Silas Reiner ‘06 Brandon Lafving ‘05 Mike Judd ‘05 Artists Clare Huang ‘05 Andrew Jordan ‘05 Anne White ‘05 David Driscoll ‘04 Jessica Inocencio ‘05 Giselle Levy-Loubriel ‘04 Macdonald Halsey ‘05 Adam Gitlin ‘05 Alex Bueno ‘06 5 .Green Light Princeton Magazine Business Proposal Creative Writers.

Green Light Princeton Magazine The Reader Powerful & Prestigious Affect the individuals who shape society .

News and World Report) 1. Louis 9. or sponsorship of a Princeton University publication immediately connects you to that legacy of academic excellence.Green Light Princeton Magazine Prestige For the past 4 years. 5. 3.S. 7 . Top 10 Undergraduate Universities for 2004 (U. As such. Princeton University Harvard University Yale University Massachusetts Institute of Technology California Institute of Technology Duke University Stanford University University of Pennsylvania Dartmouth College Washington University in St. Princeton University has been ranked the #1 undergraduate university in the country by US News and World Report. advertisement in. 4.

Hulse John F. Tsui Daniel Kahneman shared physics economic sciences medicine physics economic sciences 1993 1994 1995 1998 2002 physics physics literature 1977 1980 1993 8 . Anderson Val L. Nash Eric F.respected University faculty in the nation. the Princeton University faculty is one of the most highly revered and well.Green Light Princeton Magazine Faculty With 9 Nobel Lauraetes and 19 Macarthur fellows. Wieschaus Daniel C. Taylor and Russell A. Fitch Toni Morrison Dean of Faculty Joseph H. Princeton Nobel Laureate Professors Philip W.

Green Light Princeton Magazine Alumni Princeton alumni gave $36 million to the University. Leading the country with 61% participation. News and World Report) 61% 49% Princeton Harvard 9 . Alumni Giving Participation 2004 (U.S. they are dedicated to their alma mater.

member of the Basketball Hall of Fame • Bill Frist A. former basketball star. Green Party presidential candidate • Richard Perle M.B.B.Former U.B.B. 1954 . 1954 .NY State Attorney General Government / Law / Public policy • James Baker A.000 alumni. 1974 .B.Senate Majority Leader • Jim Leach A. 1942 . 1964 .B. Green Light Magazine will be mailed to a select group of 5.US Congressman • Paul Sarbanes A. 1981 . 1952 . Bush • George Shultz A. Nixon and Gerald Ford • Ralph Nader A. W.Secretary of Defense under Gerald Ford and George W.director of the CIA under Presidents Richard M.Green Light Princeton Magazine Famous Alumni Initially.neo-conservative policy expert • Donald Rumsfeld A.Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan • William Colby A.B. 1965 .B.Secretary of State under George H.S. 1940 . Senator.B. prestige. Bush • Frank Carlucci A.Consumer advocate.Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan 10 . all of whom possess a significant amount of power.A.B.US Senator • Eliot Spitzer A. and influence in their communities. 1955 . 1952 . 1967 . Included among these are: Elected politicians • Bill Bradley A.B.

Nobel laureate in Physics 1979 Engineering/Technology • Hal Abelson.founder of Amazon.E. A.astronaut.directed implementation of the Logo programming language for the Apple II.B.B. B.CEO of eBay Economics • Gary Becker A. 1970 .S.B.Green Light Princeton Magazine Famous Alumni Business • Jeff Bezos B.E. 1967 . 1951 . member of the Federal Reserve during the Clinton Administration • James Heckman Ph. 1953 .Nobel laureate in Economics 1992 • Alan Blinder A. 1969 .B.Businessman and publisher of Forbes magazine • Meg Whitman A.S.D 1957 .Economics professor.D 1971 .com • Steve Forbes A. Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT • Charles “Pete” Conrad.Nobel laureate in Economics 2000 • Michael Spence A.Nobel laureate in Chemistry 1996 • Steven Weinberg Ph. third man to walk on the moon 11 .B. • Richard Smalley Ph.Winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in economics for the Nash equilibrium.B.D 1974 . 1977 . PhD 1950 .1966.Nobel laureate in Economics 2001 Mathematics/Science • John Nash. 1986 .

electrical engineering. Professor.B.New Yorker Magazine editor Entertainment • Dean Cain A. • David Duchovny A.B. The C Programming Language. 1988 .TV morning show host • Brooke Shields A.former president of Harvard • George Rupp A.actress Other • Neil Rudenstein A.B. 1965 .B.B.former president of Columbia University • Ruth J. Co-inventor of the awk programming language.D 1969.B. 1998 . • Frederick Buechner A. • Robert Tarjan . 1964 . 1987 . set on the Princeton campus. 1955 .B. Simmons the recent book The Rule of Four.Green Light Princeton Magazine Famous Alumni Engineering/Technology continued • Brian Kernighan Ph. computer science. played Superman in the television series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.B. and co-author of the textbook. 1998 .first black president of an Ivy League school and first female president of Brown University 12 . 1981 .computer scientist.Pulitzer Prize-nominated author • David Remnick A. 1982 . Winner of the 1986 Turing award Literature • Ian Caldwell inventor of many algorithms related to graph theory.B. 1947 .actor best known for his role in The XFiles • Charlie Gibson A.

Green Light Princeton Magazine Graduates With an average out of college income that is 40% higher than the national average. Salary by Major 70 60 Princeton National Average Salary in Thousands of Dollars 50 40 30 20 10 0 Co m M pu ec te ha rS ni ci ca en lE ce ng in Ci ee vi rin lE g ng in ee rin g Po lit ic s Ps yc ho lo gy Ec on im ic s Bi ol og y En gl is h H is to ry Major 13 . recent Princeton graduates have more disposible income than the majority of their peers.

education. consulting. the most popular fields of employment include investment banking.Green Light Princeton Magazine Graduates Among Princeton Graduates. 70 Average Salary by Industry Average Salary in Thousands of Dollars 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 ic es en t rin En er rv ro N on -P io nm Se tu at m un ic er ac Se rv ic es ns gy g fit ci ov G na n m Co Fi Industry 14 M an uf al . and computer software.

15 . Princeton undergraduates will bring their spending habits across the entire world.Green Light Princeton Magazine Diversity Hailing from all 50 states and 60 foreign countries.

Green Light Princeton Magazine 2004 Rate Card 4/Color Full Page 1/2 Page 1x $5500 $3575 3x $4950 $3217.25 $4950 $5775 Bleed Charge: 10% 16 .5 $5940 $6930 6x $5156.5 6x $4125 $2681.25 Black & White Full Page 1/2 Page 1x $4400 $2860 3x $3960 $2574 6x $3300 $2145 Covers Cover 2 Cover 3 Cover 4 1x $6875 $6600 $7700 3x $6187.

4. 6. Publisher is not responsible for printing key errors.692. For more information contact Andrew Perlmutter at glmag@princeton. schedules. Publisher reserves right to change Green Light Magazine Room 406 48 University Place Princeton. Publisher is not liable for failure to publish or circulate any issue in the event of circumstances beyond publisher’s control. Publisher reserves right to decline or cancel any advertisement at any time.Green Light Princeton Magazine Terms and Conditions 1. All advertising contract position clauses are considered requests. 7. 3. GREEN LIGHT MAGAZINE IS A STUDENT ORGANIZATION AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY 17 .5946 EMAIL: glmag@princeton. Advertisers assume all responsibility and liability for content of all advertisements printed and claims against the publisher. NJ 08544 PHONE: 412.370.1885 FAX: 412. and production data stipulated on this rate card. 5.

.Zip Disk or CD Rom in Windows format Mail files on Windows Zip disk or CD to: • Fonts . Electronic file requirements are as follows: Image Areas for Submitted Digital Elecronic File Ads Full Page bleed ....Green Light Princeton Magazine Specifications Digital Electronic Files Our production department requests that ads be supplied as electronic files.......... and font files used by document 1/2 pg. Use CMYK colors (not Pantone or RGB) • Photos* .. 8.. not True Type fonts.. non-bleed .300 dpi or higher... NJ 08544 phone (412)370-1885 fax (412)692-5946 email: glmag@princeton... non-bleed ... tiff or pdf format...... and layout Green Light Magazine Room 406. 2-5/8” W x 10-3/4” H • Microsoft Windows-Based files • Adobe InDesign CS Collect for output include all art. 8-1/4” W x 10-3/4” H 1/3 Pg.Use postscript fonts.. 8-1/4” W x 5-1/4” H • File sent via disk .. 4” W x 10-3/4” H • Adobe Photoshop CS • Adobe Illustrator CS 1/2 pg.must be CMYK color.... Submit on disk all screen and printer fonts used in art. photo.. non-bleed .. 18 . logos.......must be supplied at 300 dpi or higher TIFF or PDF • Artwork . * We are not responsible for color correction of photos supplied digitally.1/4” H Full Page non-bleed ...3/4” W x 11. 48 University Place Princeton..

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