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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT seees2 30006 FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS Ta [sonnei com Sea Alexander, Jr Andrew L.(Lantar) 2008 US. Senator United States Senate, SH-202, —" Washington, D.C. 20510 Gon tase avin x xganzton ake a donation charty nau fying your speech appeararon or ale he ering eran? Ives Compile na Ato PART ‘ainbureeens etal ne repoing pt worth more en {S05 tome sca tes, Cons ond Atuc PARE Sea ay TESTE TIT OT AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART aor oon apa ve evel ie anaes you, your pau, deren chi have ary parade abity {rere then $0.00 ung epi pd? ie, Corp and Atach PART yes, Compute ans Atach PART Ml i ou, your spe. oF opens OT NE TET oT wane rn ees eed oa yore Gomis Asch AT Wa agi Ws 1D eee 1 yo, your spouse or epee purchase al re Ry | bayer nepal area angen wih a OSE i ne l}ewwe Ie Compe a cn PARE ‘i yee ay repeal asians a or bt ede ting inte |OIO|O ek 3 Sepa CH RS Wy HORS DET ‘sapezomgiere than $335 ant obere ep Iyer Cogito tach PART Ses toma sipe saursin mete poy iFves, Compe and Atach PART (G2 ova RST Rapa iso acne compennaion omar han Each question must be answered and the appropriate PART attached for each “YES” response. Fie this report and any amendments with the Secretary ofthe Senate, Ofice of Publie Records, Room 232, Hart Senate Office Bulldng, US. ‘Sonate, Washington, OC 20510. $200 Penalty for filing moro than 30 days af due dat, “Ts Frans sons Sears qo he Ehee noma IGT eoranae Te ORS TS Tam eG | ST RTRT tay the Office of the Secretary of the Senate to any requesting person upon written application and will be reviewed by the Select Committee [.DONet Wale Belgy thie Line_| SLehie Ay acbena eenagyamewin naa one eon ns eects omen eset eae ae Z| _crimingl sanctions. (See § U.S.C. app. 6, 104, and 18 U.S.C. 1001.) & ee | (ae ete trae 15) 2006 = Tithe Opmian otis rviona “Sipe of Revening Once | fea Bay, Yan a pio eeR 38097 PART IIA. PUBLICLY TRADED ASSETS AND UNEARNED INCOME SOURCES 4 BOOK aocks ‘ent of Pubely Traded Assets Valuation of Assets ‘And Uneared income Sources, mocke “Type ana Amount of Income ‘Anca ating pi. "es sp ech acca an Repor the comalete name ofeach pubty Non ha ar ‘Wades abso aid by you, your spouse, oF your of ncome. ‘Amount ot income ‘ependantchig, (See .3/ CONTENTS OF Jo REPORTS Part of neeuctng) for Producto af nearer invest whl (G) hed value exceading $1000 ate ‘ose ofthe reporting pero andor (2) generated over $2001h neared” Inoome dng te reprig peo. Icludo on tis PART IIA a complete ‘denfeaton ofeach eutle bon, mua un, publ vaded parineship iret sxoxped Irvecrent funds, bone secouns, excepted nd uated ind urs, and publ traded ote of a erment plan, Siea01-s50000 00005-28000, Fs0004 30.200 2500080 Bo 00.000 rar 000000 o.oi- e100 5000004 so $0.01 0001 #1