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Chapter 15: Pages 474 - 475

Using a compare/contrast matrix helps

students to develop a sense of the text’s
organizational structure. This helps the
students to recall information more fully and
This is a great tool for students to use with
reading assignments that present information
that differs along various attributes.
When using a compare/contrast matrix for the
first time in your classroom, you should model
the procedure.
 You could do this by partially filling in each column
and row while referring to the text.
 You could also have students predict what they think
they’ll find in the reading.
Using one of these matrices with a student who
has difficulty with reading may be a struggle.
 Read the text out loud to the student
 You should have the student listen for signal words
within the text such as: however, but, different from,
 Model for the student how to fill out the matrix .
 Readers who have difficulty comprehending will find
it frustrating if they have to divide their attention
between learning a new study strategy and
perceiving that organizational structure of their texts.
After students become more familiar with
using compare/contrast matrices, they will be
able to construct their own matrix on their
own, without your help.

These matrices can be used in many different

subjects, and are not anchored to only one