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UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT AG0862 39658. FOR ANNUAL AND TERMINATION REPORTS asians ares Nae ere = SR comer ayn Evan 2008 United States Senate as Nant Se SE Sac Fa Tanta Aesna nun Eas eS ems ise —y 202 Russel Senate Office Bung, Washington, 0.c.20510_|,202) 224.5503, "AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS AND ATTACH THE RELEVANT PART ves | 19] [ial nian mak donations cari nv pha yO ro bch astra ac Whe eprig Poi? Yn Capea rd Ach PART x Pino nae eaas con og mann oW eon ane iron ESSN OTM DR SG x Baye em me meinen ai ea SDH Be apra pre oo MOO a ath an Rohe scibe | —y ee, or pau cate cil uaa, a egy Rp al nhc Gan BGO Ae opm tba? es Cape Ach ART x t,o oe. ape Cees earl ge obo pan, aang mt a 886 poke BN : oe ti “ Ties, comple attach PARTY. sn SETA a Reta ambeeR rTTO Hepa women ES | r i er Pen en cave BF eee TOF fon 1000) hae enone? 1c, Coen Aten PART VL I 1 eo ay pale elon an arte an ftir ne re sa ear? 1 Yo, Cori a ae ABT Pe outae oy eos erent aremaganentwin ance wat 1 Ye, ori a ch PAT x ee er RST Reet 0 yas ene cpa of rare Wan 95600 fan ye pe oi a ar yes? 1 (Ye, orp a Aso PART x [il this report and any amandmorts withthe Sector ofthe Sonate, Office of Puble Records, Room 232, Han Senate Gow Buldng, US Senate, Washington, 0620510 200 Pena tore than 30 ays af du date [rns rnanil Dieaaui Sstenantieoated by he Etcx In Cavern et of 1978.6 amanda. The etn ab ae avaible FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY by tha Ofsce of tie Secretary of ho Sonata fo any requesting poreon upon wt sphese ‘oo Not Wee Below this Line Jonetics. Any nce wh kona [bina sonaons (ee SUS. ob. 8, Geateatan carte dnp [once citrate tater loonege ere For icles Ons bower iba Saran he meron ta ‘Somat [eemerte rae n com ao marge [oo Tee af eres corre ee UNITED STATES SENATE FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT porea? ifven, Completa an tach PART esaGn238e59 FOR NEW EMPLOYEE AND CANDIDATE REPORTS ana Fenians se pacman | (nossa ati Baca | Seca Ge ac aoa Sa SRR | Ta i Co AFTER READING THE INSTRUCTIONS - ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS yes | no you or your spouse have eared scone (9 tlio os) or noninvestnat incon of more han $200 em any porto source nha por [i ou, you poate, er dependant cil neve my parable ably (are hon 810000) dung ts renting prod? 1? ee, Comite and Aten PART Vl Pt you, your pour, a dopendon cla ecee ware or hvesimanincoma ore Wan S200h bs reporing patio Nl any epoabla see worm mare han $1,000 ths ond fhe pre? es, Complete and tach PART Us snr, bd youha any porate pois ung te roping pas? ites. Complete ad Aten PART Vl 1a ou have any eporate apart er arengent wi an aude anyone ing aos? Yes: Complete an Atcn PART DC lis you reve compensation of mov tar 85,000 ¥om alg sauce Be priory. Yes, Compl and Auch PART X es h question must be answered and the appropriate PART attached for each “VES" response, File this report and any amendments with the Secreta ofthe Senate, Ofice of Public Records, Room 232, Hart Sanale Office Bulding, U.S [Senate, Washington, DC 20510. $200 Pena foc fling more than 30 days after due dat, | [his Fnenci isosue Statement i reauéod bythe Ethics Goverment Act 1678, as amended. The salman wl e made vat by the Ofcoof no Secretary of he Senate to any requesting parson Uson vin alien atl be revowed byt Set [Commitee ov Eis. Ary intidual to krewnaly ard wily fas, or who nang a wy fs ole sree ray be foto il an cil santana (See S USC spp 6,104, end 18US.C 001), Set "Sina oRepnng re Tae oe On Fe ee mn lf cnn Fo iil es Oy Da Na Ws Bon Tia [ie apn rte mena ‘Sea ol Rea Die Baz Yaad — nn nf eosin Govern Sct PART L PAYMENTS TO PAY CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS IN LIEU OF HONORARIA rearing naa name 6 [Pan ah Page Number 63° 3 information, see Instructions, FReport the source (name and adcress), date, and amount of any payment from each eouice toa charitable organization lage n leu of honoraria to you during the reporting period. 'Identiy the actvty(epeecn, article, of appearance) which generated the payment. For futther Noto: Travel expenses in excess of $285 related to activites giving rise to these payments must be reported in Part VI, Reimbursements Date of Payment Name of Source ‘Address (City, State) ‘Speech, Article, or Appearance | Amount 2661 | AnsatenalAmercanassoatens | Wash, 00 Barge | Seon serye_| sro rere [ees Lz mags ea Brana | asi ones | zo I's [saves [vr copia. ne Noro VA New YorTimes aricerepint | sero request 2 | 92005 | Unversy of Souter Caitoria | The Law School Delivered annusl Justice Lester Roth $2,000.00 Universi of Souter Caloris Los Angeles, CA soo88-0071 3 4 3 6 7 a ® io lat lie rs ‘A caparate, confidential report which name the sharable ganization recevng Sch payments must beled crety withthe Select Commitee on Ethics.