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Quratulain zainab naveed

Organizational structure The structure o as there are seven departments. Each executive in charge is responsible for all the services that are related to him. Every department is headed by a separate manager. A Senior Executive Vice President or Executive Vice President heads every department. 3/8/12 . which controls overall operations of that department.

he/she is encouraged to approach the management and share it with them. Flat structure for each department is adopted to enhance mutual operations and co-operations between lower staff and managers layers do not create communication or motivation problems due to the open culture. an employee has a new idea. Idea drop boxes are also placed at various locations where employees leave their 3/8/12  Seven  Whenever .

3/8/12 . Employees are then rewarded financially for their helpful contributions.

3/8/12 .

Roles can be added later but employees have a fair idea about their job responsibilities from the beginning. employees are selected against defined criteria. 3/8/12 .HIERARCHICAL LEVELS  The organic structure of Telenor Pakistan promotes cultural values that result in integration and coordination. Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined at the time of joining the organization.

 Ceo  Vice president  Directors  Managers  Assistant managers  Executives  Officers 3/8/12 .

he/she is encouraged to approach the management and share it with them  Whenever 3/8/12 . Seven layers do not create communication or motivation problems due to the open culture an employee has a new idea.

Span of control  The span of control is 4-5 people under a manager  The HR and finance department have a narrow span of control but marketing and customer relation have a wide span of control. 3/8/12 .

Telenor Pakistan has a clear chain of command which helps in getting good results for Telenor. 3/8/12 .Chain of command  Chain of command means a continuous line of authority extending from top to bottom.

all other functions are de-centralized. Managers in each department oversee that the employees take up their roles and duties and their performance is monitored accordingly 3/8/12 .CENTRALIZATION AND DECENTRALIZATION  Apart from STRATEGY. People at Telenor Pakistan are motivated to take their responsibilities especially in cross functional projects.

the level of Formalization is not very high.Formalization  Although the organization has a functional structure. 3/8/12  Written  The . Rules & Procedures do exist at the office Level. Telenor has well defined job descriptions that give the details of every job. Informal channels of communication are most visible. but at higher levels. Policy Manual currently needs to be updated.

Departmentalization  Telenor Pakistan has several departments in its organization. Each department has its own importance. Some of the departments are as follows:  Customer Relation Department Resource Department Department Technology Department Department Human Marketing Finance Information 3/8/12 .

 Most of the departments of Telenor are having pooled interdependence. So the success of every department contributes to the success of organization as a whole. allows each department to work independently  Mediating 3/8/12 . technology is used which provides products or services that mediate or link clients from external environment and. in so doing.

Telenor says that their specialized training is very efficient and dividing the job in each department has increased their employee¶s skills 3/8/12 .Work specialization  the people over there are specialized in their fields. Their work specialization isnot only in their services center but it is present all the departments.

and product research and development 3/8/12 .Organizational Design  Departmentalization by function  Operations. finance. human resources.

Recommendations  Telenor has a functional structure with welldefined department. The coordination and communication is enhanced by the cross functional teams. After viewing the functioning of the organization it is recommended that the organization could have a Hybrid Structure. between the characteristics of functional and horizontal structures. more efficient approach to a customer 3/8/12 . Horizontal model offered the best chance to gain a faster.

and the Environment is currently stable. As the organization's structure is highly Functional. organization is suited well to the environment. and make the structure flexible enough for any sudden changes. 3/8/12 . But organization should also focus on the changing trends in the Environment.

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