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GE uu a racks OG Volume IViissue # 13 HQQMET NEW STETIER eo “Scho ; 408 pm. Parent Group to meet Dec.1 4g Ann ‘The next Parent Group meeting will be Monday, Happening at \ December 1, at 6 p.m. at the school. . . As of November 21, we have collected more than Pine Library in Stanton 5,000 labels. We still need to reach our goal of 15,000 — so remember to save the labels from all of your holiday feasts!!! Have a wonderful holiday season from the Parent Visit the White Pine Library in Stanton for their toth Annual Holiday Happening, Thursday, December 4, at 7 p.m. Children Group! > Oy al and their families are invited for an Character Counts! hour of holiday fun. a Catch the holiday spirit with Remember that character is terrific (TRRFCC): Story Grandma as she shares a trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, special holiday story. We will caring, and citizenship. Remind your child of this continue our celebration by making and s the importance of good character. several fun, seasonal crafts. Remember, true character is how you act when no ‘To register for this free program, one is watching ... please call (989) 831-4327. Free/Reduced Lunch Apps_ Parents, has your job been eliminated or changed recently? It is important for you to know that the Central Montcalm Food Service is here to help with your financial concerns. ANY TIME your financial status changes throughout the school year, you may apply for free or reduced lunches for your students. So, please, Christmas Break begins at the end don’t let them go hungry. Pick up an application in of the school day December 19. your school building, or go online to http://www. School resumes January 5. and apply. It’s that simple! REMINDER Tonys Pr Preallast day ‘Dippity Do Da ot Diegity Dog, Pay South of the Rorder Pepeton Pie oon, Fag, Cheese Chicken Nuggets Roll Hat Dagon Ban Tava Meacon So Shall Seasoned Com na Rae Whippet Pot eke Bas Shree Cheese Peake Mined Feit esate ah Tac Lattice rp Orange Grins nk Chips& Cheese ern eS 2 Hamiuageron i Clip ‘n’ Save Clip ‘n’ Save Clip ‘n’ Save Clip ‘n’Save Clip ‘n’ Save Clip ‘n’ Save Clip SHERIDAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 289 St. Clair Street Sheridan, Michigan 48884 (989) 831-2500 hittp:/ Beaks ay Dipity Do Pa Met Pop Day Sotho te cdr Hany Ba (Uicken Rts Rl an Whipped reitoce ins Fru applesauce ak Grapes and Chip Cheese ad: De Suh mam a z Movay Moway OnPoy? Popa does Go Gor the Rorder “Thats Haliaw Cis Pattyn tn Cha Bayandee Hee Raion Tas Meat on Sef Sell Sug in Mensou Coos Pa Gn es tate Ci Shred how Green Ras Il Bait Sed Pears tana tao Letace Heap iit (Choewlte Chip Cok ran i Chips eho 2: DoS di: Checsehungeron Rut Hot Moon an Go USA Dipity Do Da Are Yoo Won? Howe Coohis Borger Day Heaps es Chichen Noga Kall tee Geol takes & lesser Ba tattered Car Whipp Hae Apples Whipped Petals Para We sow Peaches Ste Peas Mined Fit Orange rin Dine el aia: Cpe Chews Ape Crap snk Hes Mego Bas an: Sh Jjappy Holidays from all of us at Sheridan ‘he US. Capa of Ares (USDA) annsuned comprehen fe guidance system cals “Yoram. The new sibel ad nec food guidance ston ae results roat-baned eto deem the best ayo reser thant aera sows | PK—3 Price. $1.75 ‘ne reerage Aare fo rebel foes chee. Te UhPxamid sro sppting lamaen. nd rate eos are salle | Regyced 30.40 Snneat wine ytd ge Caner remain anh ffm yan sisie asst an he USDA weaete sp awwacagar | NeovoeS $0.40 Mik 40¢ ba tras sin oa on x ian wo fain, cn peste th anda ake pean cal bs Ssrnnalos fr adored Sal aienal ig se, age oa Freee rina tay Sema cae : sree, Wa ‘n’ Save Clip ‘n’ Save Clip ‘n’Save Clip ‘n’ Save Clip ‘n’ Save