RBEC Curriculum

The table below lists the subjects taken by the RBEC students.

Subjects Science Mathematics English

Filipino Social (AP)

First Year General Science Elementary Algebra Grammar and Philippine Literature Pag-unawa

Second Year Biology Intermediate Algebra Grammar and Afro-Asian Literature Gramatika Asian History

Third Year Chemistry Geometry Grammar and American Literature Panitikang Pilipino World History

Fourth Year Physics Advanced Algebra Grammar and World Literature Panitikang Asyano Economics

Studies Philippine History and Government Music, Arts, Music, Arts, Physical Physical Education & Education & Health (MAPEH) Health I

Music, Arts, Music, Arts, Music, Arts, Physical Physical Physical Education & Health Education & Education & IV, Citizenship Health II Health III Advancement Training I (CAT I) Technology and Agriculture, Agriculture, Agriculture, Basic Computer Livelihood Culinary arts, Culinary arts, Culinary arts, Literacy, Education Electronics and Electronics and Electronics and Agriculture, Dressmaking Dressmaking Dressmaking Culinary arts, Electronics and Dressmaking Values (EPP) Values Values Values Values Education Education Education Education (Diyos) (Sarili) (Kapwa) (Lipunan)

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