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Development Log

Semester # One

Reference What I need to How will I learn it?

# develop:
#6 Compliance: 1. Read the Acts again in order to
– Regulated Health get a better understanding of them
Professions Act 2. Write down key points that I
– Massage Therapy don’t understand down and read
Act them until I do
– Standards of 3. Go on the internet and see if
Practice there is any other documents that
may explain them in a more
significant manner, Colleges
4. If classmates understand, get
them to explain it to me in a way I
#15 Pathology: 1. Read the textbook, to get more
– Reactions to body in-depth descriptions about
injury of various different systems
systems 2. Read the Clinical textbook, to
– Understand the better understand pain and its
theories of pain theories
3. Ask for help from peers,
teachers etc.
4. Read articles from the CMTO
website, or other internet sites
#18 Client Assessment: 1. Ask other health care
– Understand what to professionals how they assess and
look for when get pointers on what to look for
assessing a client 2. Read the clinical book to better
– How to assess understand the things to look for
them in an during an assessment
appropriate way 3. Practice assessing peers so I
can begin to feel the difference
between others
4. Learn more about this topic from
teachers from later semesters to