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Bài 65- have lunch

Bài 65- have lunch

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Published by: Loc Phung on Mar 08, 2012
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Giao tip c$ b%n Unit 65


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"Shall we go for lunch? "
"...Do you want to go for lunch?"
"Yes, I'm so hungry"
"...I can eat a horse"
"A horse, you say. Why don't we go for French
food then? "
"I was only joking"
"...So what do you fancy?"
"We can go for Thai, Italian or Chinese"

"Whichever one is the cheapest and the
"...Because I want to get back here and finish
this paper work before the end of today"
"The Thai restaurant is always the cheapest but
sometimes the food is slow and The Italian one
has a good set menu but it's about 30 % more
"What about the Chinese? "
"You know the Chinese"
"...We always regret every time we go there
because we always eat too much"
"So many choices?"
"What do you reckon?"
"I'd quite like to go Italian"
"Why? We just had Italian last week"

"I'm in the mood for pizzas today"
"Ok then, so you'll drive or I?"
"Well, I think I'll drive because your route
decision making really scares me"
"Where are we gonna park?"
"Hope we'll be able to park outside the
"Chúng ta i !n tr$a nhé?";
"C%u có mu(n i !n tr$a không?";
"Vâng, tôi ói l+m r,i";
"Tôi có th- !n c0 con ng2a 3y ch4";
"C%u nói 3y nhé, m6t con ng2a. V%y sao
chúng ta không i !n , !n c7a Pháp nh9?";
"Tôi ch9 ùa thôi";
"Anh mu(n i !n ; âu?";
"Chúng ta có th- i !n , Thái, Ý hay Trung
"Cái nào c=ng $?c , mi@n là nhanh nh3t và rB
"Vì tôi mu(n quay lCi ây và hoàn thành n(t
(ng gi3y tD này trong ngày hôm nay";
"Nhà hàng Thái luôn rB nh3t nh$ng ôi khi ,
!n h<i ch%m, còn nhà hàng c7a Ý thì có th2c
<n h3p dFn h<n nh$ng giá +t h<n 30%";

"Còn nhà hàng Trung Qu(c";
"C%u biGt nhà hàng Trung Qu(c r,i 3y";
"Chúng ta luôn h(i h%n mHi lIn Gn ó vì
chúng ta !n quá nhiJu";
"NhiJu l2a chKn quá nh9?";
"Anh chKn cái nào?";
"Tôi mu(n i !n ; nhà hàng Ý";
"TCi sao? TuIn tr$Lc chúng ta mLi !n , Ý
"Hôm nay tôi thích !n pizza";
"Ok, v%y anh lái xe hay tôi?";
"Uhm, tôi nghM tôi sN lái vì cách anh rN 6t
ng6t làm tôi s? chGt khiGp";
"Chúng ta sN H xe ; âu?";
"Hy vKng chúng ta có th- H ngoài nhà hàng";

Giao tip c$ b%n Unit 65


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"...We'll have to wait and see until we get
"Ok. Let's go"
"Chúng ta sN ph0i ?i khi Gn ó xem thG nào
"Ok, i thôi";

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