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i} 2 In general, there really are only 2 types of sex. Relationship sex and Casual sex, and | think it’s no surprise which is most popular at uni. The casual shag H's the stuff of legends, forming many a misty eyed tale for ‘the bloke in the pub. "Oh, do you remember that bird from the Real Lion? Oh yeah". Ht can be exciting, enjoying the moment for what it is and in the end its pure physical grectification. And it’s a rush. Danger and the feeling of taking risks, the almost Bond—ian nature that you swan out the next moming with a wink and a whistle. - a NL AN TVALAAAALAAAN AWS wa! But what about the other one? The reloctionship sex? Is it better? Halian scierrtists it would be the tHalians, wouldrit it have discovered that falling in love is similar to OCD, the way that You have to know everything, every detail about ‘the other person. To grab every opportunity to show affection and get as close to each other as possible. They also say that this will affect the sex. Some of the mystery remains, but now there is a mutual experience and an emotional sicle to the act. Ht becomes the ultimate act of intimacy a So which is better? @ How tthe hell should | know? tm thinking of A becoming a monk over here, so don't come ‘to me with your problems! “eee SDISONLOUNEXIS SS