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2008 Computer science and Engineering Anna university - Trichy,

M.E Degree Examination

CS 5154 - Object Oriented System Design
Part - A (10 X 2 = 20)

1. Write the merits of object oriented systems.

2. Define dynamic inheritance.

3. List out the diagrams proposed by Booch.

4. Differentiate generative and non generative patterns.

5. Name the processes in unified approach to develop softwares.

6. Write about the UML dynamic diagrams.

7. Bring out the salient features of CORBA.

8. Write UI design rules.

9. Write the steps in evaluation testing.

10. Write the significance of metrics in object-oriented development.

Part- B (5 X 16 = 80)

11. Explain in detail about the various phases in unified approach. (16)


12. (a) Discuss in detail about the quality measures which are helpful in building
high- quality software. (8)

(b) Write notes on component based development (8)

13.(a) Write short notes on OMT (4)

(b) Obtain OMT Models for Banking systems(12)


14.(a) Expalin about Booch methodology to develop an object oriented system (8)
(b) For ATM Banking application, obtain the OO model using Booch diagrams(8)

15. Explain about the various diagrams used in UML with suitable examples(16)

16. Write short notes on

(a) OCL (8)

(b) Sterotype (8)

17. Derive the complete UML class diagrams for via Net bank ATM System and
refine it using design axioms


18.(a) Explain about multidatabase systems (8)

(b) With suitable illustrations explain the various types of object relation mapping
methods. (8)

19. Explain the evaluation of OO analysis and design process. (16)


20 Write short notes on

(a) Maintanance of OO Software (8)

(b) Client Server computing (8)