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A Dharma Teaching by Master JinBodhi


Students Become Teachers and Shine Their Unique Lights All Over the Globe


Students Speak Out at the Second Level Retreat


The Bodhi Approach to Health and Weight Loss

Spring 2012 Vol.2 No.1

1 Bodhi Meditation

Editors Letter

Prostration for Better Living

An Introduction to Practicing Prostration
Prostration is easy to learn. Its also a gentle aerobic exercise. In Prostration for Better Living, Meditation Master JinBodhi teaches this ancient Buddhist practice through step-by-step instructions and explains its many benefits. Price: $30.00 USD (two DVD discs are included)

In the summer of 2011, my husband and I traveled across Canada, heading eastward from the West Coast. During the fourteen-day road trip, Natures diverse and ever-shifting beauty unfolded continuously before me. I sat by lakes, sharing their soothing calmness. I gazed at snow-capped mountains, awed by their strength. I walked in forests, enjoying the riches hidden in their cool depths. I relaxed in hot springs, releasing the fatigue of travel. I picked prairie wheat, tasting the flavor of harvest. I watched the sun descend beneath the horizon, experiencing oneness with the Universe. I cried at the sight of Niagara Falls, moved by its thundering power... As we journeyed across the country, I felt the energy of Nature and the Universe: soothing, uplifting, inspiring, loving, and powerful. And the core of all of these compassion. Compassion is Universal love, manifested in all manner of forms, places and beings. Compassion is energy, a high-vibrational energy encompassing all expressions of life. In this issue of Bodhi Meditation, people from all over the world share their stories of rapid recovery from illness, of miraculous healing born of compassion. In his trademark warm and accessible style, Master JinBodhi teaches what compassion is and how to cultivate a compassionate heart, which transcends religious boundaries and cultural differences, and is of value to people the world over. It isnt necessary to travel from coast to coast to realize the power of compassion; rather, when you look closely at the inner workings of everything, you'll discover it. Compassion is pervasive and yet can be hidden; but even when it seems invisible it is present in your heart. When you come fully into the Now, compassion is awakened. What is the essence of awakened compassion? Rita George in San Francisco, William Tseng in the Silicon Valley, and Sima Abelev in Vancouver share their stories of compassion realized, and how it is manifesting on their paths of spiritual growth. Come to your local Bodhi Center to meet one of them in person, and join in the classes they instruct all have much wisdom and experience to impart. Bodhi Meditation wishes everyone health and happiness. Read on to acquire simple yet effective skills to help you achieve optimum wellbeing. Wave goodbye to the excess pounds so common to todays stressful lifestyle. Healthy living is within reach. Lotus Seed, Editor

2 Bodhi Meditation

1 Bodhi Meditation

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Master JinBodhi addresses the impact of cultivating true compassion on the individual and the world

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Bodhi Meditation
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Students speak out at the Second Level Retreat



One womans journey from doubt to spiritual awareness



ZEN LIVING 40 Tiger Woman 42 Cucumber and Avocado Salad 44 Balanced Mind, Slim Body
From practicing prostration to a Zen way of cooking and eating, Bodhi takes a fresh approach to health and weight loss

The harrowing and inspiring story of a womans recovery from severe depression and paralysis


45 Calculating Obesity 46 The Causes of Obesity 47 Obesity's Impact on Health 48 Are Diet Pills Safe? 49 Tips on Diet and Health 52 Weight Loss Methods

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Finding deeper meaning in Northern California


A daughters love for her mother brings both of them unexpectedly profound healing

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An outline of Bodhi's diverse programs, along with information about classes and activities at Centers around North America


Guided meditations, music, and more to assist you on your path of self-cultivation




Dharma Teachings

Compassion Is Universal Love

The Vancouver area experiences a seasonal miracle: the return of the salmon for spawning. Returning salmon face innumerable dangers. By the time they arrive at their streams of origin, theyve normally suffered numerous injuries. Many die on the journey, perhaps eaten by other fish or animals. To see them swimming up the stream is a powerfully moving sight. How can a fish be so driven, free of any inhibition while returning to its birthplace? These fish dont stay in little waterways or inlets, either. They travel out into the Pacific Ocean, crossing over to Japan and China, completing a circuit. This shows that animal determination can be as strong as humanitys, in its own way. Twenty years ago, I watched a Japanese movie that followed the lives of a real family of wolves. I found it very moving and even cried at one point. The wolves were highly aware and often seemed smarter than the humans. The people who lived in the same area as the animals wanted to set traps and kill them. But the wolves seemed to know very clearly what was going on. Then winter arrived and one of the wolf cubs got sick. It was very cold and there was no food to be found in the thick snow. The hunter and his family were fine: they raised chickens and ate their meat for sustenance. They even had a chicken to spare one to lure the wolves to a spot surrounded by traps. You should have seen the father wolf pace back and forth along the perimeter of the hunters property. His body language was as clear as speech. He knew! Its as though you could read his thoughts: The danger ahead is great and there is no way through. Still, as though thinking of his cubs pain and hunger, he placed his paw ahead, then pulled it back. Over and over, the act was repeated. Finally, he ventured forth, trepidation in every step. It wasnt an act of selfdestruction, but of necessity. As a loving parent, he needed to feed his offspring. He made it across and grabbed the fowl in his jaws. But on the way back, he lost his tracks and stepped into one of the traps. Rear-leg caught, he struggled with the desperation of a creature facing death. Eventually, the wolf tore away, leaving his limb in the traps heavy jaws. Dragging himself through the snow by his front legs, he hauled himself halfway back to his den before dying. It

was a very emotional story and I dont think anyone could watch it without being affected. There is so much about animals that we dont understand, yet we have so much in common and share many of the same feelings. Just a year ago, I saw a documentary on how emotional communication affects plant growth. Even though it wasnt nearly as easy to relate to as the wolf story, it revealed some fascinating truths all the same. In a six-stage experiment, plants were subjected to different stimuli by their caretakers: different genres of music were played to one group of plants; another group was given praise; and a third group was subjected to verbal abuse. The abused group didnt grow properly; it was sickly and yellowed. The praised plants grew thick and the music-listening plants did exceptionally well. This reinforces the point that emotions are not necessarily exclusive to humanity. They appear to exist in everything. The concept of yin-yang has held its importance in traditional Chinese philosophy since ancient times. With regard to the question of the creation of the myriad of things (everything in existence), it is believed that it resulted from emotive expression. Therefore, everything that belongs to the universe holds a specific emotion at the core: the higher love that Chinese tradition labels compassion, a unique emotion that surpasses all others.

Meditation Master JinBodhi

Dharma Teachings

Compassion Brings A Healthy and Happy Life

Compassion has many effects, but the greatest are better physical and mental health. These manifest in the form of happiness and good fortune. How does this emotional state accomplish so much? Compassion is a broadening of the heart and mind. That breadth allows us to avoid entanglement in hardship, so that we are neither controlled by our worries nor suffering because of them. A broad heart-mind has the ability to see the uselessness of troublesome things. Ive been retelling a story of the poor man whose mother-in-law demanded he buy her daughter a diamond ring. I suggested that he get a nice ring, but one with a fake diamond. If that mother-in-law had been governed by compassion, her thought process might

By Meditation Master JinBodhi Translation by Arran Landry

4 Bodhi Meditation

Photography by Nan Lee

The Power of Compassion

5 Bodhi Meditation

Dharma Teachings

Dharma Teachings

have been more along these lines: My daughter loves this man and my love for her means that my affection naturally extends to him. Hes going to be my son, so why would I want to add this heavy burden to his load? What good would that do? If she used compassion to put herself in his shoes, the issue would never have come up. She would neither feel great joy at seeing the diamond on her daughters finger nor great bitterness upon learning that its fake. Her love isnt true. True

love is like the purest of water and it seems she has polluted hers. Who is the most hurt by her lack of generosity and pettiness, which exemplifies a deficiency of love? Most wounded is the person most affected: the mother-in-law herself. Not to mention how shes seriously undermining her daughters happiness. The effect she has on her daughters marriage may cause the couple to question their love, rather than enjoy it. And conflict and

break-ups may become more likely. Building a relationship is like building a bridge. If rotting beams are used in the construction, its going to collapse. The when may be unclear, but the eventual collapse is not. The slightest pressure applied at the right moment will do it, making it an extremely treacherous bridge, indeed. What does the mother lack? Compassion. Compassion doesnt allow love to be too small or

selfish; her love would never let her ruin the young couples happiness. Lack of compassion can instigate hardships and grasping. The presence of compassion brings with it a power of perspective in dealing with matters. If the mother-in-law had adopted a compassionate perspective, then shed have known that true happiness cannot be measured in terms of finances. In fact, wrapped in real happiness, two people can live as beggars and still feel blessed.

6 Bodhi Meditation

7 Bodhi Meditation

Dharma Teachings

Dharma Teachings

Broadness of compassion also helps prevent numerous illnesses because it increases our ability to assess what we observe and perceive it clearly. Many of the little things that normally inflame people can be clearly seen from a distance and, therefore, easily avoided. With that avoidance, we escape harming ourselves and others. With a broader heart-mind, I am relatively free of some of the effects of fatigue or finding myself in other negative circumstances. Im less likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. I wont easily suffer shock or feelings of fright. This also means that Im side-stepping negative emotions and reactions that contribute to the development of illnesses. Many people who grow ill are living with the effects of a shock that caused kidney damage or a great moment of rage that injured their liver. How did your liver get infected? Possibly, it was rage. We often feel sympathy for people facing hardship. And yet when we learn the reasons they suffer, we may feel the hardship is welldeserved. However, even if their hardship is due to a misdeed theyve committed, when truly imbued with compassion we wish them no harm. Can life be pain-free? In China there is a saying: Those who avoid acts that may trouble the heart need fear no ghastly midnight knocking. (A clear conscience sleeps soundly.) So, I fear no knocking. It makes sense because after we do something that evokes feelings of shame, we enter a state of agitation and sleep poorly. Lacking sleep, certain conditions arise, such as headaches and nervous disorders. Even stomach, kidney and brain-related issues can be traced back to insomnia. Again, opening your heart and applying compassion to the world is the key and actually the health benefits can be your primary motivation.

Take a deep breath and contemplate what you've learned...

8 Bodhi Meditation

Another motive could relate to the Chinese concept of xin (pronounced shin). The basic meaning of xin is heart, but it traditionally represents the faculties of emotional and thought energy. Sometimes this is referred to as the heart-mind. If we broaden the xin in our dealings with the natural world, our working lives or in any context, then we enter into a peaceful and amiable state. Imagine youre on the street and someone bumps into you. You have the opportunity to think something positive like, I guess we were meant to connect at that moment. After all, it was a coincidence, not an intentional act. Maybe if you happened across that person again, youd form a friendship. The key would be your state of heart-mind. Sometimes youths bump into each other and start fighting. They keep going until someone has a broken nose or worse. This shows how knocking into someone accidentally can herald a positive, fated moment of connection that suddenly becomes ill-fated. Much harm can come from blowing a small thing out of proportion. But when we carry compassion into our dealings, then any encounter, whether its generated by good fortune or bad, can become an exceptionally positive opportunity to connect with society and the world. Pretty wonderful stuff. When your xin is full of compassion, it ensures that your interactions with others will be beneficial. One reason is that when someone needs your help, you dont even consider the personal losses or gains. Instead, you instantly perceive the beauty in the person requesting the aid, their goodness and compassion. The compassion in you will make the wondrous qualities in others shine more brightly. Who enjoys interacting with those who point out their faults. My, your jaw is awfully short. Wouldnt it be better longer? Or, Hey, thats a pretty nice outfit you have on today. Too bad your legs and weight arent right for it. Maybe it will look better if you lose some weight and get high heels.

If someone talked to you like that, you probably wouldnt see them in a positive light. Your xin would be operating under the impression that the world was against you. Whenever you consider others, you do it via sensory organs. If the impression you receive through those organs is negative, your heart-mind lacks breadth. Think of a pipe and our emotional input as water. A wide pipe will easily drain the water poured from a big bucket. A tiny pipe would take hours to do the same job, causing an unhealthy backlog. In life, everything is remarkably easier to deal with when your xin is broad and open. The narrower the perspective, the less generous the xin and the more peoples barbs come out. Its like sitting next to someone in a meditation retreat and ignoring them because theyre too ugly and youre afraid to be associated with them. If you cant find any good in the person sitting right next to you, what good will you find anywhere? Take hardwood floors as another example. If you are negatively focused, maybe they seem too slippery a real bother. Wouldnt it be better if we put down carpet? But if we had carpeting, you could fixate on the bacterial content and refuse to sit down anyway. Somehow people feel that thinking in these negative terms will force the world to accommodate their perspective. Truth be told, that kind of xin never allows for satisfaction, only negativity and dissatisfaction. Conversely, a broad xin brimming with compassion makes it possible to experience the wonder of the world, a rare and exquisite joy.

Take a deep breath and contemplate what you've learned...

To my mind, the spirit of compassion and charity can be explained like this: You find a stone, not a smooth, polished specialty shop stone, just a normal everyday rock. And yet you perceive how truly beautiful it is. The same goes for the earth, weeds, flowers and everything else in Nature. Theyre all undeniably beautiful as what they are. Sometimes we go out on field trips. I might want to sit down and it isnt uncommon for someone to stop me, saying, Master, you need a blanket or youll get dirty! They think that the grass is dirty, but I think that the grass is probably cleaner than their synthetic city clothes. The grass is more natural, certainly. Maybe thats why I need to touch the earth regularly and feel its permeating nourishment. Its good to go out and get in touch with nature, really physically touching it. Most of us try to avoid that by driving in a car, wearing the

9 Bodhi Meditation

Dharma Teachings

thickest shoes and socks, and layers of clothing. People go out to connect with Nature wrapped up like mummies. Thats pretty counterproductive. Its a matter of heart, of openness. There simply isnt enough of that. When our inner hearts are open and accepting, it benefits our overall understanding of not just nature, but everything. Great acts and thoughts derived from compassion can release the innate power in things and people who seem otherwise useless or even toxic. Thats one of the reasons that compassion reconnects us with nature, reopening communication channels. It does the same thing between people and all other living things. Taking it to the next logical step, the widened, compassionate xin opens the way for opportunity, as well. The amount by which a person benefits is limited only by the width of his or her individual xin. Some wonder, If I make my xin as large and as open as the sky, will I have limitless success? Its sort of like that, in all truth. According to the history of Emperor Han Wudi, his mother was a cruel and small-minded woman. She struggled viciously to have her son ascend to the throne. She then endeavored with her brother to claim a large section of farmland from the peasants, even though she

wasnt a farmer and had no idea what to do with the land. She simply desired clear title over it. When her son the emperor heard what shed done, he was furious and demanded that she explain herself. My son, she answered, what I did, I did in your name. Everything beneath Heaven belongs to me! What need have I to specifically claim a section of peasant farmland? You cant hold on to everything in the world. Only the things you carve your name into are truly yours. Youre wrong, Mother. This entire kingdom already lies within my palm. How can it be beyond my reach? You yourself have been ennobled as empress. Anything you desire is brought to you. Carving your name into a hunk of earth within our dominion is meaningless to us. Han Wudis mother never really understood and never overcame the flaw in her thinking. Simply put, her xin was too small. From a position of peerless authority and prestige, she set herself against peasant farmers and made them her opponents. Its as though after hearing how much land the imperial officials lived on, she felt the need to

go out and claim that amount for herself. She even claimed land for her son in his own empire. Its laughable. Its as if her family owned a big house and shed carved This is mine on the dining room table. Ridiculous. Even things you hold in your hands or write on wont necessarily always be yours. Looking back on her now, we all see how foolish she was and how she was too involved in her own selfish narrowness. If someone told her that they owned a thousand mou (67 hectares) of land, she would compare it to her own thousand qing (15,130 hectares) and still be jealous. No matter how high she rose, her point of reference remained petty. Without access to a higher reference point, no one can become a true leader, one who nurtures nations, enriches the people, and links them to the Divine. Everyone, from high-rank officals and wealthy business people to manual laborers, should try to look a little further and have a little more perspective. One day there were two Buddhist scholars in my class. They were notable because they seemed to be utterly emotionless apathetic, even. It was as though they were wholly removed from the feelings of others. Perhaps they feared the harm that emotions can wreak. I told them I thought they likely believed sequestering their hearts would prevent destructive emotions and selfish passions, but that they were merely suppressing emotions that were there regardless. Is it right to live a life devoid of emotion? To be truly alive and truly human, we must experience the full emotional spectrum. If I felt only apathy, there would have been no class that day, no beneficial teachings given. Feel! I believe that my emotions are very important. Without emotional connections, how would Jesus Christ have offered himself to save the world? Why would the spirits of the East have sworn to free us from the suffering of Samsara? These acts were emotively inspired, but not by any random emotion. The difference lies in the kind: the limited versus the expansive. Thats the only difference. Its like the difference between a

light bulb and the sun. Both illuminate, but the range of the second surpasses all confines. Its a light shared with the whole of the world. In the same way, all true emotion comes from compassion. Without it, without love, there would be no sun to warm the world. No moon. No life.

Take a deep breath and contemplate what you've learned...

Id like to mention here that I dont self-cultivate just for self-cultivations sake. Ive always had objectives. My first objective was to relieve my physical suffering. My second was to develop skills that would free other people from the suffering of the world. Lastly, when I had understood dharma and absorbed much of lifes pain, I did it to access immeasurable strength. When I was young, I underwent extreme training in the martial arts. My hands were like bricks. If I hit something, it broke. But so many things that appeared fragile could still injure me under any number of circumstances, like if something small fell on my head. I realized that even though I had a powerful physique, I was still entirely vulnerable. After all my martial arts training, I understood that strong muscle failed to protect me from so much, emotional onslaughts in particular. In so many ways, I was as vulnerable as I had ever been. Then I understood that true and lasting health had to come from the spirit itself and that a spiritual broadness could offer physical benefits as well as psychological ones. I could live without fear. Thats how I developed my third self-cultivation objective and I knew what I had to do to become stronger. I used to have a lot of real enemies, you see. But I saw the foolishness of it. If you have enemies then you will be harmed, beyond a doubt. It draws harm to you. At long last, my xin destroyed my opposition perspective, for it had

10 Bodhi Meditation

11 Bodhi Meditation

Dharma Teachings

Dharma Teachings
can be seen as a difference in the breadth of good fortune and so on. Its sort of like putxin. The larger the xin, the more likely the ting money aside for your children to inherit. Merit (positive karma) can also be accumulat- success of the business will continue. What we call compassion produces a ed. At the same time, you are passing on posiparticular energy. Compassionate action protive behaviors. Its a matter of education, of avoiding disastrous excess and thinking with a duces an unlimited amount of that energy. A compassionate heart-mind (xin) is the means broadness of mind. by which to access limitless energy, and conSo when we help others, we develop better interpersonal relationships because our xin nects us in this world to the loving energies of the whole Universe. loses its internal saboteurs. Bitterness, maliThere is an equivalency of proportion ciousness and destructiveness all dissipate. between the breadth of your xin and the This process can extend to business dealamount of energy you access. Even the smallings. Buying only good quality products at est things matter. The big picture isnt always good prices ensures few returns. Accepting enough. This world isnt made of big things. returned items graciously encourages people to buy without worry. Customers feel assured Its made of fine details. So the finer your awareness, the greater your ability to connect of the excellence of your goods and the easy to the world. resolution of any difficulties. Its an obvious Whenever I sing or play the qin, I send formula for repeat customers and overall sucthe music to the finest material level of the cess. Trying to cheat clients creates a lot of bad energy around body, influencing energy meridians. It sets the soul to dancing. Thats why some people feel your business and makes people hesi- so affected, so benefited. In part, it is a matter of tantric teaching. Its an energy that accelertant to buy from ates the basic human ability to advance and you, even if you succeed. The result is a longer, renewed life. have what they All this is the power of compassion. want. This, too,

Take a deep breath and contemplate what you've learned...

How does the average person begin to develop that special kind of compassion? It starts with a single act of goodness. Theres no need to rank it large or small. It should be performed blind to personal benefit or the status of the individual aided. Put your kindness into action with a sense of freedom, without want or need. A good approach might be to record your acts, both the positive and the less-than-ideal, in a A person like that still has feelings. monthly journal. Consider this a personal record For example, a man with this power can fall of merit and karma. Make it a daily habit, noting for a beautiful, intelligent woman and still view how these acts, particularly the loving and chariher as her own person while he remains a sepatable ones, affect you psychologically. rate person, too. He would not be consumed by Many times after Ive helped someone, I get negative passions that would harm either of them. to see how much better my help has made things The possessiveness is gone. Its like seeing an for them. When I see their happiness, I feel great enchanting tree on the side of the road. You can joy. I think I am even happier than they are. So appreciate its beauty without feeling the need to drag it out of the ground and take it home. A tree often the happiest of all are those who enjoy helping people. Its one reason that doing good like that is perfectly beautiful where it is. deeds is so wonderful for the self. Additionally, Most of the benefits of wealth and material theres the fact that the people we help think and possessions are actually produced in our minds. We are the source, rather than the external object speak well of us. They also wish us well and this creates a wonderful energy that benefits us and in question. If we err in thinking that happiness comes from possessing objects, well spend all our spreads to our children and grandchildren. Even the most average individuals and their time fighting for things. descendants benefit from considering actions Selfish love motivates such acts. Imagine in light of their future fruits. Of course, there are four people showing up at the same time to dig many levels to this in terms of family reputation, up that poor tree and haul it home. Whoever

no enemies. It molded me until I could accept its essential truth without internal conflict. Id been a knife, a fighting tool, and my xin, a millstone. It wore away my sharp edges and the weapon I had been, until there was no knife left. My hands are not knives now. There are no daggers left in my heart. Now I am able to look upon people without feeling enmity because I see the good in everyone. And so I enjoy true inner peace. Its as though my xin is a mountain stream that flows into Nature, bringing total tranquility where it wanders. I am safe from harm in the ultimate sense. Im not saying that I cut myself off from all feeling, that I cloister my heart and can neither love nor be loved. I mean that I feel goodness for everyone I meet. I have that power and the strength not to be carried into selfishness, even when its disguised as love.

managed to get the tree would have to defend it constantly, as the others would keep trying to steal it. This would be exhausting. And if the person with the tree lost it, hed be enraged. What good would any of that do? Instead, you can simply enjoy the moment as you pass the tree on the street, allowing others to do the same. No harm. No pain. Not to mention the gradual cultivation of more and more compassion. Let the birds fly free and the fish swim in the ocean and then everyone is happier. Simply avoid bringing troublesome things into your homes, the one within and the one without.

Compassion Accesses Infinite Energy

12 Bodhi Meditation

13 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Student Stories

Many Stories, One Voice

Students Speak Out at the Second Level Retreat, August 2011, Vancouver
The Bodhi Meditation Second Level Retreat was taught by Master JinBodhi in Vancouver from August 3rd to 14th, 2011. About three hundred students with prior meditation experience traveled from all over the world to enhance their practice under the inspiring tutelage of the Master. Among them were a substantial number of Englishspeaking students, most of whom had not met Master JinBodhi in person before. The Retreats always have the feel of a homecoming, a reunion of people linked by their joy at walking the same path. Both inside the meditation hall and out, laughter and happiness overflowed. A Second Level Retreat not only offers intensive meditation practice and in-depth teachings, but also confers unique healing skills upon participants. The program catalyzes students to put their compassionate hearts into action, and enables healers to significantly improve their wellness practice.
Master JinBodhi blesses Palmer de Peyster.

Coming together in joy: The Second Level Retreat in Vancouver, August of 2011.

Naum Bespaly practices healing techniques.

Warm friendship.

Many Stories, One Voice

Kaye Jansen and Norberto Pellicci celebrate their recently acquired dharma names.

Listening to the Masters teachings.

Photography by Vancouver Center

Sidney Scholl participates in Q & A with the Master.

Palmer de Peyster shares his experiences with the healing practice.

Roger Servranckx beams during the graduation ceremony.

Rita George reads her poem of appreciation to the Master.

Captivated by the Master.

14 Bodhi Meditation

15 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Student Stories

Kaye Jansen, Vancouver, BC

I could really feel powerful energy the moment I walked into the Bodhi Center. I've been doing energy healing work professionally for over twenty years, and throughout my journey have been looking for a gathering place that resonated with me. When I felt the amazing energy at the Center, I had to explore further. I was told there were classes on Thursdays, so I attended and was inspired to sign up for the Retreat. Master JinBodhi has amazing followers, and it was the beauty I saw in them that really prompted me to decide to commit, together with the fact that I had experienced a great loss. The Master himself has a tremendous reputation for healing people, and for possessing a compassionate heart. Through The Meditation of Greater Illumination I was able to heal my heart and health. Feeling the Buddha energy and illumination throughout my body has been amazing and incredible. That's why I came here I was looking for a greater energy connection to bring into my healing practice, a deeper compassion to give to others. I am deeply grateful that I found it. My name is Naum Bespaly, and I live in Toronto. I've been in the food business for twenty-five years. My doctor recently introduced me to Bodhi Meditation. I have never before experienced anything like this. The meditation allows me to delve deeply into myself, to analyze what's been happening for a long time. Its helped me to realize a lot of things that I had never been aware of. I have several illnesses, and they were my motivation to attend the Retreat. Many years ago I had a very serious car accident and was declared clinically dead. I spent seven months in hospital, three of them in intensive care. Getting older, you start to feel every bump you ever had. I have problems with my heart, which skyrockets to 206 beats a minute. But after attending the Retreat, my condition has improved dramatically: this morning my heartbeat was 66. It hasnt been that low for the last fifteen or twenty years, since the accident. It started dropping on Day 2 of the Retreat. On Day 3, it dropped to 110, then 100, then 96... And now it's 66 amazing! I never thought such a change would have been possible. Besides that, I've also lost weight, a pleasing and unexpected benefit. Overall it's been a really exciting journey. Hopefully I can use the knowledge Ive acquired to help my family, in particular my seriously ill father, as well as others. When Master JinBodhi talks, I experience a sensation that is new to me, a very unique feeling on my hands. I am fascinated by the energy he brings, and determined to continue to traverse this life-altering path.

I am a United Nations retiree from the wine country in Northern California who spent a major portion of my career working for the World Food Program (WFP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy. I came to Bodhi Meditation through a very dear Chinese friend of mine. She participated in the Second and Third Level Retreats in August of last year and they completely transformed her life. I was deeply moved by the love, strength, and vitality that she emanated and I asked her to train me in the practice of Greater Illumination. I loved it! In June of 2011, my friend asked me if I would like to accompany her to Vancouver to attend a one-week Healing and Meditation course. Prior to starting the program, I had the good fortune to speak with Master Nicolas of Vancouver Center. During our conversation he asked me why I was attending the course. I said that I could not give him a specific reason but that I knew definitively that I was supposed to be there and that I was open to receiving whatever was in my highest and best interest. The healing that occurred was profound. Before I

finished the class, I made the decision to attend the Second Level Retreat in August, taught by Master JinBodhi. I made a decision to follow my heart. At the Second Level Retreat, I was surrounded by love and joy. Healing occurred inside and outside of the classroom. Great clarity, wisdom, and love emanates from Master JinBodhi and Master Nicolas. Their teachings are profound and the loving compassion with which they are delivered is powerfully healing. The practice of Greater Illumination leads to the True Heart. The loving kindness received from all of the staff and participants is deeply touching; it is given with abundant joy. The food provided is prepared and served with loving hands and hearts. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to experience this Retreat. It is so empowering that I cannot find appropriate words to describe it. Trying to do so brings tears to my eyes. The class cultivates the understanding and skill required to develop a loving and compassionate heart. From the place of an open heart, everything is possible. I am touched by Master JinBodhis generosity in sharing so much of his loving compassion, wisdom, and healing knowledge with us. His teachings help me to feel strong and empowered, joyful and confident, peaceful and whole. I feel very blessed to be walking this extraordinary path.

I'm an electrical engineer by profession and healing is my hobby. I was introduced to Bodhi Meditation through a weekend course in February of 2011. During the course, they showed The Meditation of Greater Illumination DVD and introduced us to The Meditation of Purity. Ive been doing meditation for more than twenty years and it has been common for me to have many meditative visions. What struck me about the visualizations I experienced while practicing the MOGI and the MOP was that they were the visions I had already experienced in my prior meditations. I thought to myself: "Okay, there's something here. I definitely feel a profound connection." Another thing that struck me is the fact that there are many healers in the Center who are bringing about immense transformation with regard to peoples health. What surprised me in a pleasant way was that the healings were being conducted in a very similar way to that which I've been doing for about fifteen years. I realized that something much deeper than mere coincidence was at play I was brought to Bodhi for a reason. It's a clich but it dawned on me once I was exposed to Bodhi that I don't know anything, even about healing. When I watched Master JinBodhi doing healing, I

was amazed. Id had some moderate success with my previous healings, depending on the person and the type of illness. But I was bothered that I could never reach the level required to heal every person completely, to totally take away their pain and suffering every time. I had tried to improve my ability to heal but had come to a dead end, unsure of where to go next. It was then that I came to the Center and instantly knew I was in the right place. After taking a few meditation classes here, I noticed that the amount of healing energy I was able to give to people greatly increased; indeed, it was more abundant than at any other time in my life. This was what led me to take the Second Level Retreat. Healing is my first priority, but in general my greatest goal is to attain enlightenment. Although I had experienced oneness through my previous experience with meditation, during my practice in the Second Level Retreat I've really been able to feel a more powerful oneness with everything with the Universe, with the golden-white light. A sense of unity pervades me. I can see everything and everybody as part of one thing the light. This Retreat is a powerful step on the path to connecting with Universal love.

16 Bodhi Meditation

17 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Rita George, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I live in the Sonoma wine country, a one-and-a-halfhour drive north of San Francisco. In February my friend Nature, who has been involved with Bodhi Meditation for about two years, presented me with the English-language Bodhi Meditation magazine; I was intrigued. My heart began to expand as I felt the energy in each word. When I looked at Meditation Master JinBodhis picture, I knew he was an enlightened being. I immediately contacted Nature and began practicing meditation under her guidance. A few months later, when Nature told me about the Guanyin Chanting Retreat, I knew I wanted to participate. In July of 2011, I attended the Retreat in Los Angeles. It was a unique experience, as I was one of only a few American native English-speakers among over a thousand participants. Yet I felt totally at home. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. The Retreat was a rare experience and it moved me deeply. When we started chanting to Guanyin on the first day, the vibration of the music and the sound of the Masters voice touched me. Feeling deep inner peace, tears started to stream down my face. As my heart opened up further, I suddenly became aware that I could realize my full potential through being compassionate. By the second day, I was joyful. Again, I felt an extraordinary, powerful energy. Then a day later, Master JinBodhi was walking around the Retreat room when my eyes connected with his eyes. In that one look, I remembered that I knew him from a past life. This connection was transformative. For thirty years, I have owned a business. In the beginning, I was a marketing strategistconsulting with people to expand their businesses nationally and internationally or turn around their organizations in times of transition and crisis. Then, in late 1983, a personal experience caused me to look inward and reflect. Even though I had experienced enormous political and business achievements, had money, and had helped thousands of people change every aspect of their lives, I realized that my life lacked meaning. Feeling empty, my path was no longer rewarding or meaningful. That's when I made a commitment to begin an intense spiritual journey. My intent was to help more people, not from an ego standpoint, but from a place of heart-centered purpose, passion, and inspiration. This decision led to me becoming a spiritual teacher, speaker, and author over the last twenty years. My attraction to Bodhi Meditation was due to the fact that Master JinBodhi believes in the integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit. From personal and professional experience, I know this is the true path to healing and creating balance in every single aspect of life: relationships, work, health, wealth, releasing negative emotions and mental stress, and bringing forth all the creativity and positivity within each of us. The Retreats that I attended in Los Angeles and Vancouver yielded benefits that far exceeded my expectations. I experienced the power of being in a room full of many, many healers. I felt the power in Master JinBodhi. I felt the power in the teachers. During the Retreat, healing energy was building and becoming more powerful daily. This energy was having a profound impact upon each individual and the class as a whole, in addition to having a huge impact on the world. Then when I received my dharma name, Coming Home, I realized that I had come home to Bodhi Meditation - and to being guided by the Master to develop and express my compassion and actualize my potential. Even though I am a native-born American, I felt completely comfortable and accepted by the Bodhi spiritual community. Its a place where cultural, racial, age, and nationality differences dont matter its a community where anyone can feel at home. In this community, people have wisdom, integrity, and great respect for each other, and even more importantly, everyone wants

to become enlightened and self-realized. Many Bodhi people are committed to making a significant positive difference on the planet, and this Retreat has given us the power to achieve this. Because of Master JinBodhis love, compassion and support, and my consistent daily practice, it will be possible for me to move out into the world and, instead of touching thousands of people, touch millions. I visualize that my compassion will ripple out into the sea from continent to continent. One of the most important things about Bodhi is that it offers various methodologies and techniques that facilitate physical, emotional, and psychological healing. Bodhi Meditation is astounding - simple to do and very practical. I don't need to drive anywhere for a seminar or a workshop now that Ive learned the practice. Rather, I can simply buy a CD or DVD and, in the comfort of my own home, benefit from five or six methodologies in a single day. When I begin to incorporate these practices into my life on a regular basis, my body, mind, heart, and spirit will be unified. From now on, I will be extremely effective in serving and guiding others to open up their hearts, develop compassion, and heal themselves. If a billion people embraced this healing energy, the world would be transformed.

by Rita George

I have met many healers from diverse cultures and a few enlightened beings. No one, but no one, is like you. Your voice alone transforms energy and heals. Your angelic singing uplifts our hearts and brings tears to our eyes. Your understanding of the healing of body, mind, heart and spirit is profound and can heal billions of people. Your compassionate heart can disperse darkness around the world. Your healing methods are accessible and practical and create results quickly. You trained us how to heal our pain and suffering and then how to heal others. Your meditation methods are of the highest quality and they reflect your energy vibration. You are a unique and treasured master and we have received enormous benefits from you. No one, but no one is like you.

On the last day of the Second Level Retreat, Rita George, on behalf of the English-speaking students, read her poem of appreciation to Master JinBodhi and the class. She was looking forward to becoming an instructor and spreading Bodhi Meditation to all those who long for a healthy and happy life, and her words beautifully expressed her gratitude and elation. At press time, Rita had instructed eight people in an Introductory Class in the San Francisco Bay Area. (excerpted from Rita George's poem, read at the Retreats graduation ceremony.)

18 Bodhi Meditation

19 Bodhi Meditation

From Doubt to Spiritual Awareness:

a Bejeweled Inner World
By Melia McClure Photography by Dannia Hu

Simas smile radiates her evolving spiritual reality.

20 Bodhi Meditation

21 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Student Stories

Sima Abelevs journey from the atheism of Russia to the spiritual path of Bodhi Meditation has been fraught with physical and emotional challenges.

22 Bodhi Meditation

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An only child raised by her mother in Moscow, Sima suffered poor health beginning in infancy. Her mother took her from doctor to doctor, desperate to find healing for her frail daughter. Recurrent bouts of severe tonsillitis resulted in the development of a heart murmur which required surgery. Complications arising from the surgery kept Sima hospital-bound for an extended period of time. As a child I had a lot of challenges. As a teenager I got healthier and I wanted to stay healthy, so as a young adult I became interested in how to eat properly, how to look after myself. But I always had weak health. I believe very strongly in alternative methods and complementary medicine and the holistic approach, but my health regimen never included any spiritual pursuits, she recalled. Although Sima was drawn to metaphysics, spiritual pursuits were taboo in Communist Russia. She picked up bits and pieces of information about astrology, palmistry, Tarot cards, and dream interpretation, but her strong scientific education meant that her interest in metaphysical ideas remained purely intellectual. I thought spirituality was all nonsense. I always thought of myself as agnostic. You know, Show me the proof and Ill believe you. If theres no proof, leave me alone. However, religion was an important part of my background. I come from a Jewish family, and my maternal grandparents, with whom I spent a lot of time

while growing up, were very religious. But I was never interested in higher spiritual pursuits until the year 2001 when I got very sick. I literally collapsed. While living in Vancouver, Sima faced yet another major health challenge. She was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that caused debilitating fatigue, emotional outbursts, poor sleep, diminished concentration, and brain fog. Although she loved her job as a Regional Sales Manager for a large insurance company, she became unable to work, or even to maintain a semblance of daily routine. I loved my job. But I couldnt do anything. I couldnt move. I had no energy. I could barely take a couple of steps. Like many people experiencing difficulties, Simas latent spirituality began to emerge and grew more intense as she started to ask the deeper existential questions that often accompany challenging times. Her search for meaning was assisted by various books on spiritual teachings, and a close friend who has practiced meditation for decades shared her experiences with Sima. As she delved into metaphysics, another traumatic event galvanized her quest for profound understanding. In December of 2003, Simas beloved mother died. While I was in mourning for my mother, my health unraveled again. My mothers death was a huge blow because the two of us were very close. She was a very important person in my life. Every mother is important

but for me it was doubly so because Im the only child and I didnt have a father growing up. In February of 2004, still reeling with grief, Sima participated in a ten-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Vipassana is a Buddhist practice, though distinct from Bodhi Meditation. Thats where I met Rebecca, she said with a smile. Weve been friends ever since. Sima and Rebecca share much in common, including a keen interest in health and a love of cooking. As their friendship blossomed, Sima was introduced to Rebeccas son, George. Although talented, autism caused him to remain withdrawn and uncommunicative. George was a very nice kid, well-behaved, but he didnt want to interact with anyone. Normally he wouldnt talk. When I came to visit and we would have a meal, he would eat with his head down, not participating in the conversation. Fast forward to 2008. Rebecca and George took an extended trip abroad, and when they returned Sima was eager to hear about their travels. However, she had to wait longer than expected to reconnect with her friend, as Rebecca informed her upon returning that she and George were participating in a certain type of meditation class, and that despite their jetlag the opportunity was too good to pass up. When Sima eventually called back to catch up with her friend, George answered. Throughout my friendship with Rebecca, whenever I called, if George picked up the phone I would say Hi, how are you, George? and he wouldnt even answer. This time when I called, George picked up and I said, in the same way as before, Hi George, how are you? I wasnt expecting anything in return. However, what happened next was so unusual that I almost fell off my chair. George responded, Hi Sima, how are you doing? I was speechless. This time I was the one who was silent! So he went and fetched his mom and I regained my speech and I said, Rebecca, whats going on with George? And she said, Its Bodhi Meditation. Well, that got my attention! At the time of her startling encounter with George, Simas thyroid disorder remained unresolved in spite of medication. She continued to suffer from exhaustion, mood swings, poor concentration, and erratic sleep patterns, and would often break down in tears because she was too tired to move.

With Rebeccas encouragement she decided to try Bodhi Meditation, and instantly fell in love with it in the summer of 2008. I had done various other types of meditation, but nothing felt as natural to me as meditation according to Master JinBodhi. Immediately, I felt powerful energy coming into me. Within a few weeks, Sima was experiencing an extraordinary tranquility, and her husband and friends were commenting on her newfound joy, stamina, and emotional equilibrium. Her energy level began to climb and her sleep patterns regulated. Sima continued to practice with diligence, attending the Third Level Retreat in 2010. Even prior to the Retreat, her entire being had been transformed. I learned a lot. I learned a lot about myself, about the vast and profound spiritual Universe around me. I was introduced to compassion. I had always thought of myself as a kind, compassionate person, but not in the way that I was introduced to. When I felt kindness and compassion before Bodhi Meditation it was only toward people close to me. And it was very easy. The real challenge is to feel kindness and compassion toward people who are total strangers but who may be in a time of need. In the past, I would close my eyes, and not be fully moved by them. Unconditional compassion for the self is central to the process of uncovering compassion for others. Through her practice, Sima has made great strides in accessing love for herself.

23 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

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I had always placed a lot of demands on myself. And I would blame myself if I didnt meet certain conditions. I wouldnt say that I didnt have any self-love, but that the love I had for myself was conditional. The idea that I am you and you are me has left an indelible impression on Sima, and is now an essential part of her ongoing spiritual development. She has experienced many layers of energetic and physical cleansing since beginning her Bodhi practice, and feels that sharing her experiences will be of great benefit to other people in search of healing and higher consciousness. Early on in her practice, as her body began to rejuvenate, her healing process took an unexpected turn and she relived the cataclysmic physical collapse she had experienced years earlier. I collapsed in class. I couldnt move. I couldnt even open my eyes. I could not say a word. I felt like I was locked in a coma. It was very scary. It was quite traumatic but I felt it was extremely positive nevertheless. I was being relieved of all these traumatic health experiences and my body was renewing itself. She persevered and her wellbeing continued to flourish. Sima also discovered her deep love of chanting. At home, Medicine Buddha Heart Mantra became the background music that accompanied her daily routine. While chanting Ive felt such a close connection

with both my parents, even though they are no longer alive. Ive realized that perhaps theyre my guardian angels and they protect me. For someone who was materialistic and agnostic to say this, its amazing. The enveloping warmth of Simas Bodhi brothers and sisters is another aspect of this practice she cherishes, and she embraces the community as a second home. Its a very safe environment where I can release any past trauma, where I can cry openly, where I can speak openly, and it is all healing. Like so many others, Sima is inspired by the boundless compassion of Master JinBodhi. The first time I met Master JinBodhi was at the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2008. Toward the end, he was walking around putting his palm on everybodys head, giving blessings. When the Master came to me he did the same. My eyes were closed and my head was down, and it felt like he hit me. When he was through, I turned to Rebecca and said, Why did he hit me? And she said, He didnt. He barely touched your head. It was my first exposure to the power of our Master, and to the enormous energy that he carries. Simas journey has taught her the difference between experiential learning and intellectual knowledge, and the importance of making the distinction. Her experiences with the power of Master JinBodhi

underscored the necessity of direct emotional and spiritual learning. I felt that he touched my heart with his soul. Being touched deep in your heart opens you to many more possibilities. I completely connected to the world of higher consciousness, to a multidimensional spiritual world. And it is so different from our intellectual pursuits and our intellectual experiences. You know the old saying, The proof is in the pudding. So same goes for all spiritual pursuits. You have to experience higher consciousness for yourself. Reconciling intellectual knowledge and ordinary human perceptions to spiritual experience is a challenging prospect, but Sima has come to trust a deep inner knowing when confronted by something not easily explained in temporal terms. What I have seen with my eyes and with my heart and what I literally experienced while chanting is not comparable to my intellectual understanding and is in many ways contradictory to it. Nothing like this will ever be achieved simply by reading books. The concept of spiritual awakening is multifaceted and ever evolving, talked about in both religious and secular settings. Questions about the nature of spirituality are common to many in search of a deeper human experience. For much of her life, Sima believed that a quest for spiritual fulfillment was either inherent to a person or not, that it was a quality impossible to acquire. Her experience with Bodhi Meditation has radically altered this view, replacing it with the notion that spirituality is neither blind faith nor a ritualistic religion, but rather simply a belief in higher consciousness, in the Universal wisdom that is manifested in every living being. The words God and Buddha, or any other name that refers to this Universal energy, are simply labels, beyond which lies indescribable truth. As Sima progressed along the Bodhi path, she began to practice certain Buddhist rituals, such as prostration, along with the meditation techniques. Although some of her friends have expressed concern about the Buddhist influence, Sima has embraced it. Ive always seen Buddhism more as a philosophy than a religion. And what we take as religious expression, such as prostration, perhaps is simply a show of respect to the teacher, which is an integral

part of Eastern culture and a great exercise that helps to conquer your own ego. All the Buddhas started as human beings who became enlightened. So we simply show respect. I chose to accept that and Im very happy with my understanding of this practice. Prostration is considered a ritual of religious worship by most Westerners, and can incite ego resistance in those who havent tried it. But when Sima saw the Master himself prostrating to offer respect to Buddha, she found his vulnerability inspiring. As she put it, "If such a great man can do it, why can't I? Sima has a natural aptitude for visualization, and she is very sensitive to energy, both of which helped her to hone and expand her health-promoting abilities during the Third Level Retreat. The Master taught transformative diagnostic and healing skills, and Sima was hungry to expand her energetic repertoire. Her Third Eye vision astonished classmates. I came home and said to my husband, I have to heal you. Give me something. I was able to remove his horrible headache in five minutes. He was very shocked. Having developed such a powerful humanitarian gift, as well as a balanced approach to life, she felt a call to join the Teacher Training Program. In January of 2011, Sima taught her first Bodhi Meditation class at Vancouver Center.

Quite unexpectedly, I felt that urge to help people gain the wisdom and meditation skills and receive the energy, because I put so much value on it.
A beautiful example of the wisdom that the student is the teacher and the teacher is the student, Sima is overjoyed to continue unveiling her evolving spiritual reality through the practice of Bodhi Meditation, and to assist others in accessing their own higher consciousness, too.

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25 Bodhi Meditation

By Juan Lin Translation by Xuemei Li

Student Stories

Out of the Darkness of Depression and Into the Light of a New Day

In the early mornings I jog in Corona Park, a large and beautiful park in New York City. A morning jog may be an everyday occurrence for many people, but not for a person who for six years had to live on antidepressants and sleeping pills, getting so confused that she couldnt tell day from night, and who was partially paralyzed in the midst of all the confusion and chaos.
But now, as I come to rest on a wooden bench, I am stunned by the natural beauty surrounding me, and revel in the joy of breathing fresh air and feeling the warmth of sunshine on my face. What luxury! The crystalline blue of the sky, the birds that glide so freely against its watery luster As I reflect on my newfound freedom from suffering, tears of joy and gratitude stream from my eyes. Sixteen years ago, I came to New York from China. I worked hard to establish a new life in a new land. Like every immigrant, I experienced a great deal of hardship. Six years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression. My body was weak and full of pain, and sleep eluded me. I was plagued by an intense feeling of inner and outer chill, and the sense of a constant cold draft blowing on my back. Yet strangely, Id sweat so much that my shirts would be soaked through. I felt irritable and angry. I argued endlessly with my family. My husband suspected that I might be suffering early-onset menopause (I was 41). I had to rely on antidepressants and sleeping pills to temporarily get me out of the abyss of anxiety, fear, and desperation. On several occasions my depression grew so all-consuming that suicide beckoned. On one such dark day, I said to my daughter: If one day you find Mommy isnt here anymore She grabbed me and cried: Mom, if you leave us, Ill never be happy again! She tattooed my birth date on her left wrist. Ever since then, whenever Id think of suicide, I would think of the date she engraved on her wrist. I dragged through the days for the sake of my children. Due to a combination of side-effects from the medications and the condition itself, I experienced such bodily pain that I needed a weekly massage. Unfortunately, what should have helped me brought me more suffering. In July of 2010, a massage therapist worked on the wrong energy points and caused paralysis on the left side of my body. I spent an agonizing period of time in a wheelchair. I had just entered my forties and

26 Bodhi Meditation

27 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Student Stories

28 Bodhi Meditation

Photography by New York Center

this terrible twist of fate pushed me to the bottom of the abyss. I totally lost confidence in life, and extreme weakness consumed me. If I moved around for two or three minutes, I would need to sleep for two or three hours to recover. I lost control of my bladder, urinating every ten minutes. My speech became slurred since I couldn't control my tongue. I couldn't even hold a porcelain bowl in my hand to eat I broke so many of them that I had to use a metal one. Needless to say, my antidepressant dosage doubled. Then on October 31, 2010, Bodhi Meditation entered my life. I attended a healing event organized by the New York Center at the Sheraton Hotel in Flushing, and while there a powerful energy penetrated my body, warming my freezing hands. Encouraged by the initial positive results, I attended the Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat in January of 2011. I felt good from the very start. After three days at the Retreat, I felt confident enough to stop taking any medication medication Id depended on for six years. I began sleeping well and feeling happier. I gained control of my bladder function. Bodhi Meditation practice has been a regular part of my life ever since. Next I attended the Seven-Day Chanting Class held in March. Master Julie guided us into a meditative state and talked to us about the nature of life, suffering, and happiness, and asked us to feel grateful for everything. Hearing her words, my heart opened. On the second day, I entered a state of natural fasting. I didn't have any desire to eat, yet felt energetic and free of hunger. While other students ate lunch, I preferred to listen to Master JinBodhis recorded teachings. On some days I ate an orange or an apple, but nothing else, and my energy level remained high. I commuted an hour each way to the Meditation Center by bus, yet I felt lighter and lighter, and I noticed an improvement in my balance while walking. My severe hay fever vanished and each day brought more happiness. Whereas I once looked as though Id suffered a stroke, people commented that my past pain was no longer visible. Along with my dramatic physical changes, I also noticed that my inner world started to shift. The resentment I had harbored toward my family began to

fade. Prior to this shift, Id sometimes felt that my husband ignored me, that when I needed his help, he would shut me out in favor of reading newspapers or watching TV. But our relationship has changed. Since now Im physically much stronger, I volunteer at the New York Center and when I return home in the evenings, he greets me warmly and has dinner ready! On Valentines Day, he bought me a beautiful bouquet of roses! I couldn't hold back my tears. Before discovering Bodhi, Id hated the massage therapist who had caused my paralysis. However, I now feel grateful to her, because without experiencing that last straw of being paralyzed, I might not have found this meditation practice. And in addition, I feel a peace about my finances. I havent worked in over a year and my bank account reflects this, but yet I dont have the anxiety I had before. Rather, I feel free and happy! The positive energy of my meditation practice has also had a transformative influence on my children. My daughter is paying her own way through college, earning money by working two jobs. Im happy that she is grateful for everything she earns, that she knows the value of building her own life. In May, she was awarded $4000 by the government in recognition of her excellence in Chemistry. My son, who is still in high school, has matured greatly, and routinely helps out at home. My husband and I were thrilled when he brought home $500 of scholarship money! I am deeply grateful to Master JinBodhi and the meditation methods he created. To the teachers and fellow practitioners at the Center, especially Master Julie who leads us in meditations and healing sessions, I owe a debt of gratitude. So many miracles and incredible things have happened in my life since I encountered Bodhi Meditation. I used to be a non-believer, but now I have an unshakable faith in this methodology. It gave me a second chance at life. The world has become a beautiful place. Sitting in a subway car, I am often delighted by the sound of my own laughter. Sixteen years after coming to New York, I finally experience all the magic it has to offer.

A New Definition of

By Melia McClure Photography by Silicon Valley Center

William finds his ultimate heaven by guiding others.

William Tseng knows the highs and lows of the business world well. After a business venture in China failed, he returned to Californias Silicon Valley in despair.
29 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Student Stories

I had lost all of my financial investment because of issues with my business partner, he recalled. When I came back to the United States I felt defeated and I became severely depressed. I no longer wanted to interact with anybody, and I isolated myself. I longed to escape the constant pain. In March of 2009, in the throes of wondering how he was going to rebuild his life, William wandered into Cupertino Community Center. A flyer promoting Bodhi Meditation classes caught his eye, and on a whim he signed up. Soon after beginning his practice, health issues that had plagued William long-term began to vanish. Two weeks after I learned meditation my insomnia was cured. I used to take melatonin every night, although it didnt help much. Now I dont need to take sleep aids at all. He was also thrilled at the disappearance of his migraines, which had caused ten years of torment. The pain always occurred on the right side of my head and would last for up to a week. But after two or three weeks of practicing Bodhi, the pain started to shift toward the back of my head and then gradually the headaches disappeared altogether, William said, his relief evident. Yet another longstanding health condition one that he had attempted to cure numerous times using other methods was healed soon after William signed up for Bodhi classes. I had an issue with urinary incontinence for more than twenty years. I had made many attempts to cure it with acupuncture and herbs, with little success. No health practitioner had been able to bring about significant improvement. So I was very surprised when my incontinence suddenly vanished. I never expected my

three major health challenges to be resolved in such a short period of time. As Williams body and mind recalibrated to a more peaceful vibration, other health issues resolved unexpectedly, much to his delight. Another benefit was the improvement of my right knee. Ive probably had arthritis for over twenty years. Sometimes when climbing stairs, my whole body would seize up and feel paralyzed. When I first started classes, I couldnt jump during the closing steps after meditation. And when practicing a walking meditation called Bagua, my knee started to hurt badly after the first few steps. But just over a month after beginning, I was able to practice Bagua painfree, walking continuously for over an hour. My knee felt flexible, and the lack of pain was a huge change. And as if those gifts were not enough, William also healed his throat and thereby found his voice. The disappearance of my pharyngitis, a condition Id had for decades, was a wonderful surprise. Pharyngitis causes almost constant discomfort in the throat, and so when I first started chanting, certain parts of the chant were either too high or too low for me. I had to take lots of breaks. But now I can chant continuously, and I have a mellow sound from beginning to end. I believe this change would have been impossible without Bodhi Meditation. The connection between physical and emotional health is well-established and as Williams body healed, his heart and spirit ascended new heights of joy. The shadow in my soul disappeared, he said. I used to care about wealth and worldly success. I only lived for myself before. It seems Ive awakened since I started practicing Bodhi. I have a new way of seeing the value of human life. I have to do something for others,

for sentient beings, in these later years of my life. Now on a mission to help others, William was thrilled to be asked to take over language translation duties during meditation class. My teacher taught me a lot about Bodhi Meditation, spending extra hours enhancing my knowledge so that I could pass it to the other students. I started collecting information regarding meditation, human anatomy, health and longevity, Chinese medical theory and food therapy, as well as relevant medical reports. His growing knowledge of meditation made him more committed than ever to sharing its benefits with others. William continued to conduct his own search for scientific documentation relating to the effects of meditative practice on the human body and psyche, not only to inform himself but to inform new or prospective students who often asked for science-based data regarding meditations impact. Lots of scientists have studied the brainwaves of meditators, comparing them to those of non-meditators. Theyve found that theres a big difference. Sara Lazar, a psychologist at Harvard and a long-time meditation practitioner, was the leader of a study that found that consistent practice increases the size of a certain part of the brain, causing changes in emotions, perceptions, and behavior. The study also concluded that meditation reduces stress, increases mental clarity, slows the aging process, diminishes random, unproductive thought and strengthens the ability to calmly deal with challenges. William also discovered the impressive work of Dr. Richard Davison, the Director of the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Davison found significant differences in brain circuitry when he compared the brains of long-term practitioners of meditation to those of nonpractitioners. When people become upset, anxious or depressed, intense activity occurs in the amygdala and the right prefrontal cortex, whereas when people feel happy and peaceful, the left prefrontal cortex registers a high level of activity. Meditating monks were found to display particularly intense activity in the left prefrontal cortex. It was also revealed that the brain is wired with certain set-points for happiness, depression and so forth, and that it is possible for the brain to rewire itself and alter its set-points through the healing

power of thought. In July of 2010, William participated in the Third Level Retreat held in Vancouver. Much to his surprise, he entered a state of spontaneous fasting, taking only water for eleven days. On the second day, my appetite simply disappeared. The experience showed me that its possible to attain excellent physical condition without eating. The message I got from fasting is subtle but profound: Cosmic energy exists in the Universe. And this energy fuels stamina and intelligence. Master JinBodhis powerful presence and accessible teaching style have made a deep impression on William. The more I receive dharma teachings from Master JinBodhi, the more Im touched by his essence. The way he combines dynamic meditation and sitting meditation, plus special visualization techniques, is perfect. He has refined ancient teachings into simple practices that everybody can easily fit into their daily routine. Not only do I respect him, but he has inspired me to dedicate myself to helping people for the remainder of my life. I am so grateful to Master JinBodhi for helping ordinary people become extraordinary. These teachings could heal all of humanity. Practicing Bodhi Meditation has made William far more open to ideas and occurrences that he previously never would have considered or accepted. There was a report published in April of 2010 about an eighty-three-year-old Yogi who claimed he had neither eaten nor drank for the last seventy years. He said that he lived on the Universal energy that he received from a goddess. If this is true, then its a rare miracle. For most of my life I never would have believed this story, but I can accept it now. The point is that Ive become more open. Williams openness to new ways of thinking and being has reordered priorities that had long revolved around getting ahead in the business world. Instead of deriving self-value from monetary gain, the greatest joy in his life has become witnessing fellow practitioners transform for the better, physically and mentally. As such, William is now a teaching assistant, and is also instructing group meditation sessions independently. Every time I see the brilliant smile of a student, Im reminded that my ultimate happiness is helping people through Bodhi Meditation.

30 Bodhi Meditation

31 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Student Stories

A Mother and Daughter

By Hugh Photography by Alberta Lee

By chance, Amie Chen gave her mother a transformative gift, one that has brought joy to her entire family. It was pain, however, that made the gift a miraculous necessity.
Amie and Mrs. Chen bask in the light of health, happiness, and prosperity.

32 Bodhi Meditation

33 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Daughter Forces Mother to Join Meditation Class Out of Love

In 2008, Amie's mother who was then nearly eighty years old suffered a fall that caused debilitating pain. The pain continued and curtailed Mrs. Chens mobility to the extent that even getting out of bed was a traumatic event. Amie's heart ached to see her mother in tears every morning, and took her from doctor to doctor but to no avail. One day Amie came across a copy of Meditation and Health (the Chinese version of Bodhi Meditation), and a story about an elderly womans rapid recovery from a stroke inspired her. Believing that meditation could hold a key to healing her mothers ongoing pain, she made a call to the Los Angeles Center with the magazine still in hand. Although she was grateful for her daughters thoughtfulness, Mrs. Chen was resistant to trying meditation an alien idea to her. "I forced her to come to the Bodhi Center, Amie recalled. As we walked in, she was still complaining about me bringing her there. I was embarrassed that people heard her protests her resistance was very evident from the look on her face. But Master Guan-Hai was gracious, and said to Mom, 'Please give me three days, okay?' We had no idea then that his request would bring life-changing gifts to us and our family."

The Benefits of Curiosity

The volunteers and students were all friendly, and there were elderly students that Mrs. Chen was happy to chat with. Despite her initial resistance, Amie's mother came to enjoy the meditation practice almost instantly. Her pain began to subside, and her energy level started to rise. Amie was astounded at the rapid change in her mother's physical condition and attitude. "On the second morning Mom called me pretty early, saying 'Where are you? Come and pick me up. I don't want to be late for class,'" Amie said with a smile. Witnessing the miraculous turnaround in her mothers condition spiked Amies curiosity, and she decided she needed to experience Bodhi Meditation for herself. Although she had tried meditation prior to signing up for a Bodhi class, it had not brought the physical benefits that readily manifested when she began to practice The Meditation of Greater Illumination. Amie had suffered allergies since childhood and dealing with morning phlegm was part of her daily routine. During her third day in class, Amie was meditating when she suddenly had the urge to spit phlegm. When she did so, she was stunned to discover that her phlegm was a quarter-sized, capsule-like hard substance. From that moment on, her morning problem never returned and she has remained free of allergies.

JinBodhi, Master Guan-Hai, and everyone here are kind and modest. Im inspired by their example, and as a result Im kinder and less arrogant. Id had a successful career I used to run a duty-free store with a staff of sixty-five. I had a sense of achievement that bordered on arrogance. Now I admire Master JinBodhi's modesty. Every night I pay my respect to the Master, asking for a sound sleep. Every morning I pray to him for another happy day. Mrs. Chen went on to say, I'm not only healthy, but also radiant with a happiness I had never known before. I'd always looked tense but now my relaxed appearance amazes old friends. I'm a living testament to the power of Bodhi Meditation."

every single deal to the Center. I hope more and more people will gain access to Bodhi Meditation and benefit from it."

An Even More Incredible Story

"About three days before Thanksgiving in 2009, my mom fell down a flight of stairs, Amie recounted. My sister witnessed the accident Mom's head bumping on each stair as she tumbled. At the bottom of the stairs, Mom sat up, leaning on the railings as if nothing had happened. She was taken by ambulance to the ER, and stunned the doctors by being completely intact. She had no cuts, no bruises, no broken or fractured bones. The doctors couldn't believe it and insisted that she be hospitalized for three days for further observation. On the third day, Mom was determined to go home. She underwent another round of X-rays and was given a clean bill of health. As the doctor signed the release paper, he asked her, 'Are you some sort of Kung fu master? How come you can fall down a flight of stairs and be perfectly fine?'" Mrs. Chen continued joyfully, "People are surprised to see how healthy I am at my age. In the hospital, the doctors kept asking why my arms and legs were fine. I told them I didn't know why. However, the truth is I believe that I'm blessed by the Buddha. I feel grateful to Bodhi Meditation.

Mother's Smile
Amie and her mother became regular students at the Center, experiencing sustained health and happiness as a result. Although Mrs. Chen had been a serious sort of person for most of her eighty years, meditation seemed to awaken her inner child. She often burst into uninhibited laughter along with her classmates, as spontaneously as a young person. When asked about her transformation, Mrs. Chen was adamant that its possible for a leopard to change her spots. "I believe that Bodhi Meditation transforms, she said. I used to be proud and spoiled. Since coming to Bodhi, my values have changed. Master

An Unexpected Boost in Business

Despite the economic downturn, Amie, a realtor, noticed a huge boost in her business that she attributes to Bodhi Meditation. "During Chanting Class, I made a vow to contribute to the fundraising for the new Meditation Center. My prayer was quickly answered my sales soared. Many of my clients called me after seeing my ad in the Yellow Pages. I asked them why me, and they said that my picture generated a sense of trust and so they knew I was the right person to help them. Ive promised to contribute part of my proceeds from

Mrs. Chen celebrates the joy of connection with her inner child.

34 Bodhi Meditation

Photography by

35 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

Student Stories

Standing on Healing Ground

By Singapore Meditation Center

Bodhi Meditation is My Heaven on Earth

By Busan Meditation Center

Suffering from a chronic spinal disease, Mrs. Lin had high hopes of finding some relief when she and her husband attended the Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat in December of 2010 in Singapore. Owing to the weakness of her spine, she could only stand for a maximum of fifteen minutes at a stretch. On the first day of the Retreat, she was overcome by fatigue and had to sit down during the thirty-minute standing meditation. But as she continued to practice, her ability to stand rapidly improved by the eighth day, Mrs. Lin was able to perform the dynamic meditation three times in a row, which meant remaining on her feet for

one-and-a-half hours! The dramatic, quick turnaround in her condition via such simple means has given her new hope of total recovery. The benefits that Bodhi brought her husband were more spiritual than physical. Mr. Lin was delighted by the daily expansion of his loving kindness and positivity. Before the Retreat ended, he sang a lovely song to the class to show his gratitude, a composition hed been inspired to create while listening to The Celestial Chant. The primordial energy inherent in The Chant had awakened his creativity, helping him realize the oneness of human beings, the Universe, and Nature.

When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

By Taipei Meditation Center

36 Bodhi Meditation

Photography by Busan Center

Yilin Lee is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taipei. In 2008, much to her shock, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent four rounds of chemotherapy followed by surgery to remove the tumor and her lymph nodes. Four more sessions of chemotherapy and thirty-one doses of radiation followed. Her struggle for life was a hellish nightmare. Yilin was introduced to Bodhi Meditation by a good friend in April of 2010 and her recovery plan changed radically. Rising at 5:30 each morning, she began her day with an hour of prostration, going on to perform sitting and standing meditations or chanting until 8:30. Her daily three-hour practices yielded quick

and dramatic results: After three weeks, she could easily raise her left arm overhead, which until then had been impossible, and the pain in her right shoulder dissipated. Months later, all traces of sickness from the cancer treatment were gone and Yilins energy level had been restored. The frustration and depression shed experienced since the diagnosis had disappeared and instead, her body and mind felt relaxed and fresh. "I was terrified of my disease and was afraid of death, she said, calm and matter-of-fact. Now, when I meditate, my heart is filled with joy and tranquility. Even though my days are numbered, I have no sorrow and no fear."

The lady speaking in front of the class was so beautiful and confident, her voice and Mrs. Park shares her joy with the class. gestures so animated, that people found it difficult to believe she was the same fragile, illness-ridden person that had struggled through the door just five months earlier. That lovely woman, Park Young Hee, told everyone that it was her suffering that had led her to the door of Bodhi Meditation. Mrs. Park had been an asthma sufferer and had undergone heart bypass surgery, both of which left her with little stamina. Despite making the rounds of all the major hospitals in Korea, her weakness persisted. It was not until she caught a glimpse of an ad on TV for Bodhi Meditation that the course of her life began to change. Feeling an instant connection to the Busan Center, she immediately registered for a Meditation Retreat. Although Mrs. Parks home is only a twentyminute walk from Busan Center, her frail condition meant she initially had to take a taxi. The effort required to get in and out of the cab and ride the elevator up to the Center on the 15th floor rendered her out of breath. She found prostration so physically challenging that she despaired of ever being able to do it properly. Tears of frustration marred those early days. But she stuck it out, giving the meditation exercises her best shot. The teachers nurtured her with healing sessions, and within a few days the beginning of a positive transformation was

evident. Mrs. Park was so delighted by the results of the Retreat that she made the meditation a consistent part of her home routine. Five months after taking her first tentative steps on the Bodhi path, she can now prostrate for forty minutes without a break, a previously unthinkable achievement. Family and friends marvel at her progress, and she glows with a renewed sense of self. I felt comfortable from the moment I entered the Busan Center, Mrs. Park said. Its my Heaven on Earth. I made a vow to introduce Bodhi to everyone I know so that they too can reap its rewards. I feel so lucky to have Bodhi Meditation in my life. I am grateful to the Master and the teachers at the Center as well as to my fellow practitioners.

37 Bodhi Meditation

Student Stories

No More Swollen Feet

By Los Angeles Meditation Center

For over sixteen years Ive suffered dark red, swollen feet. When I wasnt standing, I would have to put my feet up in order to alleviate some of the pain. I had visited many doctors over the years, but none had cured me. Things changed however when I was introduced to Bodhi Meditation and Master JinBodhi. In 2011 I attended the Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat held in Los Angeles. During the Retreat, Master JinBodhis senior disciple, Master Guan-Hai, taught us The Meditation of Greater Illumination and held healing sessions. During one of the healing sessions, my feet turned from dark to light red, and I couldn't help but shout: Its a miracle! After returning home from the Retreat, my feet remained the same light red color that they had turned during the healing session, even though I didnt continue practicing. Then in the summer, Master JinBodhi came to Los Angeles to hold a Chanting Class and I jumped at the chance to attend. One morning during the Class, much to my surprise and delight, my left foot became totally normal the

swollenness, pain, and redness had vanished. The skin looked healthy, tender, and supple, much like a young persons. As for my right foot, although it was still a little swollen, its skin looked natural and healthy. I was so overjoyed I burst into tears, exclaiming to my husband: I can walk and sit like everyone else now! I dont need to put my feet up all the time anymore! Everyone at the Class was thrilled for me and I am forever grateful to Master JinBodhi for his compassion and great healing methods. In addition, Ive lost weight since attending the Retreat my ring now slips on and off easily! I feel buoyantly energetic and food cravings are seldom an issue.

Editor's note: This student was interviewed in July of 2011 at the Los Angeles Chanting Class. Before the interviewer asked for her name, the student had disappeared into a crowd of over a thousand. At press time, she had still not been identified.

For a full outline of classes and events at Centers in North America, please see Page 58. For information about Centers in Asia, please see Page 64.

38 Bodhi Meditation

39 Bodhi Meditation

Zen Living

Zen Living

Tiger Woman
Illustrations by Tong-zheng

40 Bodhi Meditation

41 Bodhi Meditation

Zen Living

Zen Living

Cucumber and Avocado Salad

By Lotus Seed

Health Benefits:
Avocadoes are high in fat a super-healthy type of fat! Capable of lowering cholesterol and keeping the heart healthy, the monounsaturated fat content of avocadoes is a necessary addition to any dietary plan. Avocadoes also contain lutein an antioxidant that strengthens eyesight and vitamin E, which may lower the risk of Alzheimers disease. Just be sure to curtail portion size so as not to overdo it on fat and calories (a whole medium avocado packs 320 calories and 28 grams of fat!). An avocado provides nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, vitamin E, B vitamins and folic acid, and boasts the ability to act as a "nutrient booster," enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene and lutein, from foods that are eaten in combination with the fruit. Cucumbers are very low in calories, providing just 15 per 100 grams, and contain no saturated fats or cholesterol. Cucumber peel is a good source of dietary fiber, which helps to reduce constipation and offers some protection against colon cancer. It is a very good source of potassium, vitamin K, and antioxidants. Cucumbers have a mild diuretic property likely due to their high water content, which helps keep weight gain and high blood pressure in check.

The fresh crunch of cucumber is a brilliant counterpart to the soft creaminess of avocado. Cucumber is an integral member of the vegetable basket in the East, while avocado is always welcome on the Western dinner table. The pair one slim and long, the other short and plump represent Yin and Yang, and together make a delicious Zen salad.

4 Japanese cucumbers 2 medium-sized avocadoes 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 2 tablespoons sushi vinegar 1 teaspoon sesame oil

Eastern flavor:
Cut cucumbers into half-inch cubes. Cut avocadoes into halves. Remove the pits. While still in the skin, slice the avocado flesh into a cross-hatch pattern, and scoop the pieces into a salad bowl. Combine the cucumber and the avocado. Add the sea salt, sushi vinegar, and sesame oil, and lightly toss.

Western flavor:
Photography by Dannia Hu

Replace the 4 Japanese cucumbers with 1 English cucumber, and replace the sushi vinegar with another light-colored vinegar or vinaigrette. Use olive oil instead of sesame oil. Adding freshly ground pepper is a good option, too.

43 Bodhi Meditation

Zen Living

Calculating Obesity Balanced Mind, Slim Body

Are you one of the many who want to lose weight? Would you love to feel healthy and content in your own skin, to hear people commenting on your newly svelte figure? Hearing compliments about ones physical appearance is a definite mood-booster, whereas depression is often triggered by looking in the mirror and being greeted by the sight of excess pounds. Weight loss and fitness are attention-grabbing topics, generating endless conversation among close girlfriends. Newfangled ways of slimming down are perpetually surfacing, and the media inundates the public with information on how to lose weight and images of the Western worlds slender ideal. Carrying extra pounds can ignite a host of life-impacting consequences. For example, if you are one of the myriad people hoping to find a serious romantic relationship but are insecure about being overweight, you may shy away from the search for a partner and instead daydream about finding love once youve trimmed your body. Perhaps you love clothes and are depressed that extra weight prevents you from wearing the fashions you adore. Or you might be suffering from the health problems associated with obesity. So how can we effectively facilitate weight loss and solve the emotional worries and health problems caused by carrying too many extra pounds? First of all, lets define overweight. Excess pounds become full-fledged obesity when a persons body weight is 20% higher than the acceptable norm. The standard currently used to measure obesity is the Body Mass Index (BMI). It is calculated by the following formula: body mass

(kilos) divided by height squared (meters), i.e. BMI = body mass divided by height X height.
Reflected in the newly designed Asian Obesity Guide, research has shown that the international BMI upper limit (24.9) is too high for Asians, who have a smaller body type than Caucasians. The Guide posits that the healthy, normal BMI range for Asian adults is 18.5-22.9. If an Asian persons BMI exceeds 23, they are overweight; if it exceeds 30, they are obese. Thereforetake out your calculator to find out whether the topic of obesity should be of concern to you.

Adapted from Meditation and Health magazine Translation by Francina Liu

44 Bodhi Meditation

45 Bodhi Meditation

Zen Living

The Causes of Obesity

unbalanced diet containing too much fat, carbohydrates and sugar can lead to significant weight gain. Excessive intake of animal products, including animal fat, as well as frequently eating processed food and drinking beer can result in overweight.

Obesitys Impact on Health

During the Tang Dynasty (618-917 AD), the standards of beauty were markedly different from the modern Western ideal. Plumpness in women was considered desirable. Famed Imperial Concubine Yang was fullfigured, and her voluptuous beauty won infinite favor from the emperor. Such was her impact on society at the time that people craved plump daughters in the image of Yang. Fuller figures can certainly be beautiful, and there is a definite distinction between pleasant plumpness and unhealthy obesity. People who qualify as obese have levels of body fat far in excess of Concubine Yang, to the extent that their figures are usually distorted and physical health threatened, too. Compared to those of healthy weight, obese people are more susceptible to heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Most studies suggest that, because there is an overabundance of fatty tissue in obese people, more blood needs to be supplied and circulated. The heart must then work harder to meet the increased demand, and the extra burden can lead to left ventricular hypertrophy (thickening of the heart muscle) and high blood pressure. In addition, obesity can contribute to left atrial enlargement, faster heartbeat, and a higher risk of atrial fibrillation. According to the doctors, atrial fibrillation-induced arrhythmia may lead to stroke and potentially even death if the patient doesnt receive prompt medical attention. The American Cancer Association published study results confirming that the probabilities of having concurrent cancers increases significantly for people who are obese. For men, every 15 kg of extra weight leads to a 52% higher chance of having esophageal cancer, a 33% greater risk of having thyroid cancer, and a 24% higher chance of having colon and kidney cancer. For women, every 13 kg of weight increase contributes to a nearly 60% greater risk of developing uterine cancer and gallbladder cancer, while the risk of esophageal cancer and kidney cancer rises 51% and 34%, respectively. Obesity may also cause hormone disorders. Obese men have lower levels of male hormones and higher levels of estrogens. Obese women have a higher incidence of menstrual disorders, as well as infertility. Obesity also likely leads to early-onset puberty its been documented that overweight girls tend to reach puberty at a younger age. Indeed, childhood obesity is now commonplace, contributing to multiple serious health problems in the young. For example, scientific research indicates that obese children are susceptible to asthma. It is noted that as a child's BMI increases, the relative incidence of asthma also increases. Obesity not only triggers a variety of health problems, it also causes psychological issues, planting the seeds of low self-esteem and even depression. Because modern mainstream culture favors slimness as the standard of beauty, it is natural for overweight people to feel that they are not being accepted and celebrated. The feelings of inferiority often linked with being overweight can cause diminished social interaction and feelings of isolation and loneliness. In conjunction with resultant psychological conditions such as depression, a lack of blood supply to the brain caused by obesity may impair cognitive function.

3 4
Losing weight safely requires an understanding of the causes of obesity. The following are a few key factors in the development of overweight.

Lack of exercise

Regular physical activity is essential to long-term wellness and a trim physique. However, modern life is often sedentary: people drive more than they walk; much of the workforce spends the day seated at a desk; and even household chores have been greatly eased with the help of home appliances. It is common for many people to consume more calories than they burn, as reflected in the continuing rise in obesity rates.

Emotional eating

Genetic factors

Many people attempt to self-medicate with food, dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotional states by eating. The Chinese maxim narrow mind with broad body refers to emotional eating. Negative feelings can cause dysfunction of the liver, spleen, kidneys, and other organs, impairing the bodys ability to digest and excrete excess fat. Emotional eating not only results in weight gain, but ultimately compounds the stress and psychological issues that prompted it in the first place.

Many genetic factors collectively determine body constitution. If one of their parents is obese, children have a 40% chance of also becoming obese. If both parents are obese, then the probability that their children will become obese rises to between 70 and 80%. However, obesity is a complex issue with many contributing factors and is typically not simply inherited through genes. Rather, it is common that children of obese parents inherit poor dietary habits.


Poor diet

Eating habits and dietary quality hold major sway over the occurrence of obesity. An

Many drugs cause weight gain as a side-effect. For example, drugs that treat schizophrenia and high blood pressure have an impact on the hypothalamus and therefore increase appetite. Long-term use can lead to obesity. In addition, estrogen-containing drugs (such as birth control pills) can stimulate appetite and fat retention. Drugs are also present in the food supply: large amounts of growth-promoting hormones are added to the fodder of farm animals, and even included in the planting process of the majority of fruits and vegetables. Long-term consumption of foods that contain hormones can play a role in obesity.

46 Bodhi Meditation

47 Bodhi Meditation

Zen Living

Zen Living

Tips on

Are Diet Pills Safe?

Ads for diet pills seduce people with promises of fast, effortless weight loss, catering to the collective fantasy that one can be slim without exercising or implementing a healthy diet. Many fall prey to the hope that popping a pill will instantly give them what they want. Diet pills promote weight loss in the following three ways: By inhibiting the brains appetite center, they reduce appetite and consequently reduce calorie intake. Weight loss drugs also stimulate the metabolism, increasing oxygen consumption and body fat and sugar oxidation, which reduces the accumulation of fat in the body. And finally, by stimulating the bowel, they curb nutrient absorption, increasing and expediting excretion. Diet pills artificially change the bodys normal digestive and excretory functions. They impact the body in negative ways, impacting all natural processes and even, through

long-term use, causing new illnesses. There is a dark side to weight loss drugs and many welldocumented adverse reactions are associated with their consumption, including dizziness, dry mouth, accelerated heartbeat, insomnia, heart palpitations, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Although pounds may fall away rapidly, there is no guarantee of permanent weight loss and more often than not, users gain back the lost weight and then some. Many end up trapped in yo-yo dieting, paying a price both physically and emotionally. And there is yet another cost involved in diet pill use the financial cost. A weight loss survey in Readers Digest showed that China has the highest percentage of diet pill users in the world. Thirty-seven percent of respondents claimed that they had taken them. Myriad international pharmaceutical companies are actively developing new weight loss drugs, spurred on by high profit margins and huge market potential. The industry is booming, with sales of the high-priced drugs continually brisk. In the early 1980s, a new weight loss pill called fenfluramine phenol (fen-phen) entered the market, and the annual sales revenue generated by diet pills globally shot up into the hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2007, the global market for weight loss drugs (including various natural health supplements) reached $1.7 billion, and exceeded $2 billion in 2009. According to financial predictions from USbased consulting company Frost & Sullivan, global sales of weight loss drugs will reach $6.9 billion by 2015. The human need for a quick-fix provides relentless fuel to the industry, but all weight loss drug users would be wise to consider whether the costs financial, physical, and emotional are truly worth it.

Diet and Health

Excerpted from The Ups and Downs of Life in the Eyes of the Awakened by Master JinBodhi

48 Bodhi Meditation

49 Bodhi Meditation

Zen Living

Zen Living

Dietary Commonsense
In the modern world, people have access to a huge variety of food. Instead of lacking nutrients, people nowadays may suffer from an overabundance of nutrients which can lead to illnesses. Many diseases are caused by an unhealthy diet. Vegetarian food and raw fruit and vegetables must comprise a large part of peoples food intake in order to ensure that the up to down is unobstructed or in other words, that digestion is smooth. When the up to down is unobstructed, taking in food and getting rid of waste happens in a flowing, continuous cycle. However, a significant percentage of the population excretes less than they take in. Although calories are burned constantly to carry out the processes of metabolism, respiration and sweating, as well as other physical activities, many people are storing at least 20% of what they consume as fat. Junk food a category that includes some foods that people think of as healthy expedites the accumulation of fat. When people fail to absorb and effectively utilize what they take in, bodily systems become clogged and problems develop. This fact has given rise to many new methods of detoxification. There are lots of internal cleansing products on the market. Some claim to promote weight loss by speeding up the metabolism. I dont think it is necessary to spend money on these types of health supplements. Rather, eating more raw and vegetarian food is essential to facilitating a slimmer physique. Raw food means uncooked vegetables and fruit, not uncooked meat or fish. It is best to eat fresh, unprocessed vegetables, such as celery, tomato, baby cucumbers, lettuce, and so forth. It is of great benefit to the metabolism to have three to five portions of vegetables and one portion of fruit combined, especially for breakfast. The ratio must be tailored to the individuals physique and constitution. Do not eat grilled food for breakfast. Westerners like to eat toasted bread with butter in the morning; however, if Chinese eat this type of breakfast, constipation results. Body type varies. People of hot constitution should avoid eating a high-calorie breakfast. Even those of cool body type should refrain from eating food that is too hot and dry. In addition, dont consume high-fat,

high-cholesterol foods such as egg yolks and meat in excessive quantity. In order to further free the body from clogging, be sure to drink a glass of water before going to the bathroom, first thing in the morning. The temperature of the water depends on personal preference. Boiled water after it cools is a good option. Drinking a glass of water first thing helps to clear the stomach and intestines, flushing out food consumed the day before.

Eat Hot Food Cool

A practitioner in Vancouver had suffered from constipation for many years, beginning when she was newly pregnant. The situation improved only after she began practicing meditation. Although her condition was triggered by pregnancy, it continued in part because she ate barbecued meat and fried food often. While it is true that these foods taste very good, they are all fiery in nature and when consumed hot, the energy of fire is intensified. In the case of this practitioner, frequent consumption of fiery foods eaten hot caused the energy of fire and the energy of the foods themselves to combine in her system, clogging it. It is very difficult for the body to get rid of excess heat. Therefore, I have always advocated eating hot food cool. Allowing hot food to cool down before eating it results in superior nutrient absorption and smoother excretion. The Chinese love to eat hot food. They often fight for hot rice, hot soup, hot noodles, and hot dumplings. But this is an eating habit that compromises health. It is best to eat cooked food only after it has cooled try it and notice the positive bodily changes that result. Many people are picky eaters, and many also tend to overindulge in unnecessarily heavy meals. They make every meal a major feast that includes an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. Most desserts are nutrientpoor and calorie-rich a detrimental combination. A fondness for sweets and the overconsumption of food sooner or later results in a bulging belly. Simple, homemade fare is truly the healthiest. What constitutes simple, homemade fare? Mixed whole grains. Mixed grains and a variety of vegetables contain the

right balance of nutrients needed by the body. When the bodys nutritional needs are met, it doesnt crave refined sweets or other junk foods. In addition, I advocate an omnivorous diet, meaning that plenty of different types of food are incorporated into daily life. The diet should not be limited to a small number of items. Instead, one should properly combine various types of food in order to get nutrients in the required proportions. The body has a selfbalancing mechanism, and when people eat too much of certain foods, that mechanism has to work hard to restore harmony. A balanced approach is essential, as even nutrients can become harmful if they are consumed in excessive amounts. Eating an omnivorous diet involves combining foods to achieve a complementary effect. For example, some people may have indigestion after eating boiled or fried eggs, as they may have trouble absorbing such a highprotein, high-cholesterol food on its own. This can be remedied by mixing the eggs with vegetables, and adding some oil to lubricate the intestines. High-quality oil can help the body easily digest food, absorb what needs to be absorbed, excrete what needs to be excreted, and reduce the time food stays in the system. The typical Chinese way of eating eggs is to boil them, then gulp them down with force, which burdens the stomach and causes discomfort. A good diet promotes digestion. Fiber-rich foods, as well as crude fiber, clean the digestive tract and reduce up to down time. When food remains in the body for too long, it produces toxins and causes illnesses. Mixed whole grains and vegetables contain plenty of cleansing fiber, and should play a major role in the everyday eating plan. Listen to the body, and be sure to incorporate varied combinations of complementary foods.

taken into consideration. In my understanding, the most important element of a healthy diet is the mastery of mood while eating. Maintaining a joyful mood during mealtimes is essential. If, while eating, sadness, anxiety, worry or anger is present, then the food that is being consumed becomes harmful, regardless of how expensive or nutritious it is. Indeed, choking is sometimes a result of feeling angry while eating or drinking. The same truism applies to cooking. The nutrient content and taste of food are profoundly affected by whether it was cooked by a person in a positive, grateful and happy mood or an angry and resentful mood. Cooks who concoct meals while in an uplifted and relaxed frame of mind create a cuisine of beauty. Such beautiful cuisine nourishes on a deep level, promoting vibrant health. Mood is a double-edged sword: if managed properly, it helps everything flow more efficiently; if not, it causes destruction. The way a person feels radically impacts their diet, health, and life in general.

Food and Mood

A healthy diet is a diet that is balanced in all aspects. I emphasize the holistic approach. In addition to adhering to the 80% full rule (eating only until one feels 80% full), one should also pay attention to the amount and temperature of the food, the ratio of vegetarian fare to meat dishes, the balance of cooked and raw vegetables, and the diversity of food items. Let the bodys natural mechanisms be the master of the diet. Radiant health is possible when the aforementioned points are routinely

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Zen Living

Weight Loss Methods

Excerpted from Master JinBodhi's Teachings

A Simple But Effective Way of Losing Weight
Excerpted from Prostration for Better Living
Photography by Vincent Lee

Drink Water

One of the most effective and easy methods of shedding excess pounds is drinking water. For many people, it is easy to take in food, but hard to get rid of it. In other words, the digestive system is compromised, which promotes weight gain. To improve digestion, Master JinBodhi highly recommends drinking a glass of pure, room-temperature water ten minutes before each meal. For those who struggle with constipation, drink a large glass of pure water immediately upon waking. It is worth mentioning that, in extreme cases, a little salt, rice vinegar, and balsamic vinegar should be added to the water. During menstruation, women should support their bodies by drinking warm water.

Prostration is easy to learn. It can be practiced anywhere in the comfort of home or in a refreshing outdoor setting. Begin with fewer repetitions, gradually increasing as progress is made. By aligning the body, heart and mind, and connecting with a higher consciousness, it becomes possible to quickly lose weight, improve vision, build stamina, restore health, cultivate wisdom, develop smoother skin and spirited eyes, and be graced with charisma and a brilliant smile.

Keep a Good Mood

It is important not to underestimate the impact of maintaining a positive mood, both on the weight loss process and on life in general. A positive, upbeat outlook will add healthy and flowing energy to the body and the diet. There is life in everything. All animals and plants can perceive and hear mood and words, and thus the food that is eaten, and how it is assimilated by the body, can be transformed by emotions.

Stand naturally and be at ease, feet about two inches apart. Eyes may remain open or be lightly closed.

Do Exercise

And, of course, in addition to the above, consistent exercise is key. Common forms of exercise such as jogging and playing sports can be combined with meditation to great effect and an even greater slimming effect is possible through adding the practice of prostration. Prostration can bring about both health and wisdom. To lose weight, prevent obesity and improve health and stamina, begin practicing today. Losing weight should be done gradually over a period of about three months to more than a year, depending on a persons weight loss goals, health, and life situation. Every moment is a new beginning take action now!

Bring palms together in prayer position, but keep a slight space between them. Stretch both arms out to the sides in a smooth, flowing motion, gradually bringing hands together in prayer position overhead. Head remains still.

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Zen Living

Zen Living

Slowly move hands down, index fingers gently touching the forehead, chin, and chest. Kneel, keeping the pace slow.

Still facedown, raise both hands above and behind the head, bringing fingertips together. Once again extend arms in front, palms on the floor. Push up to a standing position. Bring hands together in prayer position at the chest.

Slide hands forward until the entire body is touching the floor, lying flat.

Practicing prostration does not require straining or force. Instead, do it gently and comfortably, with total ease. Do not aim for speed, or immediately strive for a high number of repetitions. Adjust daily goals according to physical condition. A mentality of gratitude is vital. At the close of practice, bow with palms in prayer position, respectfully expressing thanks. Both body and mind are relaxed and joyful. Rub hands together, massage the face, and move the body all over.

Turn palms upward. Gently knock the forehead on the floor three times, keeping body and elbows on the floor.

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Meditation Programs

Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat

This class is designed for people who are interested in meditation and want to utilize it as a tool to facilitate better health. Through in-depth study and intensive practice of The Meditation of Greater Illumination and The Meditation of Purity, as well as through learning practical and effective fitness and relaxation exercises, students will find their health improved, immune system enhanced, body functioning in a more coordinated and balanced way, and mind clearer. The eight-anda-half-day program produces the best results compared to other formats of the same level of class. The schedule means that people need only take five days off work to participate in the Retreat.

Bodhi Chanting Class

The Chanting Class is designed for people who are interested in learning this ancient Buddhist practice and want to integrate it into their daily routine for better health and better living. Students will learn different chanting techniques and various mantras during the seven-day program. This Retreat will help participants release emotional attachments, enhance vital energy, and purify body and mind.
Peace in motion: Practicing Ba Gua in Busan.

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Photography by Busan Center

Program Outline

Advanced Bodhi Meditation Retreat Bodhi Meditation Introductory Class

This two-day class is specially designed for beginners with little meditation experience who are interested in learning these ancient healing techniques. Students will be introduced to the fundamental practices of Bodhi Meditation: The Meditation of Greater Illumination and The Meditation of Purity. The class is conducted by experienced instructors and carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. The Advanced Retreats are twelve-day programs offered for people who already have meditation experience and want to further enhance their practice and ascend toward enlightenment. The class format includes intensive meditation practice and in-depth dharma teachings. Students will also have the opportunity to learn unique healing methods from Master JinBodhi.

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Meditation Programs

Bodhi Meditation Classes and Activities in North America, January to June, 2012
Vancouver, BC
Location: 150-7740 Alderbridge Way Richmond, BC. V6X 2A3 Classes: 1. 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat Jan. 7th - 15th. (First time in English) 2. 1-Day Bodhi Meditation Introductory Class Mar. 24th and Jun. 16th Free Drop-In Sessions Thursdays 7:00pm-9:00pm For more information, please call: (778) 551-1068 Email: Bodhi Meditation and Health Seminars 1. Feb. 11th (on diabetes) 2. May 12th (on cancer) 3. Jun. 23rd (on insomnia) Free Drop-In Sessions Sundays 1:00pm-4:00pm For more information, please call: (416) 223-1462 or (647) 388-5798 or (647) 716-3621 Email:

For more information, please call: (626) 457-5316 email: For more classes and activities in the Greater Los Angeles area, please contact: Irvine Bodhi Meditation Center (949) 378-0718 Email: Alhambra Bodhi Meditation Center (626) 457-5336 Email:

7. Summer Nutrition and Health Workshop May 19th (San Francisco Center) May 20th (White Lotus Center) 8. 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat Jun. 9th 17th Seasonal Vegetarian Luncheon Series 10am 1pm 1. Jan. 8th Chinese New Year 2. Feb. 25th Dragon Rising 3. May 12th Mothers Day 4. Jun. 23rd Dragon Boat Festival Free Drop-In Sessions 1. San Francisco Center Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30pm 9:30pm Sundays 10:00am 1:00pm (vegetarian lunch included) 2. White Lotus Center Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30pm 9:30pm Saturdays 10:00am 1:00pm (vegetarian lunch included) For more information, please call: San Francisco Center: (650) 576-2790 Email: Online registration: White Lotus Center: (408) 956-8662

San Francisco and the Bay Area, CA

Locations: San Francisco Bodhi Meditation Center 2901 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 Bai Lian (White Lotus) Bodhi Meditation Center 1272 S. Abel Street Milpitas, CA 95035 Classes: 1. Immunity Tune-up Jan. 14th 15th 2. Weekend Chanting Class Feb. 11th 15th 3. Mind Leap Program Mar. 3rd 4th 4. Spring Nutrition and Health Workshop Mar. 17th (San Francisco Center) Mar. 18th (White Lotus Center) 5. 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat Apr. 7th 15th 6. Energy Healing Session (Joints / Nerves) May 5th 6th

Los Angeles, CA
Location: 20657 Golden Springs Drive #111 Diamond Bar, CA 91789 Classes: 1. Bodhi Meditation Mind Leap Class Jan. 7th 8th 2. Special Blessing & Healing Session Jan. 29th, Feb. 19th (2:30 6:30pm), Feb. 26th , Mar. 4th(in Irvine), Apr. 15th (2:30 6:30pm), Mar. 25th (2:30 6:30pm), Jun. 3rd (2:30 6:30pm) 3. 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat Feb. 11th 19th, Apr. 7th 15th, Mar. 17th 25th, May 26th Jun. 3rd, Jun. 23rd July 1st 4. 7-Day Bodhi Chanting Class Apr. 28th May 4th

Toronto, ON
Location: Unit 11, 31 Passmore Ave. Scarborough, ON. M1V 4T8 Classes: 1. 3-Day Bodhi Meditation Introductory Class Jan. 21st - 23rd 2. 8.5-Day Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat Feb. 18th - 26th, Apr. 6th - 14th, May 19th - 27th 3. 4-Day Bodhi Meditation and Health Class Mar. 18th - 21st

Silicon Valley, CA
Location A: Bodhi Meditation Silicon Valley Center 642 Blythe Court, Unit #27, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Classes: 1. Weekend Chanting Class Date: Once a month, Saturday and Sunday Time: 8:00am-5:00pm 2. 8-Day Bodhi Meditation and Fitness Retreat Date: Once every 3 months Time: 8:00am-5:00 pm

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Meditation Programs

Meditation Programs

3. Group Practice for Bodhi Disciples and Volunteers Time 1: Thursdays 7:30pm-9:30pm at the Center Time 2: Saturdays 9:00am-10:30am at Fair Oaks Park, Sunnyvale, CA 4. Fun Summer Camp for Wiser Kids Date: Saturdays and Sundays during June, July and August Time: Morning class - 9:00am-11:00am; Afternoon class - 2:00pm-4:00pm Location B: Cupertino Senior Center 21251 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014 Classes: 1. Bodhi Meditation Introductory Workshop Date: Once every other month, Monday and Tuesday Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm 2. Bodhi Meditation Workshop for Health and Wisdom Date: Once every other month, Monday and Tuesday Time: 2:00pm-4:00 pm Free Drop-In Sessions Thursdays 9:00am-10:30am Location C: City of Los Altos Senior Center 97 Hillview Avenue, #12, Los Altos, CA 94022 Classes: 1. Bodhi Meditation Introductory Workshop Date: Once every other month, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Time: 7:00pm-9:00 pm 2. Bodhi Meditation Workshop for Health and Wisdom Date: Once every other month, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Time: 7:00pm-9:00 pm 3. Fun Summer Camp for Wiser Kids Date: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for two consecutive weeks each month during June, July and August Time: 6:30pm-8:30 pm

Location D: Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA) Arts Center 6148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, CA 95129 Classes: Bodhi Meditation Introductory Workshop Date: Monday - Friday for two consecutive weeks Time: 9:00am -11:30am For more information, please call: (408) 887-4187

Location C: HXNY Chinese School at Westchester Community College (WCC) SCI 316, WCC, 75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, NY 10595 Classes: Meditation and Health Class Time: Sundays 9:30am-11:30am Fall semester, 9/25/11 to 1/29/12, Spring semester, 2/05/12 to 6/24/12 Cost: $190 per semester Instructor: Dr. Linda Wu For more information, please call: (917) 822-1169 Location D: Strong Foundations Holistic Counseling and Wellness Center 484 Hasting Squares, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Classes: Bodhi Meditation Vitality Workshop Time: Sundays 3:00pm-5:00pm Instructor: Lan Ma Cost: $240 for 8 weeks For more information, please call: (201) 681-8199 Location E: Skyland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 1811 New Jersey 57, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Classes: Bodhi Meditation in the Health Series Time: First Tuesday of each month, 7:30pm-8:30pm Instructor: Lan Ma Cost: Free For more information, please call: (201) 681-8199 More Free Drop-In Sessions 1. Bensenhurst, NY Saturdays and Sundays 2:00pm-5:00pm Contact: (347) 405-0848

2. Rye Brook, NY Sundays 9:30am-11:30am Contact: (917) 822-1169 3. Brookville, NY Tuesdays 3:30pm-5:30pm Contact: (516) 320-0860 4. Jericho, NY Fridays 10:00am-1:00pm Contact: (516) 320-0860 5. Old Westbury, NY Sundays 1:30pm-4:30pm Contact: (516) 320-0860 6. Hackettstown, NJ Weekdays 8:15am-9:00am Contact: (201) 681-8199 For more information, please email: or

New York and New Jersey

Location A: Bodhi Meditation New York Center 131-25 Fowler Avenue, 2nd floor, Flushing, NY 11354 Classes: Bodhi Meditation Introductory Class Time: Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm. Please call for dates. Instructor: Master Julie or Fa Gui Cost: $30 Free Drop-In Sessions Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 2:00pm-4:00pm For more information, please call: (516) 320-0860 or (718) 886-1122 Location B: The Center at Purchase 4 Manhattanville Road, Purchase, NY 10573 Classes: Office Zen Time: Wednesdays 12:15pm-1:00pm Instructor: Dr. Linda Wu Cost: free For more information, please call: (917) 822-1169

Global Events January to June, 2012

1. Jan. 1st New Years Day Celebration 2. Feb. 5th Chinese New Year Blessing Ceremony 3. Mar. 11th Guanyin Bodhisattvas Birthday Celebration 4. Apr. 28th Sakyamuni Buddhas Birthday Celebration Event dates may vary from Center to Center. Please contact your local Center in advance for detailed information. See page 64.

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Take-Home Help
For more meditation materials, please visit

Take-Home Help

Awakening the Inner Buddha $36

Everyone, regardless of who they are and what they do, wants to enjoy the healthiest and happiest life possible. But no one is exempt from the challenges, obstacles, illness and unhappiness that make life heavy and stressful. Is there a way out of suffering? In this dharma teaching, Master JinBodhi explains the root cause of suffering and offers a fundamental cure for illness. Although the teaching is aimed at people who would like to attain a higher state of mind on the path toward enlightenment, its content and essential message are applicable to everyone who wants to live a better and happier life.

Guided Meditation
The Meditation of Greater Illumination (DVD) $20
The Meditation of Greater Illumination is a comprehensive, dynamic meditation technique, incorporating hand-forms (mudras), visualization and meditative motion. Follow along as Meditation Master JinBodhi, creator of Bodhi Meditation, guides you with clarity and ease. Each disc features subtitles in Mandarin, English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. The Meditation of Greater Illumination can be practiced alone, or combined with The Meditation of Purity for greatest benefit.

Copyright 2010 () CHAN X I U JIAN KANG Co., Lt d . w w w . p u t i . c a All Rights Reserved

Book / Audio Book

Illuminating Body and Mind: A Guide to a Deeper Bodhi Meditation Practice
Book $20, Audio Book $30 A collection of lectures by Master JinBodhi, this comprehensive guide helps both new and experienced practitioners to facilitate effective meditation and spiritual living.


The Meditation of Purity (CD) $10

The Meditation of Purity is the static counterpart to The Meditation of Greater Illumination. It is a seated, guided meditation, available in Mandarin-English CD format, or in Mandarin-only. The Meditation of Purity can be practiced alone, or together with The Meditation of Greater Illumination for greatest benefit.

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Prostration: Introducing Prostration for Better Living $30

Prostration is easy to learn. Its also a gentle aerobic exercise. In Prostration for Better Living, Meditation Master JinBodhi teaches this ancient Buddhist practice through step-by-step instructions and explains its many benefits. (two DVD are included)

Teachings on DVD
Each disc features subtitles in English, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese

The Power of Compassion (DVD)

Compassion is one of the core principles advocated by Bodhi Meditation, and in The Power of Compassion Master JinBodhi focuses on its nature and purpose.

Guidelines for Practicing Meditation (DVD)

Of interest to beginners, Guidelines for Practicing Meditation features Master JinBodhi detailing vital guidance to help new practitioners establish a beneficial practice. (Both lectures in one box $30)

Meditation Music
Chanting to Avalokitesvara $10
Sung in Mandarin by Meditation Master JinBodhi, Chanting to Avalokitesvara carries boundless respect and gratitude to the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The music expresses Universal love and sacred blessings for a beautiful life filled with happiness, health, abundance, wisdom and success.

The Zen State of Mind $20

"The Zen state of mind is a return to our original nature, to the purity of infancy." With his simple, direct style, Master JinBodhi makes the concept of Zen understandable to everyone. Master JinBodhi's dharma teachings on life and wisdom are profound yet accessible, utilizing plenty of real-life examples, warmth and humor. Through his words, presence and depth of consciousness you will embark on a path of freedom from worry and obstacle...and attain true happiness and peace.

The Prajna Mantra $10

Sung in Sanskrit by Master JinBodhi, The Prajna Mantra carries immense power. The rhythm imparts clarity and wisdom. The music is alive with compassionate, positive energy.

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Global Bodhi Meditation Centers

Vancouver, BC T: (778) 551-1068 (English) (604) 276-2885(Mandarin) Address: 150-7740 Alderbridge Way Richmond, BC V6X 2A3 Toronto, ON T: (416) 223-1462 or (647) 388-5798 Address: Unit 11, 31 Passmore Ave. Scarborough, ON M1V 4T8 Address: 2901 Taraval Street San Francisco, CA 94116 Silicon Valley, CA T: (408) 887-4187 (English) (408) 517-0888 (Mandarin) Address: 642 Blythe CT. 27 Sunnyvale, CA 94085 New York, NY T: (516) 320-0860 (English) (718) 886-1122(Mandarin) Address: 131-25 Fowler Avenue, 2nd floor Flushing, NY 11354

Los Angeles, CA T: (626) 457-5316 Address: 20657 Golden Springs Drive #111 Diamond Bar, CA 91789 Alhambra, CA T: (626) 457-5336 Address: 240 South Garfield Ave, Suite # 301 Alhambra, CA 91801 Irvine, CA T: (949) 378-0718 Mailing Address: P Box 60475 .O. Irvine, CA 92602-6015 Milpitas, CA T: (650) 576-2790 (English) (408) 956-8662 (Mandarin) Address: 1272 S. Abel Street Milpitas, CA 95035 San Francisco, CA T: (650) 576-2790 (English) (415) 665-5136 (Mandarin)

Hong Kong T: (852) 9808-2834 or (852) 9242-9959 Busan, Korea T: (82) 51-702-7746 Malaysia T: (60) 3-7960-8066 Singapore T: (65) 6299-1262 Taipei, Taiwan T: (886) 2-2313-1177 Taichong, Taiwan T: (886) 4-2238-0617

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Nine Soaring Dragons

By Meditation Master JinBodhi Soaring dragons carry the enlightened into the illuminated energy of higher consciousness.

Bodhi Meditation wishes everyone a happy Year of the Dragon!

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