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Introduction 1 Telephoning page 7 page 5 Dialogues 1 Heqinninq a call Checking information Askin 9 the carle r to hold AskinQ a. caller to leave a rnessaqe M",l<lr.g slire V{I\J IJl"ldeloste.{\d Ending a call Dialogues 2 A voicema!l message Leaving a message You can't talk The reason for callinq You can't hear the caller Yml tI'iI\let'J I!;r.d th~ cP).\\

An eutomateo message
2A companv visit page 15 Dialogues 1 D i reo-inns to the orti c e Gening lost Arrival Meeting Dialogues 1 Responsibilities Dueliflcarlons for the job A typical day DISCUSSing a new appuintrnent Dialogues 1 maloguo.Z Intrcduc ill Q a cnmpa ny (1) Introducing a curnpanv {2.) Enmpa ny msto ry A tour of the office Ilialuques 2 Working conditions Hnancal rewards Job benefits Redundancy and renrernent Ilialuques 2 Some facts and figures Predictions Trends (upwards) Trends [downwards} Trends Isteady) Dialogues 3 A follow-up phone call 11J A follow-up phone 001112) Action points (on a dlctaphonel Sendil1'Q minutes by email Dialogues 3 Business nctivitles (1) Business activities: (2)

The competition

3 Job information

paqe 25

4 Presentations page 33

Setting tile sceae
Moving on Dea [i n:gwith qu esnons Dealing with the unexpected Recapping Corm og 10 a n end

5 Meetings page 41

Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2 Setting up a meeting (bv phone) Workro91hrough an aqenda Postoonlnq a rneetjnq {by phone) Reporting back to a rneetinp Setting up a meetino Reaching an agreement ~(l voicemail message) Making a point Confirming (I rneetinq by email Dlalnques 1 Coffee or tea? Translating the menu Urdertnq a meal ~1} Ordering a me,112) Payrog the bill Dialogues 1 Ch€cki"~ ! n for a flight Hiring a car Taking tile train Booklnq a hotel Checkmg into a hotel Messages 1 A first: contact A formal message Everyday matte rs A future mestinq Declining an invitation page 79 page 88 Dialogues 2 Where you live Starting a conversation Family matters Culmra I advic e

6 Entertaining and socialising page 51

Sensitive issu es
Dialogues 2 At the check-in desk A flight delay A tight connection A hotel mix-up A payment problem Messages 2 S8yi"~ thank you 11) Saying thank 'lou 12) Messages 3 Prublerns Good Il8WS A general announcement For information

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B Emailing page 67

An lnvitation
Acceptinq all invitation Passing on qnud wishes

Gloss"'l' Answers

English for Work The books in this series present and practise spoken English and practical writing for everyday communication; they feature key words and expressions which will help you in a wide range of work situations. The target language IS introduced through short dialogues and texts, and developed in language notes and practice exercises. The dialogues are recorded on an accompanying CD. The accents featured are predorninantlv British English, but comments on American usuqs are included In the notes At tile back of each book there IS a glossary which contains highlighted language from the dialogues. Translations of the glossary, in selected languages, can be downloaded from the Longman website, www.longman-elt.com The series is intended for pre-internediate/lntermediate level learners.

Everyday Business English Everydav BUSiness Ellglish is suitable tor anyone who needs to work in the business world, and for students in adult education classes, schools, colleges and universities The book contains

a range of language
you use Eriglish

cammon to all who need to use Englisll in their

lives. Whether




the phone or in ernails.

you will find language to help you work more effectively in this book. Some of the everyday business English themes included in Everyday BUSiness English are covered in greater depth in the other titles in tile series: Business Presentations Evervdsv Technical English Evervdey Business Writing How to use the book You can work through Everyday Business English from start to finish or choose a chapter depending on your business need. Start a chapter by listening to and repeating the Useful pIJrases. Then listen to the dialogues and study the accompanying notes Certain phrases hove been highlighted that have particular language features associated with them. However, It is worthwhile noling other phrases that appear in the dialogues, which are equally important and can also be seen" key phrases Use a dictionary to check your understanding of the language presented. On the notes pages you will find boxes containing notes on some differences between everyday British and American usaqe

k .a dictionary if necessary. Write translations or tncsc expressions. again using.. Bristol 2003 le"clter. You can refer back to the dialogues and notes as necessary. Answers and possible responses to the more 'openended' exercises are given at the end of the book.After studying the dialogues and notes. work through the exercises. refer to the glossary at the back of the book and test yourself on your understanding expressions. Visit the Eng/lsll for Work page on the Longman website where you will find translations of the keV phrases in a number ollarjuaqes of key You can use this book for self study or with" 'everyday business English' skills! Ian Badger. Good luck and enjoy huilding your Some recommeltded materials to accompany the English series: longman Business English Dictionary Penguin Quick Guides: BUSiness English Phrases Penguin Quick Guides: Business English Verbs Penguin Quick Guides Business English Words Penguin Quick Guides Computer English tOT Wo. Finally.

r think we've covered Speak to you SOOn. Press the star key twice. BYElm now. Teleghoning __-----__. This IS a very bad line. The reception is very bad WDuld ym! like to 18"oe a message 1 Leave a message on my vcicernail. Sorry to keep VOLIwaiting I'll transfer you What's the area code for Dublin? Dial 9 to get an outside line. You're breaking up. Are YOLI busy? Can I call you back? Please hold on. 0. Some useful ph~ases. Listen to the recording and repeat. please? Speaking. I'm in a meeting. Can I speak to Peter Salin. ARE fHERE? you . WAif/Nfl snu SO LONG. SQRRY t» KEEP YOU everything.~'. I'll call you back.

One three. or 30. Asking the caller to hold orry to keep you waiting so long. The figures you need are .lNould you like to lellve a message. 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: o Ii): Ending a call e 0: o o ()K. Did you gel my email? 0: Yes.K~w are Fine. Asking the caller to leave a me$sage o I'm trying to get hold of someone in your sales department. Could you hold on a little longer? The network is very slow today. Simu~. Thanks. it's right here in front of me. Sven here.!\I~~e weclI~eTerl e~eTVthing1 I think So. 0: Hello. I'm at the Rainbow Hotel in room 13. Is that 13. please. Making sure you understand 0: 0: Can I speak to Teresa Riller?1 understand that she is looking after Sales while tMarco Starn is on parental leave. You just need to let me know when you can send the report That's right I'll send you a rnsssaqs when I get back to the otfice-tAnY\'V. Are you having problems With your phone svstem'i l was cut off earlier and now there is no replv.:-0 Dialog_ue_ _ _s 1 _ Beginning a call _ You're through now. three zero? Thirteen.1I ing. My name's Baz Mechot and the number is 453980. one three.. That's right. . 'd like to speak 10 Max Reed. I'm afraid there's no reply from the department. please. Max Reed speaking. . 0: How long do you think it is going 10 take to find the information? 0: It won't be long now Right. They must be at lunch. I thouqht it would be quicker to prone than send you another message. but rm alraid she's not here at the moment Can I take a message? Thanks. Simon here. John. 0: Just a moment.! hanks forc. 0: Just one moment I'll connect you". I'll walt to hear from you. Max. And vou? y<l"' Checking information 0: Hello. Here we are. No problem. Could you say that Pieter Baumgartner called and ask her to call me back? Can you spell your name.ax. I'll try the number tor you. IHi.andinl get semeene to call you when the}' get back: 0: Thanks. 0: . please? Baumgartner IS B-a-u-m-g-a-r+n-e-r.. 0: Fine. Ki. I'll pass on the message. Yes. ~ wanted to run through some of tne arrangements for Tuesday . 0: @: 0: ~'.

include: is Simon Speedwell Some other reasons for absence He's on paternity leave. She's on holidav He·s left for the day I'd like to For example: f wanted to run tlJrQugh the arrangemenfs I wanted to ask you a question I wanted to know .d 10 run lhra~gh We often introduce the topic politely by using the past tense. I'll check !he details and calf VOII back. pleese. Note the use of the simple present tense when IIJey get in this sentence British/American differences Some differences between American English: British Q nd I'll call you if J Gail.. Mr Reed. thanks for calling. Use tm afraid a r I'm Sorry to when passing on unwelcome information. ffl phone vau when they arrive. She's on vecetioa.e goil/!) to open a new ottice Paris. I'd like to ask V(lH <I questia(! I'm alraid she's not here at the momenl. W(.. He's ill. Mr Reed This speakingc I hear that Pedro is mo villg to Singapore I See (that) thev'r. Britlsh parental leave compassionate {eave American faml1y lea lie In American English the term bereavement leave is else used.. Hi. Marco Starn is DrI III parental leave. SimDrr here. til fax./'d like to speak to Max Reen.1180 use She S 011 maternity leave Shes takillg compassionate leave. . t'tt tet you know if ( hear anyt~i"g. Some other phrases to use when someone is Have we covered everything? Note how we signal that a call is coming to an end Could you hold 00 you mind holding.. 1'1/ get someone 10 call you when they get tseck. I wam. Some other phrases is avallabla: ior checking if someone Iunderstand that she is looking after Sales . I'm afraid I can't Ileip you I'm sorry tm going to be late I'm afraid I call't find the information YOII need Sorry to keep you wailing waitinq on the phone: O{)? . Max.. . She's on holiday.! can :. Would yuu like tn leave a message? Would is used to introduce a polite offer Note also So is that everytl1ing? Is lha( oil? Anyway. you if / remember the name. This is an informal greeting More formal qreetinqs include: Hello.abollt your trove. plans. it's Simon Speedwel! nere.1ole? I understand that vcu're coming to Warsaw next week. . Language that indicates that you atreacv have some information' Is Max Reed there? Can I talk to Max Reed? Is Max Reed 8vait. I think that's everything Is there anything else? Would you like ms to check? Would you like to cal! back later? Would you like to 1)Dld on? . Hello. Other ways of bringing a call to an end: Right.

I'm sorry I can't take your call at the moment. An automated. Can you hear me now? 0: Yes.. If. The reason for calling 0: Can you hear me now? I couldn't hear you very well earlier.. that's much better.s::.. I'll be here until 5 Speak to you later. Fiona. message • 'Welcome to Hazr or Business Systems. Speak to you later... Can I call you back in.:~. it so we home In three You can't talk Hello. Please choose one of the lallowing four options. a message and I'll get back to you.. Dialog.I"You are calling ahout an existing' order. please press 1.. but please. John.~ was [ust ringing to check the time for next week's meeting.. 0: I didn't catch that.. Q: Fine. 01.. . Anyway.. Hi. press 2 . Alternatively you can leave a message with my assistant His number is 0046. Can vou_talk? 0: Not really. I'm glad you're enjnvinq yourself. I've Sara Remondi make. Is it 51111hree o'clock? t You can·t hear the caUer 0: Q: been trvmq 10 gel hold of you all morning so 1110pe you get this. Q: tl'lI just gD outside.. 2132. ' . I'm III a restaurant and they have Ilist started plaYlIlg S0l118 loud music. Bye lor now..' Leaving a message 'Hi.2~ " voicemail message _ IThis is Ann Forsell's voicemail. The reception was terrible. Peter has [ust arrived I'll call vou when I get back to London. Please call as SOOn as you can. Q: Hello.. It isn't urgent.ue.ery well.II'm 'in a meeting. 11 w are you? O Q: Flne.§orry. fifteen minutes? Q: Sure.... I can't hear yoU . Bye 0: Bye.It's about the rneetinq naxt menth. If you WISh to place a new order. Many thanks.. (that's the area code). You have to end the call 0: John. lthat's the country code for Sweden!.. two o'clock my time by the way and I'll be going hours. say.:::. This is a toll-free number. leave. flellD. Just a moment. Unfortunately I can't need to talk urgently..' O.

Th'-s is Am.st arrived 8~ the snpon I ttsveo't not my diarv wii/~ me ( was just ril1ging t-o check N1B(ime . double-four five eight forty-four fifiy'eight = = call Other-differences Mabile phone (p 121 celflu/Br) phone was just calling about Ow meeting next Fridav_ I was Just ringing to see if elierytlnng'S OK for tomorrow. I was just ringing/calling.1I her YOII called.LJ about (your flight) John. If's about the meeting nexc Calls often begin with: mDnth m just I'm callirlglringin.qet back to London. 17:00 /2-hou( clock9 a.lU YOiJ Differences in expressing time: Monday to Friday Mondavthraugh Friday ten past six ten after six the ninth of December December ninth cannot 24-Mu. Some other tor mal opening phrases for voicernail are: You're through to Ann Forsef(s voicemaii. • J can't make it ./I vou back? WS difficult at t!18 moment. I can't make. Sorry' can't take your call at tile mOment but tes lie 8 message and 1"11 back get to you. I'm afraid Could opening: Hi." is a useful alternative f way to start (l Note: In the UK both Tz-hour and zahour clocks are used but ln the US the 24-hou.. clock: 9-00. 360-4458 thtee six zero. Ican 't hear you very weu. clock is general IV used onlv by the military.m" 5 a. I'll be hem unt115_ I'll t. about (your flight to Paris). Some differences in saying telephone numbers: 350-#58 three six 0/1. Are VOil busy? ArB you free to talk? Have you [lot two mlnures? If you are calling sbcut an eXisting order.t Forselts voicemelt.1 call Vau when' . Press the hash/square key Press 5 to speak to the operator. Some other reasons whv take 8 Ci.m. Sorry.. British/American British Cao I c.. differences American This is a good iime to talk.the next m8efing goaucside. r was just calting to ask far some oavice directory enquiries (piS) dialled (p 14) directory Bssistance! information olaled . Use wi!1when you offer or promise to do somethinq /'1. J didn't cetcb that. plea se pre ss 1 Some other 'automated' instructions: the star key MIce. Ann here. could you repeat that? Could you saV that again? I'm sorry. Press Please replace the handsel. M[Jke is often used instead of att·end in informal usage: Unforwnate1v. I'm iIT a meeting. I'm drivirJg. Some other phrases to use when reception is bad: You've reached Ann's volcemeit: An informal SDrry. and some replies. I'll make Sure she gets me message I'll get bark to you 8S SOon as I can r can't make Friday but Thursdav would be f{nec W/1!you be able to make 1[? Can you talk? Other useful ph lases for checking if the person you want to talk to is free. tnl lust pilil over) rm just getting on a tram tve iu. the 1mB'S bad_ Oid you say fifteen? you speak toncer? The line S lIerv bad. I'm not at mv desk.

."'1 FOY. .<!r.r J..e manager?' What do you say" rings and you pick it up. nolo of Peter lnce.i"'j..e a message Gil your colleague Peter's vaicemail.. . you waiting. . the number again.s. I'll h He didn't. please? I won't be long. when he would be back Iii tile office . the star key. You don't catch the caller's name.(e. Ask him to spell it A colleague phones to let you know her hotel room number but you can't hear her very well You are not sure whether it is fifteen or fifty... 2 Write what you would say in these situations_ Refer to the dialogues and notes. Could you Sorry to Can I If you.. Your female colleague is off work as she has just had a baby. you later? .:le. You cannot speak What do vou sav? lea. j.. I can't . .. up.. What do you say' .. Say that you called and ask him.$.Practice Complete the sentences using the verbs from the box below.~e". Use each verb once onlv. Please don't .to call back when he gets the message. you very well.:\<. What do you say to the caller who wants to speak to her? You are in a meeting and you receive a calion your mobile phone. a msssaqs? Would you like to . Please speak tIp on. The caller asks '/s that the . EXAMPLE: You are the manager.. I'll . to place an order. . someone to call you later. . The phor. J-:ri . press EXAMPLE: try call hear leave keep want _sa'(" hold hang get I'm tIYing to .

Tr anks.'<IJ see . You too. b c d an appropriate What's the. w Tom is ."".. . the sentences with will or the present I (give)llim the message when Iisee) him. I (let) you know immediately.s"'8e. simple tense. a message for me? . . 4 Choose holiday? the mder I ?Iaced last week ..~ 1"11all you . Nine a.m. Ilcall) directory enquiries caller. what's your number? Speaking.H:\e~e. Yes. . Yes.. tell minutes .. 1"11 rite to you. it's right here. I:ll. YOll!oisconne"l)the e What (do) if you lnot find) Sergei's numher? If I {notflndJ his number. • Iitell) him you called If I (find) the information.3 Complete EXAMpLE: the sentences with a preposition.. When are you going I'm callin9 Could you pass.nd a pen. time in NewYor"1~a When will Eleanor be back? Is that Tariq Meltam? Is Mr Rotund thsra? Have a goad weekend Sure. .. . hi. response. Dive. whe.. we ineed) to find a replacement.s. paternity leave.. Yes. at COurse Let me lust f.hilM. If Peter Inot come back) from sick leave soon. I\you Ipusu) that button... two weeks' time . he has just COme into Giil ~~" get m~ emoil1 Could you call me back? Can you take a message for me? Do you know the code tor Helslnkl~ 5 Complete EXAMPLE: the OtfJ[:B In ten days' time. it's OS Yas. c lrn try"mg to connact vou Could you hold. i"l.

up. . .6 Complete EXAMPLE: the sentences with one of the alternatives."'~h Replace the.Ire e/sta rll ine mail Alllle's voice I Here is/This is/Hello to get/take/make hang/hold/take turn c ouldn': . Thanks. I'll just put you I'm sorry. . Could you send them today? Yes I did. See you soon. the wrong number to return to the main rnar u. . area/secret/town 7 Put the dialogue Speaking HI Tarrnc..~t ... roll. . code first? in the right order Please don't Don't forget to. lor me on my voice mail? when I qat back to my office..~. Did YOLI oHlclose/drop dial the. I must have dialled We need to set up I need to check the number I'm sorry but I can't on hold for a minute a conference call for next week take the call at the moment. your mobile phone. Make a . hold of John . . Press the St8r key Could you leave a message I'll call you Please wait. 8 Match the two parts of the sentences. Tarrr o I'll do it now. key hash/bunon/door re ceptio n/ha ndset/ope . with directory enquiries. call. Of course.. . rater Press the . Did you get my message? You'd like me to send directions to the office. Can I speak to Tarrno Star please? Yes that's right. O:-I .

His office IS the fifth on the right along the corridor. Take the lift to the fourth floor. I'd like yau to meet our Marketing Mallager. 5:0~. Tell me something about the cornpanv. We're the larqest manutacrurer in the country North America IS "U. The company was set up five years ago. What does the company do? We're In the transport business We employ just under 5 000 people worldwide. biggest market in terms at sates by reglGn We have an excellent reputation for service Business is booming. Hello Hans. Could you give me directions to vour office? Justfollowthe signs. You'll see the office on the right·hand Side l've let! my Gar in a reserved space I have an appcirrrnent With Hans Ekburg. ['. Go past ths station and take the first turning on the left. Pleased to meet you.""A" :~ Some useful phrases. ~ ~__I -=-----in '1 . Listen to the recording and repeat.

. Pass the shopping centre on vour right and then take the first left... DD you know the building? I'm afraid I don't. go up these stairs and take ~he right along the corridor. gel to V. TaR~ Ihe firsf·left after the service sfatioi) and lollow the road to Purlock... I don't have a map with me so could you direct me [0 the Iactorv Sure. Did you The directions have a good ioumey? were very clear.. Rosa. Is everything all rigllt'. Yes.1 __ HI. Getting lost See you soon. I'm lostfm calling from a service station On the E7. .lA:fter Iyoonighl.· Directions to the office III . When you urrlve. Pleased to meet you.lhave can I help you? wtth tlansEkb_urg. Follow the signs lor Franklurt. I'll like yon to meet LeTa Berman. It's June hers... I'll take the car registration number. OK. John. Not really. very good Hello. Carla Hello. Good to see you again.~-o [)talog~u.UJ nflice Irnm here? t 0' Sure. Manager 0: <!I: John. Our office is on the left-hand side. auld you lell me) 110'11 .:. Ill: 0: Ill: 0: Ill: Arrival Hi.. Could you write your name here please and wear til is? [hands over e visitors badgeJ. John. just before a railway bridge. Carry on for another about two kiIDmel~eSLyg!d1 see a garage on 200 metres and then turn left..jlark in one 01the vlsltorsspaces lust outside the main building Rosa Ill: Thanks..es. our Marketing ?: Yes. Thanks tile lift to the third floor Mr Ekburg's office is the fifth on Meeting Ill: (Hello.@arryonlorthreekilometresand vou'!l see the factory. Bob. Thanks Ill: 0: Ill: 0: Ill: 0: Good morning.ust south 01 a place called Mellon. l'rn In the town centre outside the bus station.. 0: And you. Could you tell him I'm here? I've left my car an appcintment in a reserved space That's OK.

I'm calling from a service station on tile M4. There arc SDmEspaces reserved for visitors Can j park here? Is this spa ce reserved? I'm c. I'm on the MI motorvvay.e journey? How was Ihe flight/traffic? Pritish/American sB(Vic. I have an appointmem with Hans Ekburg..ur right.tersection stop lights W see Hans Hburg Gon I have vour name.? Have you been here netore? When were you last here? Excuse me. he's expecling you. . we met last year. the right.. Good to see you again.tation on the rlght-/180d side. Some language of introductions: I'd like to introduce (era Berman Have you taimady) met? Yes. H~I/D..Sh Other expressions far talking about distance: Carry/Drive 011 far anorher tan suomeues.. Tlran vou'Jt see 8 s office is the fifth"" the cattidor. Other possibilities: HI~ John. Some other landmarks' You 11 pass some shops.e -etetton shopping centre CB( registration . Did ynu have a gnod fuumey' We can also say Carryon for three kJ1ometre. ? l1fter about two kilometres . tum right Carry on for three kilometres c •• How was ti.::. lIntil you come tc a service station. Some othe r office Iocati ens It's 0ppDsite the lift. where is the main office? you'll see a garage Ihavent beet. here betore.s Take the second exit at rile roundabaul Tum left at the junction Go straight across the crossroads At the traffi'c Nghts. please? Could you slQn in please? /s Hans Ekburg in/avaitable? Yes.. Sam-e IJSe\l\\ directlQI"os whe'il you or'€: dri'4~"'j:r. An informal greeting. you are: rm very wei!. Go through tbe eotom« tic tloors. .aliing from a service station When vcu need to sev where I'm calling from the trai/l. I'd/ike you 10 meet Leta Berman. Mr Ekburg on yo. Peskin one 01 the visifars'spaces Parking the car: .. Note the statements and responses f'm here (lumber lift shups matonvay rDundabaut crossroad. Take the first left after the service station .. along large red buifding in front Its just past the coffee machine ot vou Keep going and you"!1come to the entrance gate.s tralfic lights license plate number eleva-lor stares freeway/expresswav/ Interstate traffic circle in.Notes Could you tett me how to get ru the office from here? We also say Do you know the building? Checking if a visiter knows nisyher wsy around a buildinq: Can you tefJ me the way to How do I getto .f"lfterences American gas or filling station (shopping) mall Sriti.. John.. How are Vau? How's life? HDw's it going? Possible responses: Fine thanks I've left my car In a reserved space. . It's tlN[l hundred metres past the service .

Our sales representatives Gan-lin's office work in this bpen plan area. We have factories and IIHi Q: How many people work for the company? a: w.by Simon Donna who is still the Managing company with just two employees That's very He started the a: a: g' impressrve. We produce even postage stamps.price labels.e(mle w~rldlYio!!!.". Shes the Senior Sales Manager here.Ne'. We provide a complete have branches branches What in the north packaging the south of the country and we have plans to open new a: kind of ccrnpanv are you? Q: ~._ . Over 5:000 p. Before that.:-. yet. A tour of the oHice "et me show you round the office ... Introd .lIel me more abpul you.• e vou bee!) on thls site? Q: We moved here li~e years ago.2~ .. she joined the company Pleased to meet you Olivier.11 the time. . The room in the corner is Bnt you know No. Come With me.cing a company (1 I _ all kinds of labels . Company history So.. Brit.. like you to meet Olivier Blaireau from the Paris ottice. bottle labels. Do her? Has she been here long? two months ago.. mailing allover business: and mailing service for our customers. I don't..) No. Malaysia. is. we ware in a ven{ small office build. how long ha. Hello. There are around 400 employees in this Q: Is business going well? O' Yes it and}ifs growing .ue~s. Introducing a company (21 O' So. in the label business. We're not listed 011 ~he Stock Ixchang11' ..ing in a: a Q' the centre of town And')vhen was the company set up? Director... We now Q: Sure. Dialog. a private limited company..J!'ll introduce How are things in Paris? you a @ (. em_plC!yjust factory. Germany. China a: (!..:. Ten years ago . UK.. in France.. to her~ I·d.

ican diHerences British private limited company limited (Ltd) American compiuwar corporation s partnership more people) {a business owned by two or a famity business . when wss the company set up? Other ways to talk about the start of a paper business the t. You must meet Brit Gam/in Let me introduce you.! work lor a rrraiNr!gImsiness We're. Come wirhme Game this wa V.. Profits are lip/down . Ihis is where we handle orders . Oller IIJe(e ..... often cenmoneu.8..nor 'I n ee carate offices. ifs g'<lwing air (he time. people round the .. apen pian area.. Also known as ail open plan office.. the Stock ExclJange ".Notes We're in the label bllsioess< Some other businesses: .You can see tile Manager's office. Other useful openinjj remarks What does the campa/IV do? Whar business are yOIl in? ~ hear ym. tell me more about your mailing business. Things are going well/badly. Other ways to talk about employee numbers: We have jUS( under 5 000 employees We have 5 000 oeop!e working for us 5000 people work for us ine rranspart busines~'/the cornpenv: Whell waS it established? Whell was it founded? It was founded by General Kilbride tet me show you around the ottice. T. I'll introduce you to her.... The ITl3rkB[ where stocks .with a public Jimited companv ~pic) The public can buy shares In a public limited company but not ill a private limited company.flV (pic) a eotesreder incorporated (Ioc) r8tail business • publiCly-traded company a sole proprietDr haw 1IIIIg have yuu been (J17 this site? We can also taH<: bout premises (land and a buildings} and location (place}: Our current premises [He very convenient t preferred aur prellious location in the centre ct tova: . space . B. Describing how a business is going: The company is doing well/badly. Lanqueqs for 'guiding' office: In 1922.itish/Ame.?\ld srveres are bouqht and sold. industry/the sseei indJJstry tile rew!! trade/the fashion trade We employ just over 5 anu people worldwide. An office area where swff members work in one ta rqe. We can also sev: I'd like to introdllce you to Brit Gam/in. tna retail trade public li"mited camp.r private limited compa"y> Compe . Some other types of business B sole tmtter {where one person owns the business} .

s~3~ _ Business activities the second _ in 'tie clluntliY of glass for the car Industry (1. known market? High transpmt However. and services. Busine"s activities 12. G: We cannot compete in Japan costs. Markets e 0: Where are your biggest markets? ~A terms of sales by region. seO glass for buses.!lest manUfacturer !'II we're One in. is booming and we I think you'd better write that down tor mel Why are things going so well in China? -he Chinese ecenomv !'II 0: have a very good sales farce there. you !'II: @: Tell me more about the company. trams. South America is 8 per Gent and the rest nf the wnrld is 7 per cent. Eu rope is by fa r the biggest ma rket With 60 per 08 nt of our total salesJ'l.earch'website.r. !'II: That sounds very interesting.~O Dialogu. Wea'Je well in Europe and for service is our reputation 0: e in the market for high quality and reliability What about the Japanese business..a acco~nls lor 15p.make it very unprofitahl~ to do Maybe things will chanqs in the future . a so-called '.hDp~ing .the Chinese market is particularly strong... 0: How many plants do you have? O~ We have five domestic plants but As well 8S suppJv. The competitiDn 6: Who are your main competitors? It depends fiie cannot excellent on the region. thrae cars in this country uses our Qlass We also have factories w.. I.e.~n mv view ifs far more secure than buvinq over the phone.orth Amecio..-.e in ten other countries.and find the best deal. There are a lot of local producers compete with them on price..ng the car industry. Basicallywuun can find links to a wide range of products tau can compare prices from various sneps. but is it secure' 0: Yes.8r cent Asia-Pacific is 10 per cent . ships and aircr aft. If you visit our site.

We're the third biggest in the cQuntry We're Bmong the largest/smal/est in the regiofl. . Ways of oeso-lb'nc reputation: We fla ve a good reputation. ·r.. " This means that sales to North America represent/are fifteen per cent ot sales Note tiHl1 we savTifteen tNOT pro cent).. we supply marlY ather customers.ercentage rerms? North America acr:aunts tor 15per cent. We're finally m"king a profit You can cDmpare prices trom various shops. in terms (of) IS a useful phrase: What does that mean in terms of employment? In terms of profitability. Ways of talking about competition: cOlmtry . . ~ cent' The Chirrese ecoflomy is bDoming .compete with them in terms ot seiv. in my view if's far more secure". taking e loss. We can ~11::. We're not making much profit We're making a lass.. In terms of safes trensoon costs We're making a loss diHerences Anlerlcan transportation costs We're operating at a lossM. transport costs make it very llnprnfitBble C website. There is a steady demand in Australia nat F-ncnketfor Our prodtJ~!S fs WowlflgJfaJling . Can you give us the figures in {J. the Gar industrr we sell well .ce/soeeo of delivery~ Our prices are very competitive.. you might say As far as 1 krww.IS for emphasis. it meanS that. If yo u d re not so su re of you r facts. As well Use say But we can... We ce n a lso say: YOII can make comparisons between You can compare A witll shops.... The speaker 'shupping search' Everyone knows us We are welt established /(s what we could also sav: calla 'snopp_l/lg sgarciJ . '" we run a so-called website. In addirion to supplving tho car industrv. We've become very uflcampetitive in that merket as supplying CiS. We have an excellent Ilar'fle.(J We are well known in the market. R British/American British . Talking about profit and loss' It's a very profitable business...' Some terms to describe the state of a market: Demand is strong Demand is very weak. These phrases show that the words shopping search are known to people 'In the business' but not to others. in the market.Notes We're the second largest manufacturer in the • .+ we cannot compete with them orr price.. its more secure "> by fegiDfl. Talking about the size o~the company: We're by far the largest producers of.

.. Take the third turning. tor twenty years .. Yes. for our products in the Middle East. reputation partnership EXAMPLE: demand registration corridor -""'1"" profit 11ft Could you give me directions? I don't have a naad my car ... 3 Choose an appropriate response. three years ago. the left the third tloor.. . I cao manage Yes. . Park We are One There is no protit Tell me about your sales..tla? 00 the right. Just over five vears ago.. . : ·b~ . very good thanks. .. region terms of price. . three of our plants is making a loss. it . but It'S quicker to take the My office is along the After two years 01 making There is a growing My brother and I went into We have an excellent. for quality. Yes. Use each word once only.. losses. one of the visitors' spaces . number? "'O\f Do you How long have·you had offices on this Vou can use the stairs. it's a partnership. What kind 01 business are you. a C b d No. we are now making a . that's light.. ..Practice Complete the sentences with a preposition.. far the largest manufacturer. we met last year. We are very competitive Are you I iste d . Thanks. the Stock Exchange? 2 Complete the sentences using the words in the box below. EXAMPLE: You need to take the lift. Did vou have a good journey? ~~~_ lsit a limited company? When was the company set up? Have you been on this srte long? I hear you're in the transport business? What kind of company is It? Can I help? Do you know Gun. . e I g h It's a small family business Yes...

8rd floor Explain where you parked your car. ..4 Writ. what you would sav. a Direct someone to the factory Direct someone to your office. d Explain where you are.

. we're not a partnership .o.we're a limited company._ ...f:1"A.? How many . the biggest market is North America. EXAMPLE: . . Follow the road to Trieste and you'll see the factory on the right 6 Rewrite the following in another way. Refer to the dialogues and notes.1\':1 h~~~t-() ."q~"we We're in the Shipping business.. ? ._7 . How :vas the journey? When was the company established? We are Qne al the largest maoubcturers We have an excellent name in the market io the regieo ... Refer to the dialogues and notes. . I've parked in a reserved space Could YOIltell me the way to the main office? I'd like to you to meet our marketing manager.5 Write down a question for the following answers.\-J~"". Who..ggest competitors are cornpamesin Can you tell me .:'I<~Yo r. The working atmosphere is very good now Where In terms of region... EXAMPLE: ..~~e J". We have been on this site for three years.('. . We employ just over 200 people Are.t-.P'. I do.. 0.\:>IAS. \ suppose our b·.. . How long. YOlA . No. ? Thailand and tndonesia. I have an appointment with Jan Pickero . ? Do Yes.

I'm very pleased I moved here. I report directly to the Managing Director The job involves a lot of travelling I usuallv start work at 8 o'clock In the rnorn. listen to the recording and repeat.--. . Some will take early retirement There won't be any compulsory redundancies. How h"s the \akeGwr afte~ted 'lUll? Some people are going to lose their jobs. I'm responsible for the development of new products. Or Job inform. I work for a software company. We need ttl recruit a new training manager.nq Do you usually drive to work? How's the new job? I really enjoy it.ation Some useful phrases. The salarv is good. It's a verV challenging lob. What kind of person are vou looking for? We need someone witl1 excellent communication skills.

fAre the hours flexible? In theory.'t:D~n"21sma\\ SOnW{lie'"[. but I short lunch break Do you go out for lunch? llccasinnallv.·· 1 Responsibilities 6: So. experience was very good and certainly helped me to get this lob. butllik ••• tinqin the company canteen. what exactly do you do in the company? for new product involve? development: j report directly to the'CEO! _ €I: I'm responsible 6: IWh... That means o o o leaving home at 7:30. and then did 6: II hear 8· That's 0: €I you studied rlghd a degree in Engineering at Tarnpere Technical University W'iHl-. but really enjoy I it. vou decide to stay In Finland? in the job.ppointment 0: 0: What kind of person are We looking for? We want someone who is already working as a Proiect Manager experience. We all have to think of new ideas. test them and e €I develop the Ones that we think will succeed. III sounds challenging. I sometimes lioish earlier if Itake a very €I Discussing a new a. at 4 p. . It IS..11 u"ually cvcle (0 work.rn.y i\1 He\s1'i1ki. yes. Qualifications for the job in Finland. __ ues.. €I: I think we sheuld advertise but we may have to use a firm of head-hunters . normallv finisl. I wanted to put my training into practice..rn.:~"()ialog .ompar. The person we appoint will have a lot of III a software house o Q He or she should have at least three vcars What sorts of skills are needed? Excellent cnmmunlcatluu So where skills are essential..t does that @: I supervise a team of designers. I Why did 'I was very interested The A typical day t\: Whdt time do you start in thl-l mornings? €I: I aim to get to work by 8 a... u\rec:t comact whh C\'Blits ~ we n't:e--d':iomeOr1'8 who can pn~st:nt "tne ccrnpsnv can we find this person? with an on-line recruitment agency c\t::ar\y 6: [Absolutely..

A (8achelor of Arts) I studied for an MSc. How do you rectI/it staff? Do you advertise in the IDCal/natious! aewsospers ? British/American difference" British flexJlime American flextime takeaway takeout Note: Ta be keen on is only used in British English. We want someone with a good 'track record'.. Another pe ISo(1 may prefer 10 have a This means the CEO is mv boss. OtherIanquaqe for describing studies I did a B. a sandwich bar.:. oe the prepositions: i11terested ill. Absolutely. keefl QI!. It is not used at all ln American Engj ish. (oscinated. \n spw..r . (Master of Science) employment agency. Yes. t was there for two veers.Notes I'm respa"sible I'm If) for new product development. tough The joLI is a challenge I enJoy Excellent communication skills are essentie}. New product de vetopment is I report directly to the CW. it invoives attending a fat of meetings. / work flexible noors. ". I like eating in tho com~. we're very good friends I did a degree in E"gineeriag .. Other ways of getting to work . mv responsibility. believe are I l<ea. We ':. CJr lake the lrain/ga Ili train. We h. It ewowee working fong /lours."~ canteen. -ing form of the verb from a market StDIl.note tn~ correct prepositions I walk/go I driv8/go f Q[] 1001. studied in Finland. and u-sed in conversation: I um!-e:rst-afld you spent scm€ time i~ Japan we shouJd advertjse with arr on-tine 1:1 / believe YOll know Don quite welt. It souads chal/eaging. char/enging means demandinq.::. Yes.. Possible responses: recrettment agerlcy .. rOil means \ agrseNou're Note how hear. Are rho hours flexible? Phrases to talk about flexible working. undenitand. Some key quelltications fer a job: We ne-ed someone whD is very refil'1ble We're looking leadership (Gr someone with strong skills.:H'J find start in recrUItment or Thal's righI/Not really. r completed Igraduated Note to mv studies last year~ from Oxford University In 1999_ I was very interested in the job. Absdmely right d' challenges. We Can also Say: charge of new product development. l!.by I JJsua/ly cycle to work.r. CEO -= Chief Executive Officer CFO = Chief FinanCial Officer MD ~ Managing Director tekee waV or to eat: in a fa{: at re-sta~rant In What does that involve? Notice that we use the after ievotve at Ills/her desk.1Ve a 'flexftime ' svstem.

Job benefits 0: 0: How's the new [ob? I'm very happy With it The salary is reasonable . 0: lfiIeither Nav. S'lckness pay and holidays are very Qood and tltei!ltnmotion prospects ate excellent. but the offices are very comfortable All the buildings and cars are air ·condition eo_. the new owners are going to close down a plant In Manila and ancther In Dubai.... Actually it's not quite as bad as it seems.is vet'( relaxed and I have a good group of colleagues.{nave noregrels about moving.not quite as good as in the last lob but the com~anl' really looks after ilspeople. but I don't know aboutjhe cost of living in Kazakhstan ami I have no idea aboutthe level of local salaries. 0: That's terrible. I am .. How do you mean? Well.. 0: Don'! you find it vet'( hot there? 0: Bangkok is hot. Most of the staff will be offered lobs in other plants and guiteafewwantto take e6rly retirement..ue~·.... __ .they even give us a season ticket for the local football tearnl o o What kind of salary do you think we should offer forthe new sales manager's lob in Alrnatv? o Retirement and redundancy 0: Hliw has the taKeover alleeted the company? bout 300 peo~le are !lofuR to lose their job. o o Are you pleased you moved to the Bangkok of'ice? Yes I am. We would normally pay§50 000 a year plus ecmmissienltor a job with these responsibilities. Financial rewards It's difficult to say. they pay for all my phone calls and I get exeellent medicallnsuronce.. So/there are no compulsory redundancies? 0: Veryfew..:-'0 Di_alog.. 0: Yes.. have free use of the company gym and health club. .l· I'll talk to Balg"" Karakas about it She's originally from Alm'lty -I think she's working in our Dacca otfice at the moment. There's a great mix of nationalities and we often go out for dinner or for a drink after work... 0: You're lucky.-.. 0: That's good news @: e. yes.. 0: Well.··· s.. @.EVeryone is Oil first name terms.rhe atmosphere. .. ..2 Working conditions - .•·• ..

/ have no regrets abolJl muving.. will be voluntary. notBt &Ii. . $50 a year Comm{ss{ofl \S ooa plus commission 11'1'1: ?2.Sa do t I f/&e working be stressful or relaxed... Note the wore order 2her neitlJer: . the company really looks after its people. Nu. . SQ\~S m~de to people depending on how much they sell. me answer. Note that we take early retirement.So am r.Sa did BrititGhfAn1eric:an British football team MDst of the redundancies diHerence$ American SOGGsr team compulsory mandatory redundancies laVaffs to be made redundanVta be laid aff to be laid off I didn·r {fa to university I didn·t go to college Ihave a goad daily allowance. environment.. quite a lew want to take early retirement.. or Fifty people are goillg to be fired/sacked.. lVeither h.. the level of local sa/aries. so fa trows the same rule: f. e. is more neutral then TheV are going to fire/sack fifty people.is No. Seiertes are normally paid monthly. This. The speaker has a very good chance ot getting a better paid job with more responsibilitvin tile company. the speaker must emphasise They get excellent medical insurance I hsve a good daily ettcwsnce. Expressing feelings: I don't regrer moving nere at all. is on first name terms. ."ce/lent.. Othe r express Ion s I'd like to retire earlv_ I'm not looking forward .s . f /Ja ve a very good/all awful boss. promotion prospects are . The cosr of Jilling is the expense of countrv. ..d if velY hot t~.I have free use of the company Some f gym .)lmellt ..'. Ihave 8 good per diem. in a is how well you can live . Haw has the tskeover affected tile Gumpany? Note the use of the verb to J1ffect. To sack to firejrjlsmiss (also "sod in British English) N ate: "To tire i$ less fo rme' men to dismiss i n both Br·I[·lsh and American Engflsh.. ave ~'Jck'j!I: pay lor all my phone calls.t has oe€f1 the fffect of the tar. The standard of/illing in a country.Neither am I. I'm very pleased I moved . It can Everyone In an informal 8150 I'm moving TO Tashkent . livjllg How has the tskeo vet gffected you? Com pa re Wha..re? Note that the lise of Don't at the beginning of this question expects the answer Yes. the cost ot living . . ve I. t'm happy to be here. Phrases for describing your employer: probably on first name terms-they names rather than surnames. . Wages are normallv paid weekly... therE' are »0 to retiremellt. compulsory Idido·t go !O univers!/y. here. The working atmosphere can be formal Or informal. .Neither did I I'm /Jot going to move. . .Notes The atmospher8 is very relaxed ..eover (m the company? About 300 people are going to lose their Jobs . . staff are use first . !loot you fi. No~reany. If the answc. . redundancies.... I studied In Moscow. other befl'afit. . it's s great/terrible company to work {or. Note how \'IIe talk a bout md!Jndancv Will anvane be mr7de I was mi3de redi//ldant redundant? last year. .~ i~1'to\.

Is the cost of. [insure) I retl reme nt) [suuss] . l'rn in charge The company I'm planning It closure. skills.[evE. insurance form of the word in brackets.job. 01 local salaries? .E. Use of the gym is . [responsible] In skills."".. is a very . .. provide to . a good.eO\ler . . of the company . 500 people of. provides free . . Are you planning I understand SGme . 2 Complete the sentences with" EXAMPLE: John is now Head of Ye~V!-l.. .~"". . in my neW job.. k We need a manager I have good.... with excellent. arc' lown) Ilead) [prornots] Ichallenge) of. Do you know the. . 'Nill he Icst after the tB. My employer .. The letters in the tinted panel will spell a key word. Do YOLI now who the new. [recruit] are going (redundaocy) [developl free motor. It's" very. You don't need to pay. . It's a lob with a wide range . prospects . the office. We need a person There IS illgh in No rway? with communication ot nationalities to take early.Practice Complete the missing word in the sentences and then put them in the grid. pia ce to work.-~ Because of the factory to be made . ' next year.

. Isn't the cost. I take Care I studied I have 110 reg rets . Did vou have a good journey? I don't have any regrets about moving. I usually have a The mea Is in th e staff .-1' IT Services I"m . . . . wen: V8iY clear. my degree at Edinburgh UniverSity.nged enormDusly since I". The.Japan. lusua. d e f Yes. How are you? \ a b C Fin". .lv walk to work. .m. I report. 5 Complete the crossword. tha n ks Yes. 'I'm moving to lstenbul next year: 'Really? am I!' Down Z 4 6 . The comp'n~ h" ch. everyday office procedures. taking my curre nt jo b.3 Match the statements and questions with the responses. Is it a good place to work? Ar"e you looking forward to retirement? When did you graduate? 9 10 Whattlme do you leave work? We neeu someone who is very Teliable. I used to be paid. . 4 Complete the sentences with a preposition. I don't have time to eat in a restaurant at lunchtime. 9. .. Across 1 I work tor a reuruitrnant . tile Human Resources Director.. . I have free Us" . In 2nm. EXAMPLE: I'm In charge . I understand Frank used to work in. the company swimming pool. . now I'm paid monthly I can't afford 10 live here. of living i~too high She is an Oxford Universitv The company provides a very good daily.espOnS\b\8 . . . [8cmilmel1t. living very high? . it was five years ago Neither do I II' can be Absolutely! Sa do I. are excellent.. the directions At4 p. for liVing expenses. I am That's right.

OOa.. I was very happy in Thailand I'm in the paper industry. to early retirement.o . I went to University I'm not going out this evening 1 usually start at B. I wasn't interested in Illy previous job.0\':':1. site r its staff well from university five years ago 7 Respondto the statements with so or neither. EXAMPLE: I'm going to lase my job.6 Match the two parts of the sentences. S.rr. I graduated---_ I report 4 5 I studied I go to work We need to advartis e We offered her a salary of $60000 Tile company looks I'm looking forward for a degree in Business Adm"m"ls\Tation by car plus commission. in the local newspaper. to the Chief Project Manager. the moming 'In I don't like eating In the company canteen. I didn't wa-rt to take early r"tirement in France.1. .

GlAD Hf'R£. sales have increased Sales reached a peak In dramatically. Finally. Presentations -A :=: MI Some useful phrases. \' d wele orne your 10 SEE ==='2:~ l'M SO MA-/oJY OF YOu TODAY. These are difficult I'd like times for the company. on to my next YOII po i nt tell us when the report will be ready? Could you bear with I didn't catch the question. me? Turnover rose by 12 per cent last year. Thev have declined since then.0. December. . to finish by thanking you all. That's alii wanted Moving Sorry. I'd like to talk about how we organise things rn this department. I'm glad to see So many of you here today. I'd like to discuss some future plans. feedna ck. Excuse me. can to say about training. We are predietin9 a slowdOwc next year. Listen to the recording and repeat. First I'll describe our organisation. As you can See from the graph.

Setting o u'e scene everyone. Could 1I13V8 a glass of water? That's better{Sorry. please? 0· Surry. where was I? Q: nu were just about fo tell us Some interesting news. next years budqet.. .I'd now like to talk about the action we are taking to reach our targets. a Recapping a (As I mentioned e. Hsllo Moving on 0: solthafs alii wanted to say about the budget for next year. Could you repeat it.~e hope to finish the project by the end of the vear.r. 0: Is it broken? a: Yes.llfs good 10 see vou all here so early In the morning My name's Hiro Rosado and I'd like 10 talk abounhow we organise language training herdFirst I'll [describe haw English has became the Gom~anv language. l'd now like to move on to tho question Rosa raised earlier. I will be around lor coffee later and lOU are very welcome to contact m~ if you have any queries before the next meeting . [So. I think so.l. the bulb is broken. We need 10 look carefully at how we plan for next year . Coming to an end a: I'd like to finish bV thanking you aU for coming here today and I look forward to seeing you in two weeks' urne.. 0: Are you planning to recruit more staff? Q: Sorry. tt anyone has any questions. there are a couple 01 potential problems. I didn't catch the question.. l'm afraid I won't be able to use the projectorfnulll you bear [wilh 'me. \'d like to know il you are planni"~ 10 recrllit rnm9 statl. {fhal leads me 10 my next point. I have some naper copies in my briefcase.rli. Dealing with questions a: How much IS the project gOing to cost? Q: {I'OI alraid I can't say at the moment @: Can you tell us when the report will be ready? Q: I'm hoping to have It ready by the end 01 the week. Q: Did everyone hear that? The question Was: 'Are we planning to recruit more staff?" Dealing with the unexpected a On. then I'U nunine our study programmes Finally I'd like to say something about some of our plans forthe futuro. I said thai we Were on schedule Having said that. Q ArB you OK? Yes. dear.. ulease ask.

... Could you sav that agaifJ! goad to see YDU all here ....m yml [live me WD minutes} Q. I'm glad you could all make it Thanks for inviring me Tilankyoli (aft) for coming. As J merrtioned eeriiet. what did you say? Could yo.. .. On Rosas question Moving on to Rosa 5 question.p~~t what you wonted to say! Other possibilities: First I'll describe . that's aliI wanted to Note how the speaker finishes off a section of the talk.nOW like to move Now So. Some other phrases: Are tnere any cuesuons 50 far? MDllfn-g on to my fl:8-X! pDi11! . Finally I'd lIke to s@vsomething Vou were ralking eooin the schedule . When you can't hear something: Could you repeat the question c.... Useiul \ anquaqe lor when you do not know the answer to a question: J'm sorrv.."Ididn '(catch the question. Alternatives: Excuse me for a moment... Hel ping th e speaker to rernem be r the point he/she wanted to make r Phrases for describing the structure of a ta lk Then n.. Business Presentations. ..11 . . . I'd like to talk about. safes in Caoads_ These have been Development plans far next year. Lanquaqa for ending a talk' Thank yDU. I'd like to talk about nex: year's budger.. where was I? \f'{u\J ere dtstrsccad t(]. Other common phrases for startinq oft a presentation Just /3 moment . !don't know the al1Swer~ I'll have to check for VOII I'm flat the best person to anSWer ine: YDUneed to speak !O . Useful language for recapping (summarising/reviewing) what was said earlier in the presentation' As i pointed Dul/mentiDned ea. These are Asking the audience to contact you: very happy to hear (ram y(w I'd welcome YOllr feedback.. for more help with grving presentations in English. about.. Call you/anyone help me? Let me think.. I'm af". Are there any questicns? . A very useful phrase when you need time to check or find something.. yon are very welcome rd be to contact me . 'skedjuil differences American Drganize/Drganization study programs schedule 's •• I cen't say . Announcing a new point In 8 As Isei« before I'd Ii •• to finish by [haoking you . C..f planning to tell YOIl about. Study programmes. <l3Ol.1 paint.Notes See the companion bock in this series. To summarise what l tieve said so far That leads me to my 0". rU! Sorry. rode" I'd like to mtroduce td tike to start by saving something about . Speaker's opening remarks to an audience: I'm c€ ry pleased (0 be "oce. bear witb me.. Have a look at. . S8Y .'skedjul .. Its .rlier . T/lank you far lnlljti'ng me presentation: rd . You were just sbou: /0 lell Us . discuss allr s~udVprogrammes After rhat rtf Come 10the main point. You can sometimes simply announce a new tonic/presentation slide as follows So.M British/American British arganise/nrg8nisatiQrI study programmes schedule '[edguri. Sorry. .

Profits jumped by 20 per cent in this period. where IInalysls are foree. guest numbers have not increased for three years. These are diHicult times for the company.'re a: currently predicting a slow dOWn in sales for next ve ar Global trading condftions are riot promising.ill~r~ f1!. In fact. We need to think about what we can do to make Our hotel more popular.Some facts and 6gures a: umover rose fn tfie ~ear to April' /bv 11 per eant tu 4 billion dollars compared with 3. . we have had to temporarily shut down a number of our [actnries.W. but§ales picked up in februarY and reachlHtapeakl 5n August. il'i"'rVDoking at a growtfi rate ofblJlWeen 1 and 3 ~!trcenl in these areas. Trends: steady 0: If you compare this six-memh period with the previous six months.asting an upturn in the market 0: Is that for the whole of the region? Yes.a h. ~ fiave fncleaseo considerablY this year The beginning of the yea r WdS poor. However. Howe-vel one area where we expect growth to continue r is in Japan and Korea. closure 01our Lufwa pTa'iit in January accounts forthe . you will notice that Ulera has been very little change in the number of guests visiting Our hotel.fl'at that time and as ~a les have continued to decline. "Trends~ upwards O:£As vou can see from the graph. /These results give a misleading picture' as ttle company sold ns French subsidiary durinq the period for&.8 billion in the previous year. 'one-otF profit of half a billion dollars Predictions a: . and unfortunately this is a trend which will contrrn. Since then they hove lallen \1 little but the overall trend is upwards Th9 outlook rs very healthy Trends: downwards o The chart clearly shows the dramatic lall in production since the beginning of the year.

a great aeet. British/American differences British American a one-off profit a ane.. sales tieve increased cf)IT!litierably c Sales have been steady.'lt percentage did grow? SalBS reached their high! highest point in August. Al this point on the graph you can see Here you can see. As you can see from the graph.. 75%.9%.. .Notes Turnover rose in the year to April Other ways of describing financial periods In the firstlsecond/fma/ quarter: ." a 'one-off' protit .. Note the use of the prepcsitlcn percentaqes and fractions: ttmWlIer by with . In the e lJrren! y9i1f... This IS a usef-ul term when talkmq about facts To The statistics may give you the wrong idea. Note the use of B hvphen (-) In six-moll{h. . I! YOll compere this six-mont» period . . Safes have confirwed to fall . frwo and a half per cent) . . to look at is an informal alternative expressio» me:anilig to expect 01 to predicL We're looking at a large increase What kind of gro!lvtll are we looking at next year? a three-month period a period ot three months ... Ibp-tteriworse . by 11 per cent .. We're currently predicting a slow down" Other ways to predict events: We'fB forecasting an improvement. A p'-Q"M'MilIch WI\I not be repeated.. by 3. an upturn . We're expecting a Sharp fall..' sales reached a peak in August We can also say: By wh. Referring to ViSLJ31 aids: tnis chart clearly 81wws the dramatic fall In production.. ' sales picked up in february . (by three point se ven five per cem) It their fow/lowest point in June tutw« pla/Tt in January went up 2)+%... (declined) Sates were tJpldDwrr than Iest year) on las! year. substantially ctoeuie cfos[(!g . Turnoller fell back. sales have continued Further examples: the ptent. > and figures Haw wOilid you account for the fall in sales? The appointment of a new Sales Manager eccounts for tile rapid rise in sales last veal' Note also due to: The fall is due to tne closure of ....ery mucl1 Things have hardly changed... Change has been lIery sfight. Other verbs to describe trends: Sales recoveree {returned to The'ITo(lg-lnal level) In the year ta date. Compare and .shat/one·time profir Altern atives to consfdersb/r a lot.. (five point nine per cent) . ' anaJvsls are forecasting An UpiUrn is a recovery A downturn is J decline. there has been very little change Note the use of th e present perfect te nse to describe chanqe Things I~aven't clJanged v. ' we'Ie ~DO'king at a growth rate cd between 1 3 per cent . tc dt!CUflEl . " account for moe ns to be th e reason to r.be-all a further fe{(/decUne rn sa les. Ther€ nBS . these reslilts give a misleading picture . The 0 pposite: Sales reached The closure of Our It grew bV 5.. " When information from charts and statistics is nat 50 usetuk Thr'JWfJph gives a false pictum accounts tor the sha'rp fall .

'.. mme Ino0 ten per c~nt lost yeu. . . . Wr/re forecasting 1'0 like to fini5n We are forecasting . H..\.'."'II:>. Explain what you are going to talk about.A Ilke +o . the market . well In the first quarter of the year. Unfortunately.. ~vevyo"e:. preserrta'tion situations. . an increase of two and three per cent.en~. Thank the audience. what I 9 h I have said so tar are forecasting a very healthy outlook for the company.Y~RQ$~""o . . EXAMPLE: Start a talk. . howwe organise training. You are giving a presentation and someone asks you to go back to a previous slide What could you say as you are looking for it? Invite questions from the audience Dr chart Refer to some details on a qraph Finish the talk. me The graph compares Having said mer.Practice Complete EXAMpLE: the sentences with a preposition.. we hope to finish things soon.AI'..!M. we had to shut 2 Write what you would say in these Refer to tile di alog ues and notes.. Myl\~. Sales picked Please bear. You are welcome To surnmanse It's good to see Analysts EXC:US8 of the sentences. me while I find the relerence.'1"'\: .. so many of you here there are Some potential problems. First I'd like to talk . th"nkin~ vnu all tor your very useiul comments a downturn .e' H..Ik".)ol<'r: :. ~ \-". to contact me at any time.. my main point lor a moment the number at guests visninq me hotel over a six-rnnnth period. 3 Match the two parts That leads me to As J mentioned earlier. our Luftwa plant earlier this year..

I'd like to make another .er5. Up Down The same Sales have picked up. .f. Could you repeat i17 . down or the same. There has been an upturn in the market We are expecting a downturn. in the Slimmer. We are very disappointed with the sharp Sales reached their highest A lot has happened during the previous six-month. There has been little change. EXAMPLE: I'm not the best . There has been an Increase in sales. Unfortunately the downward. It has staved the same Overall there has been a decline In the market The company has recovered. Things are slowing down Turnover jumped last vear. 5 Complete the sentences with words used in the dialogues and notes.q~ . to answer that question . I didn't catch your. We have seen a rise in turnover. The results give a misleading What kind of growth of last year's performance .. are we hoping to achieve? in sales. is going to continue..4 Write the phrases in one of the three columns depending if they are up.. Sales have been steady (luring the year.

. with me? (\1 ccmrs'2. I'm afraid I can't. aD The graph shows howsales have increased this year Sales were very poor at the beginning of the year but they began to pick up In March and reached a peak in December. .. "no this aCCDunts 1m th~ sharp lall in prodUction at that time. I can't . BV5 percent. s Let me. catch give EXAMPLE: repeat ~ show say account fall lake bear I'd like to ask how much the project is going to .. . the recent upturn In the market.. .Complete the statements and questions using the verbs from the box. ~¢S. .8 qurts happy with the situation.. . 1'111orry I didn't. it for YOLI. I think these charts Yss. I'll check for you . As you can sae. Thi~ has been a diflicult yea. Things began to Improve but in June there was a serious fire il) our \actm\. they don't really. a false picture . October to December We're forecasting that this will be up on last year. 7 Match the graphs with the descriptions. . Use each verb once only. As you can see. The situation hasrt changed very much since then. We ". for the company. the question. '1om time . I'm not quite ready Call you . we're looking at a growth rate of between 2 and 5 per cent In the three-month period. last year' tor it By wnnt percentage did turnover. .: . the chart shows the dramatic fall in production at the beginning of the year. The outlook is very healthy..

prop osaIs..0 Meetings. . :-'0 Some useful phrases. only one did not agree with the idea Does evsrvone agree? We made a very good case tor changing the system Uolo rtu natelv lh ey reje ctsd 0 early aII of Oll r. Only Doe ot our proposals was accepted Here are the main paints covered during the meeting I've attached the draft minutes of the meeting> PI""e check il I he.. What are your thoug-hts On this? I'd like to make a point. I'm trying to arranqa a meeting for next week.." lett aoythiny out.' 1 -. Of the tifty people I asked. I've booked the conference mom lor 2 o'clock I'll send you my draft proposals by Monday midday Who would like to take the minutes? I'd like to leave Item three until the next meeting. Can you make Thursday atternoun? I don'tthink we need more than two hours. These are your action points . Listen to the recording and repeat.

Margaret.. {Can you make Tuesdajdor Thursdav attarnt nn? o 0: Tuesday would be fine. What time? €I What about 3 o'clock? I don't think we need more than two hours.~ Setting up a meeting (by phonel _ €I: Hi. There are some things we need to discuss relating to the arrangements for the conference.but I haven't asked 111m yet a meeting (by phonel Postponing o Hello again. otherwise wedoesdev lve booked jhe conference at 12~30. 1 ue.-·..j. Let me !mow II you would like us 10 I'I~ SE!~'i'ou in the ctnce .. room fur lunch. but I've just spoken to Juan and he can't make Tuesday.. s. Could we make it Thursdav instead? Just a moment. it's Dagmar here. I know Juan will be pleased becausea!ie didn't want to miss the meeting. lIuta you check !With Alex. Bye. Anna J'm trying to arrange a meeting 10".iIsJUan coming. See YOLI on Thursday afternoon I'll send you my draft proposals by Monday midday. . .. Blit.. Right. O' Thanks Anna. and get back to me? I think we'll need aboutthree hours. up a meeting [a voicemail messagel Setting 0: I'm sorry I can't take your call at the moment. DJalog.y next week except Friday would suit me.. l'Iljust check my diary.. could we meet at 3:301~USI case Ihe meeling in [nverruns? Of course. Fine.... Please leave your message after the 0: Hello.. Look forward to hearing from you meeting by email tone and III get back to you as soon as I can Confirming" Hi DO'igmO'lr I've spoken to Alex Olnd the best day for us is in Our offiGlC"and l'Il order Reg<:lrd$ Marqaret some eandwrcbes arrange anything special for you.. I've got another meeting on Thursday but Iii should be finished bV 3:15. I hope this won't cause you any problems.08xt week. o a o a I agree. 'd liketn come ove to oman neJrtweeR to see you and Alex. Any da. by the way? I hope so .

by the w.lS can be sa id in two ways: 3:15 (a quarter past three or three fifteen) 3:20 (twenty past tnree or ti"i(ee twenty' 3:3D (118/1 past three or three thirty) 3:45 WOlild you prefer to eat out? is mere anything you don it eat? Are vou a vegetarian? We can have a working lunch We crten do business 01115'( huwh.. You musr come.. bV the way? LJ se happen to Do you happen to know if Juan is coming? Ordering sandwi-ches for e business lunch is not appropriate in all cultures! Same other usefullunch phrases: . for next monm. is anyone else comiog? We ca n a Iso Who else IS comu?g.. the contact by phone. I'd like to COme over tv Pozrran next week.. it should he finished by 3:15. Compare with: a quarter oi four Juan is a very important member of the team we rea{fy miss him when he is awaYe Differences in dates. Can you make Tuesday? This means Can you come on Tllesday? Note the different uses of make: Could we make ii Thursday instead? I could make it at 2 p. if! don't British British/American British Differences in time: differences American a150: a also: __.h<Jck. Otherwise I'll see you in the office at 12:30. Is Ju.. or three fifteen a quarter fa four or three farty-five quarter after three Just in case it doesn 'r finish on time he didn't want to miss the meeting. CDme over means travel from one place to another I'm thinking of coming over to visit . two thousand and three) Am ertcen .m. . .. jusr in case the meeting overruns.. Note that miss h8S two meanings: UafortlmatE'ly 1 had to miss tbe meeting I'm sDrrv 1 missed you eettier. The writer have said: f?VBry I'm free me day Ilext week except Fridav_ nlar suits me means That's CIgood time for Could you check with Alex and get back to me? gct. . for next year .over and Any day could SiH1 the new office. British .Notes I'm trying to arrange a meeting for Note the vee of for. for the project group. next week except friday would suit me Any day leaves the options. f'J1 order some sandwiches . Nore 'that ti In I.y7 Use by the way to ask for additional information By the way. {a quarter to four or three tortv-tive} earlier by 3: 15 means that it cOIJ~dfinish Compare: at 3 o'clock (exactly 3 o'clock) at around 3 a 'clock (maybe 0 lin~e earlier or later than 3 o'clock] Note that half three in English is 3:30 informal In this example. email or letter.. Another way of saying' a quarter past three.1/11/03 ~ January 2003 (January eleventh fwD thousand three) n . could be I can't make the meeting."1/11/03 = I November 2003 (t/le first of November. to me leaves the method of communication open. open.. /JBc1r from you_ otnenNise means.~ coming.

.w _ a: o Has everyone go! a capy of the agenda? Lee. .there are sa views. Is that a: a: rather short of time today. a: John.. Same people were not able to come at all Communication is very bad in this company The date was set ere II 0: 'hafsnot nue.. ue.. three weeks 3g0 and everyone was told then .gfthe fifty people I as ked.2 .. ' Perhaps we could lOOK at it aqam next year a: lh. Good. It's not worth it.Uhe this building. ple~_se» like to I"..Hbout arranging organise meetings In staff were opposad to the idea...'What·are your thoughts on this? Reporting back to a .id you find out? @: Quite the opposite In my department. what d... Reaching an agreernent Idea altogether. other ~ust point I want tn make is that we need to be informed about the dates of meetings well In advance I was tald about the date of this meeting very late and that caused me a lot of problems..meeting was asliealllfind outwfiattlie ~eople in my'dCJfartment more meetings away from the office.~e. Working through an agenda you ta~e1he minutes. only five'did the idea c( hBviog meetings B"'BV (mm th~ u!tice. I think we need to send a questionnaire exactly what they think many different to all the staff so we cantirid out @: s that really necessary? a· tI suppose you're o ltis a qoocidaa Making a point You've heard what John and Sandra have said .. I found that most of my majority feeling was that thav would prefer to a: o. Some people simply do nut read their messages. Sandra.ilemfou. s.. Thanks. soi!:an we look at item one11That's John's proposal that future department meetings should be held away from the office.. let's start As we're [until the next meeting..:''0 Dialo8 .~ No problem. So. right It just seemed like a good idea to me./poes everyone agree? 0: a: I think we should abandon the No! really.. not like That's interesting.... £fMugb..n'd OK with everyone? team @ That's fine with me. avoid 'his in the future.. could you give us your report? Certainly As vou know.

in Ih. I suppose you're right.. lis cruclat that people should read tne« opinion IS .e changes.. please'! The minules are the written record discussed during e meeting The meetinq.al. Is that realty true? ..-fy feeNng Was . a. c The maJor.Notes .. I'd like to leave item tour until the rJe}(( meeting. of the fifty people I asked..} Jj:~eto make anorher aov« Just one other point.qenda is the list of items discussed in a taken during a meetlnq.. Minority a pin ions: Not many people agree with the idea. up A quarterlHaff. e. We usually talk about Items or paints on an aqanda .. ... CoDlJ~d }'QV ta:ke fhe m~nlJ1es. I'd like ta make one final pOint. in fact.ThreB quarters of me sl'aff were in favour Does everyone agree? Wilys to find out if there is aqreernent: .... of a meetinq C. rs a very o\Te-c:\ Most people are in favour of the change TIle majority opinion is ill fa votu.. Some other useful verbs and prepositions: Are we ali in agreement? Do you halle the same opinion? Does anyone diseqreer is that really necessary? really is used more in spoken English to emphasise what you are saying: Are you re~fly sure? Is he realfy leaving the company? Tbev really don't want to teeve the office Let's move on to item n-1/D QJ] the agenda Can we go 1iJ.. f was asked to find department tholJght .. Less direct alternatives: I'm sorry. It's essGntlol that we mak. Making a strong statement: It's vital that we avoid this In the future. j . in my The orher point I wanr to make . I've tc1tked to the office staff and the ceoerst We .. look et item one? Note that vse can look at an ltcm an the agenda.! avoid thi. can w.o could be considered impolite. Reporting back /t was my job to find oot about You asked me to fmd oct about.. Some alternative expressions: J'i.. Majoritv cplnicns messagesc That's nor true.. but I don't agree I don'tthink that's true British/American British tevau: emphasise cliffe..I1l be written Two in three are against it.. right "Ur what the peopl. only live .nces American favor . of what is More numbers and percentaqes: One in fifty agreed with the idea. Mo.. Whar are your rhoughts on rhis? Asking tor opinions: How do rDU feel about rilis? What do pov think? }'d like to hear everyone 5 opinion..Jmhtile minutes? We need to liMe an It.. Nearlv lOGper cent of the staff replied to the Minutes are The minutes and approved questionnaire.. The minarity opinion is againsl It statement ar.ally mo. The speaker uses suppose to admit that tile ather speaker is.emphaslze fm nor sure tnets true. Note trrat thi-.

Here are the main points covered during the meeting on February 14th and action 10be taken.. Some of the managers agreed that we needed to change but Anton Trofnov persuaded them to leave things as they are. 0: Fine. .. The next meeting will be an March 3rd. How can they be so ho"rt-sigirted? phone call (2) A follow-up Hello again. So how did it go? f8ad news I'm afraid..what reasons did he give? Anton said he thought that the current arrangements were 'good enough' and finally everyane else agreed With him. Kitty. out Could you look through them and check if I have left anything Manv thanks. I don't believe it.. • Tree planting proJect-Ina decision made. butthanks foroHering... Anton would like me to provide Some more information about AKK at another meeting to be held next week. Sending minutes by email Erja I've attached the dratt minutes of the meeting. Speak to you then. • Juliet to research costs or pruposed building project.. Kim .. Ion a dictaphone) Action points .3 _ o phone call 11) o 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: Hi. Thanks....:-'0 Dialog... So. I'm just phoning to let you know what happened in the meeting.!.ue.. 0: Do you want me to do anything? 0: No. • Jaroslav to produce a questionnaire to find out how the staH would like to spend the 'New Year bonus'.. I1hDuglff I should let you know immediately thatlliilon has been having second thoughts. They rejected all of our proposals to change suppliers to AKK.. Winston to look into improving our security systems. Leave until the next meeting.. Kitty.11 call you tomorrow so we can discuss [details then. He's been through the figures which I presented at the meeting again and 'he now thinks we've made a good case for moving our business over to AKK.s~c A follow-up .

etc C8\"'\ Here are the msin points... attached the draft minutes of the meering.. what reasons did he give? Note the use of give to give a reason/re<JsoI18 produce a que.g second (houghts. The speaker uses tile word nowta he has changed his mind.. Note how the article the (for the proposed project) can be left out when the memo is in note form . O( simply use the following Good news. show that formaN Drafts.. Jaraslav to Note the use of the infinitive . The main points.. to h.. . I will call is usually reduced to I'll cat! in spoken English arrangement: It minutes I'm just calling meetmg.. has been hav. thouqht about it again. Auxiliary verbs (was in this example) can be left out when I'VB Are you havillg second thoughts? On second thoughts. The speaker says bad news at the beginning of the sentence for ernphasls.. On second thaugllt . We start the roeroc wit~\ Here are .we secooo thoughts means to changeyour opinion after you have. to in these statements. rough drafts or final drafts . This is very common when wririnq informal action points: from a meeting: to give an explanation/explanations . no decision made. Herewith the draft minutes.Notes I'm just phoning tc let yau know Announcing the reason for s cell: / 'm jusl' phofling to say Ihank you for doing thfJ J I'll call you tomorrow so we can discuss details then. He could also have saidI'm afraId I tie ve some bad news Other examples: I'lIler you soow I'll send you a message. I'm happy to say.. check ifillave left anything out. sholt-sighted. h. Anlo.. far proposed building proiect. I'm happy to sav IIIJve some good news. You can also say I wantedroinstead of Winston to lao}:'into systems I thought in this situation I wanted to Jet you know wl'1attieooened.di.. (Also used in British English. On second thoughts . Alternatives ~ Tile draft minutes are alta riled...) Check jf / torcotten anythfng have made any mistakes.. bad news. to remind implies a promise/a firm YDUabout next week's Bad news I'm afraid. not Juliet to research costs building for the proposed our ser:llrity prosec: improVing Ithought Ish~uld let you know imm. now thinks weve made a good case .. When you only think about [he present the "fa.rture..stiQrrnaire . rtf organise it. can be first tirotts.. Other possibilities: Let me know if 1 have British!Jbnerican British Bad news I'm afraid differences American There!.. Action points. . .rely . (more . I'd like to accept the proPQsa{ vou write/speak in note form. NQ decision was made.

<"I YY.. ..'l!:l.. meeting for next week.e. the next meeting the report now? Monday. a reason why she couldn't attend? .. .Practice Complete the sentences using the verbs frorn the box below... I don't want to. Can you. on the agenda? to send an agenda belorehand? l. The first letter of each word is provided. you any probl em. .. Do vou . second thoughts about the proposal? take/set made/took havinq/ta ki og dis agreed/rei ectad All of our proposals were .. you? 3 Complete the sentences with one of the alternatives.. a point . I'll talk to the staft and Did Tanya... Let's . . cover give EXAMPLE: cause report happen ... .. you know what happened.f-:i m of the staff were in tavour. I don't like it all We should. the meeting.. .. Does Tuesday n. .. We have a lot of things to . in this meeting. I must hurry. The Can we look at the first Is it d I'd like to leave point two Can we go I car meet any day next week s. the idea. . . Could YOll . EXAMPLE: I'm phoning to let' .<!\. . Use each verb once only. . back to you next week. to know if Motoko is gOing to be there? . the minutes? us when you know the answer let/explain make/take tell/say rna ke/remi" d Who is going to .. Are you ." make leave abandon I'd like to . a date lor the meeting. the meeting on Tuesday? I hope that the changed time won't. ull. 2 Complete the sentences with words taken horn the dialogues. a good case lor changing the system. discussion on this point until the next meeting.. . I'd like to We need to We.

~~t-. EXAMPLE: Check that everyone has a copy of the agenda. only one was against the idea to Ihe next Item the agenda? Most at the participants were. tile ten people I asked.tho minutes and let me know It I've forgotten anything.. Suggest leaving tile next item on the agenda until the next meeting I'd like Ask If everyone agrees that date of the next meeting should be changed.t-ke. I'll see you . cory. Refer to the dialogues and notes.7. I booked the foam. I'm just phoning Tell a colleague that you are sending the agenda as an email attachment.... . It seems like a good idea Can we move One . Say that vou have one more point to make. "'"B-0\J.rn. ". . What . a-P. favour of the suqqe stion twenty of the staff are unhappy with working conditions.Pj 3 p.4 Complete the sentences with a preposition.a. Does everyone Ask Fiona if she is going to attend the next meeting. Thursday at 11 o'clock . .1 . Are you " Call a colleague to tell him/her what happened in the meeting. Just Ask what people think about the idea. EXAMPLE: The meeting should be finished 1 p. me. . Could you look I hope I haven't left anything 5 Write what you would say in these situations.' the proposal I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. l:v8 . .rn . Has everyone .".

. lhavc) saccndthouqhts .vY!'-\:J. 9 h suits me. about your proposals. I'IM.6 Match the two parts of the sentences.. (misa] the last meeting Isee) you in the conference rcnrn at 3 p.m. Any e f what Marla has said about this until the next meeting. Anton I with the proposals? Icall) to let you know what happened eIread) the report . . " (try) to arrange a rneutinp for next week if we postpone the meeting I hope it. I'd like to I. Good. . t-.eave point three _\a The majority feeling You've all heard Very few people are in ravour of the changes b 0 and we can discuss details then. Refer to the dialogues and notes. I. then let's move one In the meeting [evervone/aqrae] Hello.m. l'rn sarrv I . . . John. Bad news I'll call you tomorrow Could you check the dates If I don't hear from you. is that people want to work shorter I'll hours d expectto see you at2 p.. . I'm afraid. costs 1 don't think thatMarqarst Memo: Frieda. EXAMPLE: Hi. (order) some sandwiches for lunch I. Ifind out) about tree planting lattach) the minutes from the last meeting . Inot cause) you any problems . . and get back to day except Thursday me 7 Complete the sentences with a form of the verb in brackets.

We're having an informal reception. I'd like to take a small present Do you have any suggestIOns? I'm sure she'd like same flowers It's a formal dinner._--__ . Can I have the bill please? So where do vou live? In a small town not far from Milan. please? Do you have an English menu' We're ready to order. recording and socialising_ and repeat. Would you like tea or coHee? How do you like your cctlae? Can I have a soft drink? Could you translate the menu for me. That was delicious.0' E. Old vou watch the match on TV last night? Where are vou going for your holidays this year? We're planning to go to Italy I've been invited to dinner with the Managing Director this evening.ntertaining -a ~~. Some Listen useful to the phrases.

~'. Dialog~u~es;;;;.... ~1__
CoHee or tell? 0: 0:



0: /Would you like some OQyou have any tea?



you take milk and. su.oar?


No thanks

&a~ Ihave a solt dri~k,~Ie~sel 0: Yes, of course. We have some orange [uit e and some sparkling water. @: I'll have an orange juice, please.
the menU


0: 0: 0:

I hope you like Russian food. ~et me translate-the menu for you" I recommend the set menu which isibo[sch' -that's beetront soup, followed by 'buqlarna', which is a kind of lamb stew cooked in spices - it comes with Sounds good. What about dessert? There's

mashed potato and salad.




ice cream

O' I'm happy with that. Let's order Ordering a meal 11) flke chicken soup and my colleague would like the


o o
0: ~:

{ps're ready to order,/To start, I'd grilled sardines Thank you That's right Thank

nd far your main course? and French fries and, was it roast duck and boiled rice? With a green side salad, please And to drink? water, please?

0: [I'd like fried chicken

We'd like a bottle of sparkling

Ordering a meal 121 O. Are YDU rilad~ to DroeT1
0: 6: ves please. I'd like the steak, please How would you like It cooked? Nledillm

O. 0:

Thank you. Are you having a startsr? No thanks I'm in rather a hurry


the bill
That was very good.fan Hem you are, sir.

0: 0:



the bill, p[e8.e~'

~XC-lis"m(l, but-could yalI-teJI me what this is fa. :
It's for the bread

0: 0:

Would you like some coiiee?
You can also ask if someone would like a d rink or s neck by usi ng the word with risi ng
into nation:

Medium rare. Othe r ways of cooking steak: rsre. medIUm, wei! done

More coffee? Tea 7 Sugar? Milk? Do you take milk and sugar?
Also note: How do you Itke your cottee? Just a little milk, please,

Can we have the bilfple.se?
The waiter might ask:

Would you like anytllfng else?
Possible replies: No, just bill, please Another coffee, please


Help yourself to milk and sugale
No milk for Can I have
me, thanks.

Excuse me, but could you tell me what this
is for? Asking about the bill:

a soft drink, please?

Soft drinks are non-alcoholic drinks: fruit juices I nclude orallge juice, apple iuice.

grapefruit iaice ! prefer water. 'd Would Jlou like sparkling or stil! water?
Let me trsmtste the menu for you. When

Sorry, i don't understand the. bili_ Is service included? We ordered one salad but VDU'lIe charged us
far two Dn

rake credit ci1rds? useful




tre nslation:

Can f paV by card? tip? (nat a question the weltert} ... there's a cash machine just scross the road.
How much do you normally we US(latfy ask A Gash machine, cash dispe(Jst'ror' cash poirJ! (UK) = an ATM (Autornatlc Teller MachinellUSI

Could you translate the menu? Wllers that ill Italian? Do you have all English menu? ... 'Borsch: that's beetroot soup, ...
Language for explaining the menu: It's a speciality of t/IIS region. WOllfd YOH {ike to try one of tile 'soc cia!s '.'I



kind of soup.
I recommend

it tastes like chicken. II S aelicicae.

British/American differences
British Do you take milk and

We're ready to order.
Or the waiter/waitress can say Are you ready to order';

Can I take your order? And for your main course?
Stages ot e meal: I don't rer;lly want

sugar? beetroot soup lIIashed potato Can I neve tile bill please?

a starter

American Do you use milk and sugar? beet soup mashed potatoes Can I have the check please?

an appetizer
Is tile

a starter. Can I see the dessert men,,'
Thank you, That was very gQod/deliciolis

J5 service


gratuity inc/uded?

rd (ike fried cbicke •...
Some methods: of cooking roast (roast duck, roast beef)

haired fboiled rice, bOI~edpotatoes,
steamed {steamed vegetables, steamed fisM grilled (grilled "rdines)

Phrases for beginning meets. There is no special phrase in English for starting a meal. If something is said, it might be bon appe#t or. in-formally. Lets sre-r. If wine is served: Cheers or To your health Ceil' be used.

:-'0 D~~~og __...... ue s __2=-,
Where you live


0: !Where do you live, Xavier?
0: In Sirqes. near Barcelona.

0: IOh, I know Bar celuna very well. It's one of my favourite Cities. 0: And mine. Sitges is a beautiful little town just along the coast from Barcelona I've lived there all my life .. t's a great place fa. a holiday but best to go out of season.
Starting a conversation

O' Ilia you se etne football match las! night?



o o

Yes, I did, I thouqht Owen played very well. So did I. I thought his first goal was fantastlc.jSO you like footbafi, do you? I quite like it I watch international matches and I follow my local team, but I prefer basketball

Family matters Where are vou going for your summer holiday.? I'm gOing to the French Alps with the family, We all wantto do different things, so It'S a great place for us. 'My SQn and daughter can go mounla1n biking And my partner and I can go walking and play some golf. 0> How old are your children? 0: Eleven and thirteen. What about you? 1P0 you have any children? 0: Yes, but they're all grown up They don't want to come on holiday with us any mare

Cu'ltura. advice

0: I've been invited to dinner With PAulo and Maria this evening but ~on't KnDwwhatj 0: Just be caslIslfl'msure
0: That would be fine. ito wear. I'd also like to lake a small present. Do you have any suggestions? the 'd appreciate some flowers-and maybe something from Scotland "

0: I've got a box of Scottish biscuits With me
Sensitive issues

0: I'm looking forward to meeting David this afternoon
0: 0: Oh, haven't you heard? He's left the company. He was, but there were a few problems I'm afraid Tell me another time can't really go into it now,

0: II'm sorry·to hearthat, What happened? I thought he was doing very well with you.

e: I!:"nderstand

ding) somewhere for. A typical expression/response conversation possibilities for keepinq a going . ~ WDllldl'l sorry to hear that. do you' Note 'question tag' for engaging the other speaker: Terrible weather.ng for yoU! summer holiday? Keeping the conversation going~ BrltishlAinedcan differences Br'iti"h foatbalf match 00 vou travel a lot on business? Whq't are you doing at the weekend? What are your first impresSIOilS of tbe IOw{!? MV son and daught.allv gD info it now I When you would prefer not to say anything: SarFI/..J brJxof biscuits Yau'll need rc wear a collar and lie.EI holiday: r always spend my summer Iwlidays there. American soccer game summer vacation a package of cookies You'll need to wear shirt and tie.. A useful response to demonstrate that the speaker is happy to be told the news.. Some other ways of recommending (and nat reccmrne .. They'd appreciate . but / don·t really want to talk about it Do you mind if f tell you later? Can we talk about it late.. IVe been mere.... {I do 9Vmnasticslwelghtlilting . Thais a shame! I dOl(!' believe it! you see me toetbstt match last night? Not evervo ne likes footba II! So me other ways 10 open a conversation How was tile weather when you left home? Have vou seen any good films recentlv? neve voo bought any souvenirs? . that this is not appropriate in 00 you have any childr.Notes Where do vou live.III cultures..some other ...I Some advice: if"s very Ifllormal. Other possible responses Really? It Did 't ref:Dmmencr it isn 'r a good place tor a holiday. My cousin is getting married next year Dh. IkffOW Barcelona very well. another time. isn't it? the USB of the You're working nex. You mllst go there. Xavier? Note how English speakers etten use a person's first name to be friendly and engaging.r? J uuderstaffd. Really' What's it like? Luck)' voot That's a nice place casual. Note some verbs which go with sports: go bikinglswimminglnd/{Jg pley teliDis/goll/football summer holiday ..n? Talking about your relatives: My uncle/aunt work8d tor the companv MV niece/nephew lives in Canada. don't know what to wea. means They'd really like I'm Its a great place for a holidav .r can go mountain biking. Vou'l/ need to wear a co/Jar and tie What voure wearing is fine to tille I'm sure they'd appreciate some flowers . however. Note. can't r.. isn't she? Where are you gn.. . . aren't you? Liz is coming this evening. Wear sometfliflg Oil. week.. Alternatively: No problem! So you like football. ..

Write what you would you say in these dialogues and notea,


Refer to the

Tell the waiter/waitress

that vou would like to order your meal.

:0.e'vE; Y~00:y.

.'ro.. ¢V0€;V,

.i~.e: 0. F\:.g :\::~.ov:J,ev ..

You don't understand the menu written in Turkish Ask a colleague for help. Order something to eat As k for the bill. Check an Item on the bill that you do not understand Ask" business acquaintance where he/she lives Say something about where you live. Say something about your holiday plans for the year You hear that a business contact has left the company. What do you say? a restaurant


2 Complete

the sentences

with a preposition.

How do you say that..


.. English?
. your main course? . . fried patatoas

What would you like, The yrilled chicke~ comes. Help yourselves. Con I pay.

. . salad.
. crenrt corti?

Sydney is a great place Where are you qomq I can't really go Can we talk .

a hotidav . holiday this yeaO detail now ... it later?

3 Complete the phrases 1-8 with the verbs in the box and match them with a-h to make questions. accept







Can I . kO\w'.
Do yau Do you ..

... all if there is

to David? Is he OK? the basketball game yesterday1 the dessert rnenu? credit cards? sugar in your coffee? to the reception? a cash machine nearby? the chicken and veget~ble soup, please? Choose from the phrases in the box below.

Do you. Would anyone like to Did vou . What clothes What has 4 Complete a 1 wasn't c should I ..

the dialogue. surprised

e Sarah "s leaving the company next month Yes, I heard that How are things Really

So, what's happening at work

thought she raallv enjoyed her job

Fine, thanks A: B: A: B' A: HI Nigel. ®. Same sad news I'm afraid @) ® I couldn't believe it
@ (D


B: CD 5 Choose an appropriate Do you have any tu rkey? Do you take sugar? .And for your main course? Excuse me, what's this for? And what would you like to drink? How would you like it cooked? Did you play golf yesterday? I can't really discuss this now Would you recommend 10 What's a 'tortilla'? response.



Yes, I did, It's a kind of bread
I urderstand,

It's a service charge. Tea, please. I'm very sorry, we don't. I'll have the chicken Not really. I'd flke'lt Ir',ed. No, thanks.

Elohlleh for a hoflday?

6 Which of the following sports and activities go with the verbs play and go. look the words up in a dictionary if you do not know them.
walking basketball play go golf tennis diving climbing snorkelling badminton ping pong volleyball cycling hiking sailing

7 Complete the sentences using the words in the box.
nephew My brother'S son is my My mother's sister is my . My brother's My father's son is my daughter's. brother is my. is my. aunt



My sister's daughter

8 Put the dialogue in the right order.
What are you going to do while you're there" Why Hereford? It's a beautiful Where part of the world

are you gOing UK.

To the

and we have same friends who live there. We're staying in a small hotel for your holiday this year? We're planning to do some walking places to eat.


and there are some excellent Maybe next yea r, You must go there

.cA,... h, . e" ..

That's OK You can pay by credit card. please Do I need to reserve a seat? Is the seat reservation included in the price of the ticket? Do you have a double room for two nights? A non-smoking room please. . We need your credit card number to hold the reservation. I'd like 10 book a hire car for three days On! need an international driving licence? How woold you like to pay? Do you take credit cards? A Single to Munich. The TV doesn't work. I don't have any cash on me. please I'd like 10 sit nexttu mv colleague. I'd like an aisle seat.-et Some useful phrases. I only have one bag to check in. with a bath and a balconv._A Travel c.o -=--. Li. The bed hasn't been made. I'd like to change my rOOI11.sten to the recording and repeat. I'm calling from room 21.

.. o 0: I'm sorry. but there is a charge for an extra driver So how much will it cost in total? $300.. I have a reservation in Ihe name of Perry. Thanks._~s in for a flight .. it's Cook.How would you like to pay? By credit card... 0: I'm sorry.. booked II. Just one momenti'll check our availability. That will be 70 euros. Ah yes. We don't have any more seats together. the seat reservation is Included in 1I1eprice. OK. Did you book the room yourself? O' No. or a window seat? 0: I'd like an aisle seat if possible... sir. I can do the booking for you. EnlOYyour stay. my company. Carditis. please. please. .. I'd like 10 book a twin room for two nights.. Do I need to reserve a seal? No. Do I need an International driving licence to drive here? No... __1. please? Thank you. I've been trYing to book a room on your hotel website but I can't complete the 0: 0: 6: 0: booking. here it is.. that's fine. 0: 0: 0: 6: 0: First or second class? First class. Could you talk to the cabin attendant when you board the plane' Hiring a car 0: HelloJl'd like 0: 0: 0: 0: 10 book a hire car for three days from March 14th-17th. Please sign here. please. " hotel Booking 0: Wellington Hotel Can I help you? 0: Yes. And I'd like to Sit next to my colleague if possible.fould you fill in this form.. I cannot find a booking in that name.. Taking the train 0: jA single to Muniel. with a bath and a balcony if possible 0: We have a non-smokinq room With a balcony on the lOth floor. OK. Sorry..cking into a hotel Hello. please.m. the 12th and 13th 01 June. Is that all right? 0: Yes... Do you need my credit card number to hold the reservation? Yes. please. 0: 6: Che.:'" Dialog Checking 0: . Can I have your name please? Yes.. _~ __ 0: Can I have your ticket and passport. I have given vou a seat in the exit row. ple ase? Would you like a smoking or ncn-srnoxinq room? 0: A nur-srnokinq room._~ ue. I won't be arriving until 11:00 p. please. Would you like an aisle. . Thank you.

.Notes Would you (Ike an aisle Seating preferences Dr s window sf'af7 . I . . I dorJ't realty want a miridle seat Do you have a seat in the exit row? I'd like tD change my seat. defenceldefen5e~ fu/fillfulfi/( practis8Ive...m. Do you neve 11 say- tesesvetion tor a (Mr Perry)? The reservation was made by mv company. th~atreltheatpr.m.ces Amer'ican a rental car (I nan-smoking room a no-smoking room (I double/single roam Note: hotels in the US a single = room witt. you My name is (Mr Perry). Altern atively we CClIl sav: I hope to be there by 11"00 p.ibway I woo': be arriving urrt1'l11:00 p. [a room with a separate bathrcornl A shared bethtcom. A sirryle 10Murrich. one double bed a double (I I'd prefer to pay in cash. Usefullanquaqe at the ticket office: 10 use varying terminology but these are usua I.. piea-se British/AJllerican British 8 hire car differe .. c%urlca/or.m. favour/favor.·/wulrl be .. I have a reservation in the namB of Perry. Could yvu fiJI in Some hotels form: this form. che-que-/ched... pteese cueea == a roam with one queer] size bed a king an Bnswte Do I need ta reserve a seat? More lanquaqe for making reservations: Do! need to book ill edvence? A(e seat reservations compulsory? I'd /ike a forward/backward-facing a room with one king size bed room Note: this phrase is not used in American English eeet.eiet.00 p.m.. spelling differences: driving licence/driving license.""'" by 11:00 p.. / just need your passport Just sign here. twin room. Iillst need to see your passport Americans usually use their driver's license or a special !D card for identification Other useful travel vocabulary Platform 1 Track 1 Single ticket One-way ticket Return ticket Round trip Undergmund Sl. Some UK .rb and noun) . please.Us. please? might not ask you to fill In EI Is there a charge for an extra dnver? Does It include insurance? Where do I return the car? 00 you need mv dn\iing licence? How would you like 10 p.bl/praotisel". CiH1 I'd prefer an 81sIe seat. Useful phrases when you need to hire a car When you arrive at the hotel.y? Other lanquaqe for makinq payments How do VQU want to pay? Are VOLIpaying bV cheque/crediVdebit card'. A quiet room with a good view. J'd /ike to book a hire car . Note that the 10th floor in the UK would be the 11th floor in the US> UK Ground floor US First floor US Second ttoo: UK First floor like to book. centre/cetner. Will the train be crowded' I'd We Ilave a non-smoking room with a balcony on the lath floor. Some hotel room options: A daublelSingle room. trallefler/trall. I'm hoping to eaive bV 11. beds = a room witll two double = f'd like a first class return WIJiCll platform do I need? is there a buffet car? Londorl. A suite with 8 balconvAn en suire room.

... 0: What about my luqqaqe? I'm worried that my bags won't make the connection even if I do... Can I pay 100 euros With my card and the rest 10 cash? 0: Yes. ." are no drinks in the rninibar and the bed hasn't been made. ~2.. it's Amanda Lin from Room 205. fll keep I11V fingers crossed.ity nM. There are some other passengers who also have tight connections 0: Thanks for your help. I'll get a seat 011 the flight that leaves in hall an hour DOIl't worry.. There shouldn't be a oroh'em... but I'm not going 10 geUo the m..l don't think I have anvidantiflcatmn wnn me andtl don't have enough cash. I'd like to change rooms..eting on lime.. a non-smoking room hut someone has Ileen smokm~ ill this mom Oh 'Ies.mentproblem 0: I'm sorry blltjwe need some identification If you'd like to pay by credit card Oc Oh..~>oDialog.. Q: I understand. o A flight delay o Q 0: I'm sorry Ca rmen. Abatel mill-Up 0: Hello. Am I going In make it? Q: Yes~ there will be 3 minibus waiting at the gale to take you to terrrunal B. I'm afraid it's a s~c". Ths rs wa s a delay corrinq into the airport arldll've iust missed my connection. Reception Q: Hello. Tha n ks: I'll let yn" know ·if I don'i manage to catch the flightLothe rwise expe ct tu see me about 12:30.-s~·. II just have this bag and • laptop. the minibus will take vou and your luggage.in time tor lunch. _ bag will have to go in the hold.. Could you put them on the scales? l'rn atraidfhe Q' Is that really necessary? It's very small 0: I'm afraid SO. II I'm lucky..-.._ At the check-in 0: desk Can I see yaur hand luggage. Also the. I'm sure I paid by credit card last time I was here III Yes'liNe do accept credit cards but only if the bill is under 100 euros. and the 1\1 dcasn't ~lGrk. Q: Don't worry. 0: I'm very sorry.. A tight connection 0: Excuse me. I have a connection to Chicago at 5:00.. as long as you're here for the atternnun session. madam I'll organise a different room for you and send someone up immediately to' help VOuWith your luggagec A pay. it doesn't matter too much..1 asked In.. that would be fine.. please? Q.LJe.

we do accept credit cards . Problems: file Dilly got it to the gate? t'tl tet you know if I don't mlmage to catch the flight. " nl be there.it looks heavy. I've left my dor. In time for lunch. ~but! will be there} . The mom is very dustvldirtvlnoisy. Other I asked for a non-smaking Other complaints roDm I jusr need ro check your vise.. '" the bag will have to go Problem./{:kl cancelled Ip65) . The TV doesn't work The air-conditiDfliflg doesn't wnrk. tte very smoky In tire rcom..haven't been emptied. Can I put it in the overhead lockers? {(s too large to go in the cabin. We would normally sav: We [)reept credir coats how we ca n use manage: Iios: managed to catch the flight. the bed hasn 'f been tnetie. It's fragile The room hasn't been ctesned.uments Dehind f don't beve my When s the next flight? Where is the chf!ck-in desk') Haw far is ". I left my document: behind {American English usually uses the simple past tense.. Catchinq another flight What kind of identification do you need? pessoon on me. rite just missed my (. there wilt be a minibus waitiuy at the gate .' I'm not goillg' to g8t to the meeting on time. ('II keep my fingers crossed. Are vau sur... Compare: Tire room was cleaned this morning .'( emptied yesterday. Makinq sure you catch the ffiqht: British/American British lite hold ovemesti lockers diHerences American the cargD compartment ovemest: bins tm worried j won't make the coooectioo. . (just before lunch) t won't be tswre in lime for Petra's talk. rile spent aN my mOfUW I'm sorry to ask. do is used here for emphasis . J'veleftmv documents behind The wastebaskets ha ven't. Qrt/yin this example s examples I just need five minl/tes.Notes 'IUSl have this bag and a laptop.. been emptied.don't overuse it.'.onrrBcticJU. we need iderrlificatiorr Some responses SOme . justmea . If you want to wish someone else good luck say The bins . Note the use of the present perfect passive: luqqaqe It can go under my seat... with hand in fhe hold. f don't tieve enough cash. but can you tend me some money? . The bins weren. Of) time means exactly on time.} cam:efed Fingers crosseo! Good Ii. I'll make it? Vou't{ IJifVe to hurry. I hope yew manage with all your luggage . Can you manage? Can I help YOIl? . ""' Notice twelve thousand von. . The bins ha ven 'rbeen emptied Compare with the simple past passive: ..

. In the name of Tiller.. You arrive at your hotel. What do you Soy to the receptionist? Phone a colleague to say that your flight has been delayed You have a tight flight connection Explain your problem to the cabin attendant.. The check-in assistant insists that your hand luggage needs to go in the hold? IS.v. d We neerito see SOme. ecE':SS". . Sorry.Practice Complete the sentences with words used in the dialogues and notes. . .. .a nessoort. . not a I have a I'm keeping my fingers. EXAMPLE' You are at the flight check-in desk.e\-:c. Reter to the dialogues and notes..:.I\-:'sveyy lijV. a drivinq [icence.+-. 2 Write what you would say in these situations. . ..-. I'd prefer not to share a I have a superb room with a south-facing I asked for a window seat not an .t:/s. I wanted a return ticket.. I'll catch the flight I thought the room was en surte..Y? " . It took SO .y"Q~" seat my flight long to clear passport control that I .l::>""t-v.. Write the words in the grid to identify the European capital city in the shaded vertical row. Tell the airline check-in clerk your seating preferences Phone a hotel and book" double room. that !'II make my flight connection .1l . If I'm very.t:V""..

l . I won't make the connection by 3 p.<:: ~0 .<1 . by credit card and notes.rn..t-. I manage to catch the flight until 3 p. a week.. mo Please fill . I'd rather pay cash In A car will be waiting for you outside the terminal I'll call yau if I don't manage to catch the flight .0.\1.': S~yyg . or later. ~X~M~li: Illon'\ h""e mv passpon ... we should be there I asked for a room a bath. Y!'. me Unfortunately. please... I don'! have any identification 4 Match the two parts of the sentences. the name of Kerry? your seat? hall an hour . would like expressions. I'd like to hire a car If we leave nnw.1-:? Does the price include a seat reservation? I'll arrive at 11 p.e. Is there room for your bag The flight leaves . . ..m."'\1.rn. . Someone will help you ~a I don't have enough I'll let you know if'G I'm worried that I won't be arriving I'm hoping to be there I'd liketo pay I h d F cash on rna.3 Complete the sentences with a preposition.0 . g h 5 Write alternative Refer to the dialogues EXAMPLE:Is it necessary to reserve a seat? 1)". with your luggage a non-smoking room. time Was the booking malle.s. the registration form.

ee'l Th(": .A. of course. mao8 the bed.A..s't'tI Wqo.e. please? Hel'e.e. No-one na.1-: .I.o(.y.. . Someone has already filled in the torm. Can 1 have your name.'\).'d like. Someone booked the tsx: last night They cancelled my flight They qave me a first class ticket 7 Match the statements and questions with the responses.Ad". No-ons has cleaned the room today.. 0.:I.p... No-one told me about the fight delay h:)I. Wish me luck! .. Please?.. please. to book a room for Tuesday night I hope you catch the flight I've missed my cormaction Can I pay by credit card? The TV in my room nnesnr. "''''''PLES·.S'\'t IM. Can I see your passport. They put my luggage in the hold.. It's Ahmed Salem. Yes.t.l.wurk What kind of identification do YOl! need? Where do I need to Sign? a b c d e f g A single or a double? When's the next flight? rII send sorneoue to look 21t it:.\_ I.<'I.A .6 Rewrite these sentences in the passive. \:).h<'l. Thanks.t-he: flt8.

I would like to apologise for the problems we had. Are you free for lunch on Friday Let me know if you call come Many thanks for the invitation I'd lave to come. Hope you're feeling better. Many thanks for helping Dot with the conference...e ~O EmaHing __-------:. let's hope we have better luck next time. I'm afraid I won't be able to see you on Thursday Let me know when you're next gOing to be in town Look forward to hearing from you Speak to vou later.. Listen to the recording and repeat. We are sorry 10 infurrn you that Raj Singh has left the company I was very sorry to hear about Ha] Please pass on my best Wishes. lt's about organising language training I'll call you at the end of the week If you have any queries. HI. please call me.."" . . Jaana. I would like to invite you to lunch next week.. Your training manager has asked me to write to you. - Some useful ph.

.. We. 1 I heard trom Jack that you hod flu...<311ou later and we can arrangB y an alternative date... ltair1.. Speak to you later lan A future meeting "5] Beatrice It was good to see YOlJ again arrange last week.. I'll (.. Let' rrie know when you're excetlenr next goirlg to be here.. if you have any q<J!.....1_.. in Sa~zbl.Jrg end we'f I rook forward Heqa rrls Hudl a nigtJt (Jut.. _ rnanaqer. Tina's to cover for her so I won't b-e able to see yOLI nn Thursdev.. There are some restaurants to hellrif"[g from you. .. in the meantime..... on 2 November you again in om new premises on 1 Dace-moe.. 011 hoboav and l ha v e to s.:-0 Message... me 13 11emeu Yours sin~erely A formal message Dear Colleague I am writing wi~1 close to inform you and vou r start that nnd will reopen in the near future we are r eloce lir~~ Our ctttces to Pisa... We will contact Best regards Dur-can Hoe EveoydilY matters Hi Jeane Hope you're I'm sorry feeling better.. ..... Piotr Murawaka...JY 1h.s A first contact Deer Ms Hamae Your traininq proressionellanquece please Esther call me White 011 ..)1 have a problem next week.....ing 09809 or send for your has asked me to write to you about orgtifli"ing company either in Poland find/or ill the UK. I will call yOIJ et the end of the week bllt...'ries.

it is better to be rue ref. . . This phrase is quite often used at the end of an email.my Queries Queries Eng(ish . we can use the formal letter-writing phrases: Sta rt: Dear End: Yours MslMr/Mrs Pringle smceretv Speak 10 you leter Phrases to Indicate that you will be In contact later' Start: Dear Sir/Madam End: YDurs faithfully D-eilf coile-agua The use of a word like I'll send you a message later. Note also: Dear friend(sr Dear member(s). e.Notes Dear Ms Hamza Use Dear-with the parson's title and Surname when you have not written to the person before or when you have a formal relationship. i.. I am writing) are often used in formal cornrnunicatlons. rather the n less to rm031 c Hape vou're feeling better. All Bri'tishlArnerican differenoes Am. If you are in doubt.e.. Some other ops1ling phrases: JUSl 10 let you know tliat n Sotrv to hear about Thanks for the message. 5Be when writing to an identifiable group in more formal correspondence. this phrase you. I look forward 1 am wrjti"g ro infnrm YDU .rican .: Regards. Note the lass formal {and more common) alternatives: t am writing (I'm writing) to inform you / am sure {I'm sure) that we can be of help I will Note th at we say: / took forward tD hearing from quite formal.h. _ is not used as the best British If !'au have [The term American Hi Jsen« The common informal way to begin an email.. trequenuv SngUs.n as it is fn British Yours sincerely Sincerely . It can be sinqular or plural. Best fegafds (With) best regards is a very Com rnon way '10 end an email and can be used in formal and informal contexts... Although is very often used in yOU. Yours. if you have any Queries. me. A friendly note to end. Dear All.. Best wishes. Also common: l loo« tOIW8rd to meeting/seeing . You can also simply use 8 person's name at the beginning of a message (see A future meeting exarnnle uri page 68). Dear Sir/Madam (when you do not know the name of the person you are wrH-lng to) you again sooo.n.oall/I'II calli you at the end ot tne week.. Whos covering fol' you? We're sa sbort-ststted that there is no-one to cover for me Yours sincerely In formal ernaus. please calf me ...g. Full verb forms (s. torrneans to do sorneone's job while ths person 15away. emails. CaNme when you get this messeqe tet me cDlleague is used know when you're next going to be alternatives: in Sa!~b"rg". to hearing from you. Some YOUmU81'visit us again soon It was great ro see you. We wi!! (We·JI) contact VOLI again. / bsve to caver for her . to cOlier oteese eel.. Also: If you have allY questions. There are manv other WByS to end.

l:'lrIBdl Grand ar1d we would Frorn you Pe u 10. manv trmn'K~.Saying thank you _11_1~_~_ -. itation :1'" Hi Joh-n 1 would rlkt5lromvue is DE. wei! for you. I'd 'ove to come and I look forward to aeeinc you then Please send me uetafts of the event when YOLIhave them Besrreqerds .John Declining an invitation ~'~ -- D~11'r Pedro Many thanks abroad for vour kind Invttatlon I won't to ettend the Grand Prix. Br. ~'II be on that day 1'Irl(f be able 10 make il. The event lnterlaqcs like you to j011l us for lunch if you can attend.':IB Df. An in... YOu reattv tc make l11e event like to apologise am writing helped I would Wher1 we ptennad finalsj BLC'st regard" Lucy LQ Kit the.: and evening dinner ill Sao Look torwa rd to hearing Best regards Pedro Ac<:epting an invitation ". tmtcrtunatelv.:m::h. finSI session in tli!3 middle luck in Yokcharne.ing held for an <H -----------------. Let me know Prix in M.:li)r Pedro Tnenks for the invitation.conference. [II the Ir<ld. Saturnav arts-moen session thai it dashed with the World Cup i Once aqain.'lno I iDOk torwaro seeing you in l o\:ot1am3 next veer.orry mar 80 I~\N people carne riot orgfl(1is~ th.~ Fred Many thanks for helplnq w-Iththe conterence on Saturday -let's J'm very s. you to U". eno John I look forward to sea-ing you 30LH! With best reqards . Anyway let's hope we have better Take cere Lucy Saying thank you (21 Dear J Mr ReZii to thank vcu for YOur acti v -e participation a grOllt success fer the poor attendance at the we did not rCLlIiss ic in aur conference. I hope the event gees.. our guest at the. of a public holiday next veer.

Note the other formal lanquaqe used in this email..1Q cams next time . a public holiday .. Take care A. Unfar1tmatety. A less formal way to s. let me bmw it you carr ettend.. Using a W(] rd such as kind em phasises th E. clash. say: Can you come to tile Grand Prix? I hope vall can came tD tuoc» Please came. A more informal Ibope the event goes well for you . Afrywav is often used wh en we want to make a different point." diffe".\l. I'll be abroad .llpublic holiday apDlogize . I'm going to miss the presentation. Very IIIc1f1Jl I'd love CO come . that's af!! W<fmted to say.. We really appreciate aN your tielo. Have funl.... British/Ameno.... we would like you to ioin us (or lunch . . M.J to good friends. unfortunately. When two appointments they happen at the same time.irv. Note also: Once again..my thanks far the beautiful flowers Unfortunarely..with everything. To be less formal.our help I would like to apologise phrase: .. public holidays are cettec bank holidays. it clashed with the World Cup finals! in a diary Good luCk.Notes Many thanks for helping Friendly informal thanks. 115 going lU be a very special event..sy this is' Let me know if YOII can flHl/(e it . occasion. A friendly rernark when you cannot attend meeting or event: I hope it all goes wel/.. / won't be there... phr'2...s8 rlQrma\\'1 -Dill'! used.! INarmth of the thank VOIJ: It was very kind of you to invite me Other ways of saying thank you: it enyrnore. ~ don't WiHlt to think .. many I/Janks. In the UK.about AfJYwav. I hope (II be abjg. using You can avoid saving sorrybv am writirrg to thank you for. Some others: Ihat wo. to move awsv from what we have just said AnLfway. An informal enthusiastic response 10 an invitation. Yokohama. when t2. We do not use this phrase or others such as Be good. unfortunately.. A formal way to apologise. II took J long trme to plan the event Many thanks for YOlfr kind invitation ..."ces British realise bank holiday apOlogise American realize legaVnation. LuckV your with Our more 'formal business contacts! I Thank V-oufor your excellent presentation. Fairly forrnallanqusqe Note also: far sJjlcng thank you.. We're lIerv grateful for y.. Anyway lets nt really That'S a qree: idea .uh:lbe great thanks! . H I'm very/reallv sorry aboutit: .. look totwero to it hope We have better luck in Please send me det8Ns An event is a special Dr the evenr .

rioters ara fuu.··.JfTed gl}cd for him in ihe canteen be able ro come lucH in Ilis. Helena her if yOLJ need to be.-cs. I wlll be off work ~ expect for two weeksv contact es I hava to go into on 30 March.... 3 Apri I.ving problems There is " problr::m with a. Wr... so please Passing on good wishes :11" Dear Helena I was sorry hi III to take Please Reg<9rd~ Rosa Fuente to hear about his lirn-E" I Stavros.:. and wednesdev A gene-tal announcement :""!~ Dear Friends ano Colleagues This fs to let you know rnenv VOU much that Will Pick is leaving the cornpanv on Wednesday years. M Problems .. .. As L'm sure that of you know. is.__ Dear Serge ~ have just heard from me. st wishes.lY 'tuescev Let me know Regards Ereseme a tirne that scmetfme suits next week to talk Through some details.. Thanks for all your hard work On this. wil! be an his last day and we verv organising hope that YDLJwill Yours sincerely Tara GmO For information Dear Rosa I am sorrs 'to inl'l)rm hcsplta anvthinq.~-oessage.the RX contract! after no en YOLIend I'll set up a· meeting. It would I'm free all be good to ge1 together O. e l<lrge trade fair on at that lirne_ All HH..b-ack in the otnce for me while I am ewev..ishing W.. Wilfred has worked for US for more after work than twenty wiJJ wBnf to join a reception us In w.ccornrno~1ation arranging as there the in Paris next week..3 .Ming our French office that they are h<i. I am S1J re that he 15 keen 10 gel back to work but lei I pass on my b .!'I81tvjDb..'.El .uggestions? Best rcqatos Ian Good news Dear Eveline Good news! We've uot. 'Do you have any s. Best r~gards Stavros I for a r outina Rallis will be covering you that oocraticn.

. eo no has died) Another WdY of saying this: /. Toget tDgether means to meet. I will be off wark tor twa weeks£ Some alternative expressions: She 'It be. Df} you have any suggestions? Looking Anv for a solution Ideas? Du you have any ideas? Haw can we sort it aut? How can we 'so/ve' !/.. Problems and difficulties We're having same diffieulties. Please join as in the evening if you can I am sorry to intorm you that .. Please pass on my best wishes. I hope vou can jDin us for dinner.. Less formal Sorry to rell you that. in both. lntorrnal alternatives Just to te: you know that tile package will be late I'm just writmg to say that Expreasiorrs of sympathy There are not really any major differences between British and American Enqllsh when expressing sympathy. What good news! Tnets great news! That's teotsstic/escettent news.. . (A getIDgetheris an 'mforma1 rneennq. We'lf miss him. tt's difficult to srtenqe.. I'm afraid} 1'8118 same bad neWS. Expressions (If sympathy: f was lIery lt would be good to get toqether sometime next week . Some ather sympathetic I'll be thinking Df !Jim We phrases: Let's meet up in the near future.."" Use This is in forrnal messages to refer to the message yow are sending: Ibis is to fnform VD~JltiM tbe package wi/) be British/American British gD into hospital Haw can we sort differences American go into the hDspital it out? -How CHJt? Cfjn we figure it tete.. Other ways to suqqeer a meeting: Let's meel next wE'ek sad to Ilear the news Ever'fone was very upset about it.<1ge5." J'm wriling to let VOil know tbs: . There's a problem tm sure that yOll will Wilfred good luck . This is to remind you to cos. the level of formality used wiJ I depend On how well YOLl know the people concerned. maybe a party).on sick leave Slle7i be away from work" She'll be at home" Good news! Some enth usiaauc respo rises to good news. (whe n 30m • meering.e problem:.11 arrange/organise 8 meetinc..Notes . Please pass our sincere condotences to his familv... We must arrange to meet up soon "m set lip hope he gets wef! Soan. rhey are having problems arranging the meeting .' I was sorry to hear about Stavros. ... waITt J to [oie us in wishing Note the use of join In formal l11e55. This is 10 tet you know rhal . Vera-..

the near future.. c 1 We're having a get-together. . wishing Wu San a happy retirement We would like you to join us 2 Some of these phrases are used formally and some informally. Tick the correct column.456789 all your help. .. Raj while he is away. 2 We're arranging a meeting. 2 let me know if you con attend. She's . 2 I'm writing to let yOLI know that. Please pass hearing from you.Practice Com. .. f 1 I would be very pleased to come. formal a 1 Dear John 2 Hi John b T informal r am writing to inform YOLI that . sick leave. .. 8 1 let me know if you can make it.Q':'\. He will be .. . . Please call me Many thanks. everything.. . the end of the week. I'll call you. 2 I'd love to come. We will contact you again I look forward ..prete EXAMPLE: the sentences with a preposition. our best wishes to him. 9 1 This is to let you know about 2 Just to let you know about. .. Good luck I'm covering. work for two weeks due to illness. d 1 I would like to apologise for 2 Sorry about. .

our new courier service on 6 March I very much hope that you can attend.3 Write the sentences in this letter in the correct order. Dear Mr Green Members of our sales team will present the service After the presentation We would like to invite you to the launch of and there will be an opportunity there will to ask questions. Best regards Peter Pod Pe+ev P""t.m. be dinner in the main restaurant. . at the Grand Hotel at 6:30 p.

.. .."+¢Y. an important meeting. Please . goes well. rruss pass EXAMPLE' know must get thank hope write [oin I'm writing to .. We were very sad to hear about Hubert. on OUi I'm sorry Peter has left We'll ali Just a short note to let you. will be out 01 the office next week to invite me happening next week. you at the end ot the week. I'd like to Please Can we . 5 Match the two parts of the sentences. I'd like to thank you for I look forward to hope that the party Unfortunately. you for all your hard work. you're feeling better. the event clashes with I d e was very kind of you I need to tell you what is It get back to Cairo. us for lunch on 19 November. . visit us again soon . you that the conference has been cancelled. . what's happening. .""l call . Use each verb once onlv. rou .. all your help. . I am sorry to. together sometime next week1 him.. to YOLI Your training manager has asked me to .. inform you that I ~_ I'll Gall you when I Let me know when you are next a b c hearing all your news.4 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. . (going to be) in London. condolences .

to hearing next time. It would be Please Please We are organising a special I if you could come to the partvl on my best to everyone.. I will call you at the end of the week. The first letters of the missing words spell a ward you will "appreciate". Let's hope we have better . care! at the end of the year. We wish you every sueC8SS m the tuture 7 Complete the sentences. EXAMPLE: Dear Tomas We will contact you In the near future the conference We would like to thank you for organising Please let us know If you can attend. We trust that you will be able to loin us for dinner. for pass I would like to the problems with the arrangements. You must cnmel from you look I . I can't come to the party.6 Rewrite the phrases and sentences in a less formal way.

HI Max. I can't make It Can you talk? for calllnq. Have we covered everything? Anyway. Simon here. I was just ringing to check the time lor next week's meeting Sorry.. I can't hear vouverv well. you'll see an your right. I'll just go outside. Sorry to keep you waiting. Take the first left after the service stauon. 1'r11 alraiu she's oot her" at the mom801. I'm in a meeting. 2 A company visit Dialogues 1 Could YOLI 18111118 how to get to your office from 'nere? Atter about two kilometres. Marco Stam is on parental leave. please press 1. I wanted to run throuqn some 01 the arrangements. please. II you are calling about an order. thanks Dialogues 2 This is Ann Forsell's voicemail It'5 about the meeting next month.Glossary Telephoning Dialogues 1 I'd like to speak to Max Reed. a garage . Would you like to leave a message? \'II Your language get someone to call you when they gel b~cl\ I understand that she is looking after Sales. Park in one 01the ~isito.' spaces I'm calling from a service station.

llialnquas 3 in We're the second larqast manufacturer the country As wall as supplying the car industry. John. How lon9 have you been on this site? When was the curnp mv set up? Let me show you around the office. You can compare In my view In terms prices from various shops by it's far more secure region QI sales North America accounts for 15 per cent The Chinese economy is booming. I'd like you to meet Lera Berman. We are well known in the market. I'll introduce you. We run a so-called 'shopping search' website. we sell glass fOI' buses and aircraft. Good to see you again. Tell me more about your rnailinq business We're a private limited company. We cannot corn pete with them on price. 00 you know the huildinq? Mr Ekburg's office is the fitth on the right. An open plan area. Transport costs make it very unprofitable. . along the corridor Hello. Did you have a good journey? Dialogues 2 We're in the label business We employ lust over 5 000 people worldwide It's growing all the time.Your language Carryon for three kilometres I have an appointment with Hans Ekburg.

IrI I hear you studied in Finland'i I did a degree I was very interested I usually cycle to work Are the hours flexible? Ilike e.3 Job information Dialogues 1 I'm responsible for new product development I report directly 10 the CEO. There are no compulsory redunriancins . The cost "f living in Kazakhstan. I have fr88 use of the company Promotion prospects gym are excellent. Neither have I.eti(en1ect.tlng in the company canteen. What It Your language does that involve? sounds challenging in Engineering. The company really looks after its people. Excellent communication skills are essenrial. The level of local salaries. Don't you find it very hot there? I have no regrets about moving $50 000 a year plus commission. How has the takeover aHected the company? About 300 people are going to lose their jobs. Everyone is on first name terms. the Job Absolulely We should advertise with an on-line recruitment Bgency. Dialogues 2 The otmO$pher~ is very fBloxerl. Quite a few WBot to take early .

4 Presentations Dialogues 1 It's good to see you all here. I'd like to talk about our future plans. So. Increased considerably. (liere has been very little change . I'd like to finish by thanking you all You are very welcome to contact me. where Vou were just about to tell us some interesting news. II vo« compare this 'siK-moMIi period. I'm afraid I can't soy. Sales reached a peak in August Tile We're looking at a growth rate of between 1 sales have closure of our Lufwa plant in January have continued to accounts for the sharp fall Sales decline. next year's budget. As I mentioned earlier. I didn't catch the question Was I? Could you bear with me? Sorry. We're currently predicting a slow down. an upturn. A 'one-off profit. Dialogues 2 Turnover rOSE! in the year to April by 11 per cent Profits jumped by 20 per cent These results qrve a misleading picture. First I'll describe Our Your language study programmes That's all I We ntcd to say That leads me 10 my next point. Sales picked up in February. Analysts are forecasting and 3 per cent As you can see from the qraph.

Otherwise I'll see you In the office at 12:30. Could you check with Alex and get back to me? I'll order some sandwiches. I'd like to come over' to Poznan next week Any day next week except Friday would suit me. only five did not like the idea DOES everyone agree? Is that really necessary' I suppose you're right. The other point I wantto That's not true Dialogues 3 make is this. Of the fifty people I asked. What reasons did he give? short-sighted I thought I should lei you know immediately.5 Meetings Dialogues 1 I'm trying to arrange a meeting for next week. I'm just phoning to let you know. Just In case the meeting overruns. Can you make Tuesday? Is Juan coming by ti. please? I'd like to leave item lour until the next rnaetinq Call we look at Item one? What are your thoughts on this? I was asked to find out what the people in my department thought The majority feeling was in favour. . H%-didn't W?lnt iD m\ss ~\)e lneetm'Q. Bad news 1'111 afraid.e way? It should be finished by 3:15. Dialogues 2 Could you take the minutes. We must really avoid this in the future.

Juliet to research costs for proposed building project. Here are the main points. Xavier? Oh. And for your main course? I'd like tried chicken. . I know Barcelona very well It's a great place for a holiday. Were ready to order. Medium rare.Your language Anton has been having second thoughts. . No decision made I've attached the draft minutes of the meeting. Did you see the football match last night? So you like football.laroslav to produce a questionnaire. please? Excuse me. but could you tell me what this is for? Do you take credit cards? There's a cash machine [ust across the road Dialogues 2 Where do you live. I'll call you tomorrow so we can discuss details.that's beetroot soup. 6 Entertaining and socialising Dialogues 1 Would you like some coffee? Do you take milk and sugar? Can I have a soft drink? Let me translate the menu for you. He now thinks we've made a good case. do you? Where are you going for your summer holiday? My son and daughter can go mountain biking. Borsch . Check if I've left anything out. Can we have tile bill.

I understand 7 Travel llia\oQues 1 Would you like an aisle or a window seat? A seat in the exit rOW. I'm sure they'd appreciate same flowers. I'd like to book a hire car How would you like to pay? A single to Munich. I'm not going to get to the meeting on time.e-r.2. I won't be arriving until 11:00 p. 1''11'. The bag will have to go in the hold. I dG~'t have en(ju~h cash.Your language Do you have any children? I don't know what to wea r. I have a reservation in the name of Perry. I can't really go into it now. I'm sorry to hear that.rn. We do accept credit earns. please? We have a non-smoking room with a balcony on tile 10th floor Dialogues 2 ljust nave this bag and a laptop. I'll keep my fingers crossed I asked for a non-smoking room The bsd hasn't been made. . iust mi~s~d m'}l cnrlr. Do I need to reserve a seat? rd like 10 bDOk a twin room. We need some identification. please. Could you fill in this form.flOrI I'll let you know if I don't manage to catch the flight There Will be a minibus waiting at the gate.

I would like to apologise. I have to cover for her. please call ms. Let me know when you're next going to be in Salzburg I look forward to hearing from you. Speak to you later. for your kind invitation I'll be abroad I hope the event goes well for you . Yours sincerely DBar Colleaglle I Your language am writing to inform you Best regards Hi Jaana Hope vou re feeling bette r. l' olav" to come Please send me details of the event. Regards Messages 2 Many thanks tor helping.B Emailing Messages 1 Dear Ms Harnzs If you have any queries. Many thanks Unlurtunatelv. It clashed with the World Cup finals! We would like you to join us for lunch. Let me know if you can attend. A public holiday Anyway let's hope we have better luck in Yokohama Take care I ar-t writJng to thank you.

Your langoage Do you have any suggestions? Good news! It would be good to get together sometime next week. I am sorry 10 inform you tl181 I will be off work lor two weeks.rck in his new lob. This is to let you know that Will Pick is leavinq the company I'm sure that you will want to join us in wishing Wilfred qor dl.Messages 3 Thev are having problems arranging the rnef:!tlng. I was sorry to hear about Stavros Please pass an my best wishes . I'll set up a meeting.

e hang f turn off 9 area f a handset h. f. try Possible answers a She's on maternity leave at the moment Can I call you back? Please call me back as soon as you can. b. It'S Fiona. Did you say fifteen a on b on c about d on e in f on g in h Ihrough 1d b c 2h 3b 49 s: 6e 7a 8c 91 a I'll tell him you called. you'll disconnect the caller. I'll let you know immediately. or fifty? b I'm afraid I'm in a meeting. i. d. k. d Please can you spell your name' e I'm sorry I didn't catch the number. I 1e 2g 3h 4a 5d 6b 7f s e . If Peter doesn't come back from sick leave soon. c. press i hang. we'll need to find a replacement d If you push that burton. g. j.Answers Telephoning a leave 9 get b hear h say c hold d keep e call I want. a. If I find the Information. I'll call directory b toll-free c This is d get enquiries. e. c Helio Peter. e What will you do il you don't lind Sergei's number? II I don't find his number.

Th e fa ctorv is at th e end of th e roa U b Take the lift to the third floor. I can see a signpost. opposite a garage. It's the fourth office on the right. d Did you have a good lourney? e When "'as the company set f We are among the largest manufacturers in the region 9 We have all excellent reputation In the market. It says that Fistularo is eight kilometres away POSSible questiolls a How many people do YOll employ? How many people work for the company? b Are you a partnership? c How long nave you been on trus site? How 10l1g have you been here? d Do vculika working here? Do you like the working atmosphere? s Where is yeur bi~gss\ m·. Turn right and go along the corridor. b Could you tell me how to get to the main office? c I'd like to mtroduee you to our Marketing Manager."s\? f Who are your biggest/main competitors? g Can you tell me how 10 get to the factory" Possible answers a i'veiett my carin a reserved space. "P' . Is that all right? d I've stopped just before a bridge.2 A company visit a 011 b in c by din e in t by gin h 0n I e profit In a reqistration 9 partnership 1820 3b b site r Iitt d corridor h reputation 4h 5c 6g 7d I demand 81 Possible answers a At the roundabout take the second exit. Go through the town Gentre a nd then take the se cond turnin 9 on th e Ieft. c I've left my car in the space 'Reserved for Visitors'.

e Neither do I.. I alallElII II III a =1:::- e a bout 9 of III .Job information 2 a redundant 9 leadership 1e a for 2a 3 I b development h promotion 4b c of 5f d for 69 c insurance i challenging 7d 8I 9c f of d retire e stressful I responsibilities 10 h f owners b to 11. d So do I. g So was I h So am I . b So did I. c Neither am I. f Neither was I..III II II ElIIIII III II II II 1h2f3a4b5e6c7gBd a Neither did I.

d. i Down: c. q.. k.cepl g suit c miss d happen e abandon f leave 9 report a take a b tell b on c c make d set e made f having on d Of e rejected i at'thruuqh IOu! for to lon.. This shows . i The same: e. I a question a say lb2c3a b trend C purnt d d picture bear e rate I lall/decline 9 9 point/level h lall h period b catch c repeat e Take f gives show i account 5 Meetings 1 a make b cause h give i cover a majority b item c necessary d until e through f ". 9 What does everyone think about the idea? 11 2c 3e 4a 5h 6b 7i s u 99 .4 Prese ntati 0 ns a by 2 b up c with d between 8 by f in 9 dawn Possible answers a Could yau bear with me for" moment? b Are there any questions So far? c At this paint on the graph vou can see . e I've attached a copy of the aqenda f Just one more point. Ig z a 3b 48 5c st 7h 8i 9d Up: a. b Does everyone agree tnat the date of tne next meeting snould be changed1 c Are you going to attend the next meeting? d I'm just phoning to tell you what happened in the meeting. on 9 in h in Possible answers a I'd like to leave the next item until the next meeting. I... coming. b. h. d I"ti liks t~ linion bV \himkll1~ Vou allIn.

We"11miss him/her. volleyball. climbing. tennis. please? b Can I have the roast duck. cycling. k . badminton. please? d Excuse me.a won't cause b 'II order c missed d 'II see e Does everyone agree t 'm calling 9 has read/read h to find out i att~c~e~lh"e att"ch~d I have han/have been havinq/hadrrn having 6 Entertaining and socialising Possibfe answers a Could you translate the menu lor me. c Can I have the bill. 8 for b with c to d by e lor f on 9 into h about 1 2 3 4 5 a 7 8 Can I have Do you accept all 00 ¥GU know il ttlere is Do YOLI take Would anyone like to see Did you watch What clothes should I wear Wh~t has happened the chicken and vegetable soup. a. i. what's this lor? e Where do you Iivs? I I live In Mijas It's a small village in the south of Spain" 9 I'm planning to go to Bali tor a week with my family 11lm very sorry to hear that. sailing a nephew Bunt c cousin d uncle e niece d. please? credit cards? ~ c~stl machine' nearhy? sugar ill your coffee? the dessert menu? the baSKetball game yesterday? to the reception? to DaVid? Is he OK? 7h 7a 8a 8c 9h lOb 19 11 z 2J d 3b 3g 48 4d 5f 6c 6i s e play: golf. I. basketball. please. diving. please? I'll have the steak. g. c. b. f. i. ping pong go: walking. B. hiking. snorkelling. h.

My. llf1. a tirst clas'ii. I have a connection to Dublin at 5:30. te.ticKet .7 Travel European capitol city: StuoKilolm scat. please c Good afternoon." 23 3~1 4b 5d 6e 7f 8g . I 11aV" 3 reservation in the name of {Badger) d I'm [ust phoning to say my flight has IWell delayed.llightwas cancelled. In the exit row if possible a rioubls rQOIn Possible answers a I'd like a wndnw h I'd Ilks to reserve fm two niqhts.mlcal e I'll call you ill miss the Ilight.. perhaps later c I'd prefer to pay in cash d There wi!! be a Cor waiti"g fur yO" o\JlsiM th. please. Willi have time to catch the flight? a In b in c under d Jl1 e for f In ~ with h on/with 'dZa3f4b5g6c7h8e Possible allswers a Is the seat reservation Included in the price? b I'll be there about 11 p.rn. The form has already been lilied In The taxi was booked last night.(l!. e Excuse me.S giliell. a b c d e ( My luggage Was put in the hold The room hasn't been cleaned tcdav.

e We hope you can jcin us for dinner. b Thanks for organising the conference. g Good luck! h We're a great having a party!a get-together b regards c apologise next week d take e event f forward g unfortunately KeV word: grateful h luck . d Please let us know if you can make it. c Just to let you know that we've changed the date of the meeting.8 Emailing a in b to c at d on e for f with 9 for h off i on I in The more formal phrases al bl c2dl e2fl lc 2f 3h b call 48 C gl 6b 7e 5d hope 8g e thank a write d must f join 9g 9 get h miss i pass I know 1e 2h 3d 4c sa 6b 7i st Possible answers a We'll contact you soon. f I'll call you at the end of the week.

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