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MARTIN COUNTY, FLORIDA INTER-OFFICE MEMORANDUM. TO: Duncan Ballantyne, County DATE: October 16, 2008 Administrator FROM: Neil Appel, C.P.M., Purchasing Manager SUBJECT: Contract Coordinator Hiring Salary Justification ‘This position is classified as a grade 111. It is not an additional position but simply a title change to a current position, thereby increasing efficiencies while not increasing current staffing. The salary range for this position is $36,114.00 to $57, 978.00. The standard hiring policy is a maximum of 10% over the minimum salary range, or $39,725.40. The hire was made at $42,000, which is approximately 14% over the minimum (an additional $2,274.60), but still $15,978.00 below the maximum of the range. ‘The person hired was currently working in the Purchasing Division. The hire and starting salary was approved by Taryn Kryzda after a review of the needs of the position and the experience of the individual. Concurrence: Taryn Kryzda, David Graham Assistant County Administrator Director of Administration Duncan Ballantyne, County Administrator Page tof 522009610 doe