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Sth (eho REPORT. OFFICE SECY. OF IOWA STATE AG'L, COL AND Atta, ¢ ‘Dre Morse, ¥ ‘Beonoan ter, 854, To the Honorable Sonate and Bonae of Represontotive of the Slate of Tova: Tn purmanee of Eaw T hererggh subunit to following report ex- ‘Lae io end Rept earer of the lowe Site hapten. tural College snd Harm, for tie condition; also the operat year 1863: ‘Theie amount on and ae ond, Notes and Coury Orden z ‘Receive in tate of Indvidans for Saaper sounds. Se car Jaan eomnny tad ec omndny aici told ow fr ‘year 1863, With its present financial ‘of the olfice of Secretary for the nroniPrs. tent Janey, 188% 118 94 ‘gos Bi—giaadt 7 ‘Withdrawn, owe State College Library ry SECRETARY'S REVERE. ASSES, } ‘The Institation has the following nesetts, one-half of which, (rob ably, raight be realized within the next 18 months = . 10006 Tears eon Ser Biren men Sy rer eney mn 20 sre tt eae dont Dog td Sy ee te 5 ‘fur, de... Essa scmee gees agesseazes: Alte the flloming was embraced In a wemorfal to your hov- orable bodies, it may not be inappropriate fu this report far general TS as it gives a brief” eee oe oe meen et Bod — aie cp Ered aed oe cap oe not been done towards proyaring wee tor educational jur- Poses’ nn age Sf rr 0 ee be emai aren jae ae es Se eee arene seme Boriisecearg neni aaite secncee nan teeta a eae errr ne : pide aya teste Sound abe olan te onde te ena ating pect Siena coe iacracnraat eee es es Sar ee Ty Sa ops wae erence neces Inds wit Pepe abons§2400% Ts, wth the sons nentoned er ‘rating er eanen someting era 0) beer fr "Then nang yn oar of remem wk ee apple the Legit oe being then enw F Sg nthe Sean ie otermor sf Bretdent of he Sate "Agdcu Sects Seng im ik ‘Slice member Daan (eae Seca re ene te slstareiwroicersare'a Prone ie, Sn Tear, anda Easetive Commi her et Bice enn ae a eae Seas eng tin the 3 2 suttclet wo soamants the ene Cae ie et ‘a the whole ances of the se wore needed to heer Altares incident the: sappresion of he rebate, Tothing ber been ‘id's pronpeete fevonaee” Stns he ition gas" oppenes sad tot Fea agrmary ene tl n stable ate to ans 9 Cee the Beart Eo eee te wba hy go ome a blag iia not tat Yo fs ie but ey have done what they deemed peulent 10 j SECRETARY'S KEPORT. 4a ing fam od eng tore uganda 1 « weg fare a ip, Pain and esaals ood ol don ie 1k hae ever, Staten ta rou ite es an ich a eset ln or 8 mone ‘rept for {wo Years, and for’ thin of use pforuet of the farm, for the third yew, yielding allogether sboun $450, with an average of 190 xeres wader cultivation per” “ite andor craion to 1 are Src o in reg Yr mh to a yen ng ape “iclerproue atte: btt Sn Sry ls ‘Sia Sine, ctr erase et jy at cr tanga, ot ‘Mplonznena te ate) tine ep on se ont tt Baan Moone, by 48 ft, tres eh, tsp wvinyand ites bees 16 by 34 og ina cn, nan ey "hate rected drug pos te Yar ‘ore enacted flan weoome ne Rlnnan Seosiahelsy by?Sh one sary of wood. The back buligs "were ‘Saat fds hel We et tly rasp np ISO at eso of Sauctaretataticer 380, esi iecomcel sty ie ie Sieg. fie fae at sone stent $909, Hews . : ‘Bick sey re fou naga good brick On wid mone alla Wid cela O- on eels place the ferme ander «fail of eu "Ss expedoes weceary 10 place the arm under ft sat of el cicada recs go fat Noto ah ap popiatan o fed secant tetra ot tered rscang eo eae oa Sshcrmen io wee toy sap sé te lonaty wea opsruiga, Neving {fete ad aia See cod mia mn Spi sealing uring a ee pe fhe a esc aot iting were sng and tat the Gtlegs ond soon ee Theo, ay pein ave ew mle Seve sity Tan. cern i anlar cnt fe rane te yk ‘Sha dookdes ave bout te aml of the ton onthe oneing fe fresal fear mon aowt Ste Yous tine the purchase ofthe ologe Far i WStcnl solore teen ayeds comes expectation ornate was ites generale tu the ra rol be opened for eprint boda. Even he SSI move nacttthed tudor he tears witout Inering ‘expends weh vas Gagne ohm Se Joes hy toe people the iat les ha Clee nati wa ute poet pas un oat apm tetra Salen te Ue eae ete oa ces entra Heys tive te “The above under thie gran, wo the Bale of Tow. wa 240/008 oe Aly Sacre gra fai, th terme oe fm TiS acon Calle Stages wt ein eyo te pe owe its it rb inp ei am he fee pe "the ne Special Seo er, 1838, event ‘Bhetrant wr thes and ther eoatons pom thewen Phe funds hase bean Fete ae ara Tete Canoe ot rae ee ang a ‘Gee Ste and the Governor hs forwarded he Mi of aletion to the prone ‘ttcer at Wn ‘wer the ‘artions of the crews, dey derbies be contre iy day. “They canbe Some oF the best unen- tard nnn te ae, and han opted ore il mma he aE fot immigrane, As he Tovorest ow Ue proced ‘czcusivey donated an rect the annal expeaditures of tne featiaton, with « ‘tat exeeoton orb pereaas of Io ot ic eats te edings eet “rill s fond coo orevied to asta te , “Tis murlcnt grant ving eee the Beis ee fo ear a '