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November 2008



Phylum: Chordata
Class: Chondrichthyes

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Characteristics: White tip sharks have long tends to stay away from areas that fall below
white tipped fins. Their fins are significantly this.
larger than most other sharks and are rounded. Food chain: White tip sharks are tertiary
Reasons for endangerment: Some reasons consumers in the food chain.
that the white tip shark is endangered are its fins Interesting Info: These kinds of sharks have
are highly valued as the main ingredient in shark killed more people than andy other type of shark
fin soup. Also mounting pressure from fishing. and is considered one of the oceans most
The sharks get caught in the nets of fishermen dangerous predators.
and they die. Relatives: Relatives of the white tip shark
Reproduction: White tip sharks reproduce are the tiger shark, bull shark, black tip shark,
with internal sexual reproduction. and sand bar shark.
Location: White tip sharks can be found in Diet: some of the foods of the white tip By Flicker user- pony_33406
the north west, and central Atlantic Ocean. shark are sea turtles, gastropods, squid, fish,
Habitat: This particular type of shark is thread fins, and crustaceans.
found globally in deep, open water, with
temperatures greater than 64 degrees. It prefers
temperatures between 68 and 82 degrees, and