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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FORMA Page vote DELIVERED FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2007 Filer Status HAND For use by Members, officers, and employees LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER Gary L. Ackerman __, 202-225-2601 Ne “untae - ~ (Daytime Telephone) vy Member of the U.S. State NY Officer OF Employing Office: 'A$200 penalty shall House of Representatives Dstice 05 Employee be assessed against aoe - anyone who files Termination Date: more than 30 days ‘Amendment Termination late, Did you, you spouse, oF Gapandent chia recove any reports gm Vi the reporting prio ie, aggregating more than $205 and not otherwise Yes ‘xem? yes, complete and attach Schedule VL ‘Bia you, your spouse, ora dependent chi receive any reportable travel of ‘olmbursertents for tavl i the reporting period (worth more than $305. Yes ‘id you nave any reportable agreement or arrangement with an outide ony If yes, complete and attach Schedule IX. Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each “Yes” response. Details regarding "Qualified Blind Trusts” approved by the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct and certain other "excepted “rusts” noed not be disclosed. Have you excluded trom this report detale of such a trust benefiting you, your spouse, or dependent chia? Have you excluded from this report any other assets, “unearned” income, transactions, or liabilities of @ spouse or dependent child ‘because they moot all three tests for exemption? SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME Name Gary L. Ackerman Page 2 of 8 [List the eource, type, and amount of earned income from any source (ather than the filer’s current employment by the U.S. Government) totaling $200 or more |during the preceding calendar year. For a spouse, [s1,000. 3t the source and amount of any honoraria; list only the source for other spouse earned income exceeding Pride of Judea Mental Health CenterlJewish Board of Family and ‘Children's Services Spouse Private Practice/Counseling Spouse Compensation NIA "Spouse Compensation NIA SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” ‘BLOCK A Asset and/or Income Source INCOME Name Gary L Ackerman BLOCK B Year-End Value of Asset ‘at close of porting you so choose, you may indicate that an asset or income source is that of your spouse (SP) or dependent child (DC) or is jointly held JT), in tho optional column on the far left. BLOCK ¢ Type of Income Check all columns that categories, specity the type of income by writing a brief description inthis block. (For example: Partnership income or Farm Income) Page 3ot 8 ‘BLOCK E Transaction: Indicate H asset ‘BLOCK D Amount of Income For retiroment plans or ‘accounts that do not allow ‘you to choose specific Tribco, LLC (newspaper company), Flushing, NY IRA--Nationwide Annuity: Best of America IV Fixed Account IRA--Nationwide Annuity: Best of America IV Fixed Account (part of Family Management Corp. IRA) Pershing/Alliance CashiMoney Market Government Account (part of Family Management Corp. IRA) $250,001 - $500,000 $15,001 - $50,000 $50,001 - $100,000 $15,001 - $50,000 $1,001 - $15,000 CAPITAL GAINS INTEREST See below for specific assets INTEREST INTEREST $15,001 - $50,000 $201 - $1,000 See below See below $1,001 - $2,500 $4 - $200