The Games Star Trek Plays

® Psychoanalysis Id Ego Super Ego Transactional Analysis Child Adult Parent Star Trek Captain Kirk Mr. Spock Dr. McCoy

Freud's trinitarian mind model (Id, Ego & Super Ego), accurately models the characteristics of the Star Trek triumvirate (Kirk, Spock & McCoy). Further, the interactions of these three characters can be seen as illustrations of the "Games" of Transactional Analysis. (What does it it say that the CHILD is in charge.) In my wild imagination, I see a course on Transactional Analysis starting with a thirty minute Star Trek episode, followed by a class discussion of the games being played. (This is a stub, an idea that I have yet taken the time to work into a complete document. Anyone who cares to make something of this has my permission!)

© B. W. Reed

November 26, 2008

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