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November 21, 2008

Dwarf Pygmy Goby

DWARF PYGMY GOBY Phylum: Chordate

Class: Actinopterygii
The Dwarf Pygmy Goby is a critically endangered tropical fish. Due to Order: Perciformes
heavy pollution and reclamation of land, the species is practically extinct in Family: Gobiidae
the Philippines. The fish use to thrive in here; however, it now habitats the Subfamily: Gobionellinae
waters of Indonesia and Singapore. Dwarf pygmy goby live in brackish Genus: Pandaka
Species: P. pygmaea
and mangrove areas around aquatic plants with soft muddy bottoms.

Smallest fish by mass, the dwarf pygmy fish weighs about four to five Other Info:
milligrams. It is also one of the shortest freshwater fish. Males can be
reach a length of about one centimeter, while females can reach one and a •Primary consumer in food
chain, feeds on plankton.
half centimeters. This fish has a distinct appearance. The fish has a large
and blunt head. Appearance of the body seems to be stretched out. A
•Oviparous, lays eggs with
unique feature of the fish is that it is nearly transparent. Four dark spots little development of the
form cross bands around the fish. embryo.

•Close relative, knysna