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ISSUE VII March 2012

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Ministering to the needs of the poor & needy. . . Use the Color Coded Prayer Calendar to Pray for us!!!!!! Meet other Partners Visit us on Facebook (see back) Freedom (back)

One of the ways we are responding to the economic stress of this region is by increased generosity. Our former benevolence to needy individuals was comprised of twelve “beneficiaries”, who were either individuals or small, one-parent families & mostly widows, elderly, young struggling mothers, blind, HIV/AIDS patients, or disabled persons. Beginning November 2011, Mesi & I, along with our international Christian friends, added eleven more needy persons to the list of beneficiaries. One was an elderly disabled man whose wife is blind & with whom he shares four children. The remaining “Ten” are the ten poorest church members of the local evangelical church to which Mesi formerly belonged. We struck a “compact of kindness” with this local fellowship, called Tehadeso (Reformed) Church, for the purpose of assisting them to assist their own poor saints. The gesture has been gladly received & together with the deacons of the church, we have been delivering food baskets to their humble, smiling saints. Tears were shed, hearts were strengthened, & prayers were answered. The only requirement we made was these poor saints take a portion of their food basket to give to a poor neighbor for the purpose of sharing the name of Christ through the means of kindness. The “Ten” will, just as the others to

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Still Kicking!! 4 Football sponsorship article

whom we are evangelistically serving, receive this benevolence package once a month. During Christmas time, those in our international fellowship also added some Christmas gifts. We are so thankful for your giving and your partnering with us to impact the lives of poor Christians & their lost neighbors simultaneously for the name of Jesus. This is actually a new approach of ours to a common method of benevolence in which we normally minister; but after the Lord answered our prayers in giving us a partnership with this church & its needy, we had to ask ourselves, “Why we had not been so thoughtful to ask for this before?” Possibly in a zeal for missions & evangelism, we had overlooked a very powerful evangelistic tool: God’s own people, when they have hearts which rejoice in His goodness & have reason to share with others of the glory of His Son Jesus Christ. And, God’s Word has been working on all of us, increasing tenderness of heart inside us! DM

For He delivers the needy when he calls, the poor and him who has no helper. ~ Psalm 72:12

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Doug & Mesi

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Partners with a Deaf Ministry: Signs of Peace
Cool stuff! The couple that I was honored to marry in the Lord, Jonathan Bucklew & Feven Zegeye, are serving the Lord by partnering with us, supporting our ministries to the poor & needy, to ex-pats, to orphans and to those who haven’t heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. But Jonathan grew up with deaf parents, and has skills in sign language valuable to the mission work in Ethiopia. Jonathan & Feven are reaching out to the deaf communities of Mekele & Hagere Selam. In Mekele, they recently opened Signs of Peace Café in the downtown area, to give a place for the deaf to come and visit one another and also to expose them to the gospel in sign. They have open-house programs for the deaf each Saturday. Also, Jonathan & Feven have great compassion on deaf who are near-destitute and struggling to eat. Because Mesi and I already have a ministry to the poor and needy of Mekele delivering food subsidy to their homes, we recently picked up 3 new deaf poor friends to add to our monthly visits. Jonathan has begun visiting with me some mornings of the week and it gives us the chance to share the gospel and underline the goodness of the God of the gospel through the benevolence shown to these poor deaf. In the town of Hagere Selam, Jonathan & Feven have opened up a sign language learning center. The need for this service is unparalleled to any other regarding the success of the deaf hearing the gospel message. You see, the deaf in Hagere Selam are largely without a common sign language. Apparently, in each home where a deaf child lives, somewhat isolated from others, a “home sign” was taught. Imagine 10 to 12 different homes where a different sign language is used...or, imagine persons not being able to communicate to anyone, because of huge misunderstandings about the reasons for deafness which keep them isolated. That’s where the power of Jonathan & Feven’s ministry in teaching a common sign language come in. Not only does it give impetus for the communication of the gospel message in the future, but it gives the light of common grace by giving a working sign language that will benefit the deaf community in all areas of their lives from now on. To add to this, it gives great weight to Jonathan & Feven’s credibility as a respectable couple in that town. Already, because they go nearly every Friday, I have been able to go along and meet English-speaking Tigrayans there for the purpose of preaching the gospel. We’ve been able to hand out some tracts as well as talk about the person & work of our Lord Jesus Christ to a great extent to a few individuals there. They are small steps, but indispensible & effective steps. I wanted to take this segment of our newsletter to cover what Jonathan & Feven are doing, because not only are they are partnering with us, fellowshipping with us and worshiping the Lord with us, but they have a ministry distinct from ours and are trying to establish their lives in Ethiopia for the advance of the kingdom of God. I also wanted to share some photos of what God is doing with this precious couple, to show you exactly what it looks like as they serve the Lord. I do not intend to take away from their ministry by featuring them. I desire that they might also benefit from this. So I’d like to post their contact info, support info, and info about Jonathan’s commissioning church, for the purpose of giving them assistance. If you’d like to give to their ministry, I can vouch for their integrity. Jon & Feven are trusting the Lord as they serve Him in love & fear. Please consider helping this young couple realize God’s gracious hand as they serve Him in faith! DM.

“Unparalleled to any other regarding the success of the deaf hearing the gospel message.”

To Support Signs of Peace:

Antioch Baptist Church 11812 Hwy 80 Minden, La 71055 Checks made out to: Antioch Baptist Church (with Ethiopia missions in the memo)

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ until He returns in word, letter and deed!!!

About LCM: Last Call Ministries is a 501c3 Organization which began in
1997. Its inception rose out of a growing fellowship of believers interested in gospel evangelism primarily within the inner city of Shreveport, Louisiana. Currently LCM partners with several gospel mission works around the world, including Brazil, Chad, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Bayou Du Large ( S. Louisiana ) . LCM is currently sponsoring Doug & Mesi, who are commissioned by their home church: Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. All monies received are currently in the support of the budgeted work underway in Mekele, Ethiopia.

To Support: PO Box 4203, Shreveport, LA 71134 USA To Contact: Phone: 318-4589602; Email: (or) To Correspond w/ Doug & Mesi: PO Box 1944, Mekele, Tigray, Ethiopia; Email: (This works for Facebook, too!)

We’re on Facebook! Go to:

A community effort to establish relationship building and general interest in the lives of young people, Football (Soccer) Sponsoring has been a means of communicating the words of God to several youngsters. Creating a forum for the gospel is not always easy in a region such as this that’s known all over Ethiopia as the “hardest area”. The kids love the game, though. In fact, get outside of the USA, and you’ll find someone asking you about football: “Do you like it?” you may hear. But their not talking about the pigskin. They’re t a l k i n g about soccer. It’s the favorite sport of almost everyone, everywhere in the world outside the USA. This is one forum for the gospel: investing in the kids’ lives: to preach truth.

Partnership-Doug & Mesi MerrickLast Call Ministries’ Mission Workers

THE MESSAGE??? Jesus sets sinners free from sin, ignorance, darkness, rebellion against God and the judgment that follows death.


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