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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ome Fey eri ts anda FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 aR sprive nesousce ceNTE vere m — Redaey Me Kine Alexander a nn _ Po. Bde 368 BAN * Minas Read) ny 12 PHS Ss a ray Qui Lessee gives Be a = LA rece a cpresonaties Ost O. — | LJ ereojee ‘A $200 penalty shall be assessed Report “ — ‘against anyone who files more than ae [i 2tyaags You pons have came neo ( Eo Titania AS wp Lf eel “= =O“ SERRA WO why SAREE pg Aijen, complete and stan Soe I Oyu, yout spouse, oa depncar ci eave yearned” ere eene fama Pale iersttasere aay wea nol ]| Meee meremee i ‘Bousden oe : sh Bd no] irc aos Od eee ean ate car — | Sieve nai ann ro ea eb so[]| Ft See men snasan vel] “oh rs Did you, your Spouse, oF a dependent child have any reportable rT act re YES ace aa ach question In thie par must be aneyered and the ie eae vod no] asehanerlenenseseec ayeles enn and, EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS =e eee aera eee Sere Tm geese nara cee ersten a= ~O “Bd ee se] CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED This Financial Disclosure Statement is requited bythe Ethos In Goverrmont Act of 1978, a5 amended. The Statement wil bo avaiable t any requesting prson {pon writen apicaton and wil bo reviowed by the Commitee on Standards of Official Canduct or Hs delgnae. Ary Incidual who knowing and willy false, Crna knowingly and willy fae to fe hs report may be subject lo Gl penalties and criminal santone (See S US.C. app. 4, § 104 and 18 USC. § 100%). rea eee aaa nasa Scttel Stl seh Kn, Wind ay 10,2006 | were Rocdowy Me Alexacder [nerd List he sours, type, anc amount of eared income tom any source (oar than the ters euentermployment by the US. Government) aking $200 oF ‘more during the preceding calendar year. Fora spouse, Ist tne soure and amount of any honoraria lt onl te Sour for other spouse eammed income exceeding $100. SCHEDULE I— EARNED INCOME Type ‘agora ate Pann Sum fesmaieas. enn State of Lousiana Bpause Retirement | For payments to charity in eu of honoraria, uso Schedule SCHEDULE Ill — ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME. Value of Asset ‘pe slot of repo of Income Ht you use a val please spe the meted used Ian aeeet waa 201d and is include ety boca 8 ge ‘oome, he vale oui be None Income aos ose motnod | check at eaumns that 66h: Saas Serres | Sete: Yo peor agen rie Sao | ‘She parent oF ria eo g eee ees le alli ie 1 ele & - ae ls) (aisle ae i IB peewee eargeasvatan| [ET ale aise eeielele | fe ceraiosaks cee |8)2 8 ale ele sie ae Bile [S| Ye fom can se I EL} “ok Pe, | eme amee ws | [Pe wal PPT P Residential Property | | | | naar, s report Frees ecened fio the hacuesh cg. br penal hore preety TT DD | For additonal astete and unearned income, ube next page