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Wedding Anniversary | sfipesniasélen GoudunGaem hipwwwrichmondtamilsangsmorg aap Qanamupenf flee eoosd ries Opsligs Ganorerand, Sekar Veerappan Sip oriad pLAgb 9AGanG PapiFonumo risché oOdu Papsdura varghed OxnainG J&Mecna January 17] paprud aang: Carder ComiGh asi dde unas = iemm Gadiyd Ooridlpri. Murthy & Jothi January 20 "mg angried, eranGund Opa" AéoranG sUps sma Qewdewo ]Groom wanted for 2 bride who works as a software consultant in Maryland, USA. Bride's specifications: age - 29 yrs old, height - 5’ 3", weight - 126 Ibs, complexion- ceramel, religion ~ Hindu, caste - no bar, residency status - work permit. Personality - independent, fun-loving and cheerful person. Considers both family and career equally and sincerely. Looking for a person with great personality and optimistic outlook on life, age - between 29 and 35. Professionally qualified Jand currently in USA and willing to be here for long term. For more details please contact at "To Serve you Best Please Join With Us * Send your Name and contact details (0 the following Annual Membership Fees $20V- Per Family ‘Address: Make your checks payable to "Richmond Tamil Sangam" Sasikumar, ‘To Add! Renew your Membership, Plesse Contact 8631 Aldershot Drive, Richmond, VA - 23294 Sasikumar -346-3238 To publish your ideas, stories, or anything to share with ‘Marcelin Jovis Martin -290-4233 community, Please email to “rts_li@yehoogroups,com" SELOGOTID ure) Ganypsa_on yr od - 1 ot ga - 12 wil GCpiiemis = 1 1. widest Doll Grid exp enssdesc. 2 Cpiarous ge4, coonsg,, 12 ai Gays unde GS cb 3. GaGa gop eon, Qoguid 21/2 80 Und 168 g14 Dnsiaryé, 4, ap map exfidiou AfissCa pointy Beis S.EGE MOU Hepbaayd. 5, eerie eA wneoad dig S.pehen.amrs (Fou. Gund) 2.8 udu Laws Gun_ay. 6 Brcnnd gop aie Spend urea 96 24 earone ing snpsd Candléa somdeni. 7. 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