Jim Collins

• Get the right people on the bus and in the right seat. • "People are not your most important asset, the RIGHT people are.“ • poor job of hiring people • "emotionally connected" and "satisfied" • Set performance standards

• Sustain on-going training and reinforcement. the Ritz-Carlton hotels • Specify incentives and reward • Survey your customers and reduce your defection rate • Seek customer complaints with enthusiasm .Conti…. – For example.

Dave Ulrich • Old Myths – People go into HR because they like people. which must be controlled. – Anyone can do HR. . – HR deals with the soft side of a business and is therefore not accountable – HR focuses on costs.

Conti… – HR's job is to be policy police and the health-andhappiness patrol. – HR is HR's job. – HR is full of fads. – HR is staffed by nice people. .

• HR practices on business results can and must be measured • HR professionals must add value. not reduce costs. not more comfortable • HR activities are based on theory and research.New Realities • To make employees more competitive. .

Conti… • HR function does not own compliancemanagers do • HR practices have evolved over time • HR practices should force vigorous debates • HR work is as important to line managers .

• Time to add value. • Time to be proactive. • It is time to talk less and do more. organizations. not write value statements. • It is time to perform. • Time to build competitive.Conclusion • “The HR function traditionally has spent more time professing than being professional. not reactive. not preach." . not comfortable.

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