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Proposals due April 3, 2009


Strategic Speaker Fund – one award of up to $5,000

The International Institute, with generous support from the Division of International Studies and
Global Studies, announces a competition for Strategic Speakers in International Studies. We
invite proposals for one featured speaker who would come to campus for an extended visit. The
speaker would engage in both large and small group activities with International Institute
program members. The speaker should provide an opportunity for member programs to develop
the intellectual community of the Institute and to seek expert guidance on issues that impact our
future (certifying global competence, distance learning, languages, etc.), and/or to provide a
forum for exchange and planning on such critical issues.

Proposals for the speaker should be no more than 800 words (excluding bio and/or CV) and
should include:

• A cover sheet with name of applicant, applicant’s International Institute program; contact
information; amount requested
• The name, title, bio and/or CV of the proposed speaker
• Proposed topic of speaker’s presentation(s)
• Educational and networking activities the speaker might engage in while on campus for
an extended visit
• Benefit to existing Institute member programs and initiatives
• Ways in which the speaker’s visit would enhance our discussions as an intellectual
• Indication that support for the application was received from at least two sponsoring
Institute programs. Verbal support is acceptable at this stage of the competition.
• Budget (see financial guidelines)

How will proposals be evaluated and selected?

A five-member faculty review committee will review and recommend to the director the most
promising proposals. Four members will be nominated by the International Institute Strategic
Planning Committee and approved by the International Institute Academic Planning Council.
The associate dean of the Division International Studies will serve as the fifth member of the
committee. Faculty serving in leadership roles in applications may not serve on the committee.

Where should the proposal be submitted?

Please submit proposals electronically to Associate Dean Guido Podesta’s Project Assistant at no later than 4 pm on April 3, 2009. If you do not receive
confirmation of receipt within 24 hours, please call 262-5805.

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