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| UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FORM A rom tog FINANGIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 _| For use by Members, officer, and emp ROBERT L BEAUPREZ Fula) IND DELIVERED = ies) aan Tastee — (0ff00 Use |e Mabe othe us. ‘Sie: 60 ] Stee OF Epon Oe: House of Representatives Dysiice 7 Employee rmination Dale: more than 30 days late, ‘ror anysouee nbn pose ‘tyes, complete end atch Schade 2S EEE eg ©] * SERRE me , 186, complete and attach Schedule Vi. Sapa pon agen tna paver we peSecenriatdsterssingsstatec aa be BR” Ye CMe weg me O| SR NEE om comple and atch Shee veg me hm gpa tye comp ad th Sadi ies yar pan pear Aa ay PSN TA v. Saree arg eran peat ‘Yes {Z Ne [)/ Each question inthis part must be answered and the appropriate " ta and atch SchauleV. ‘Schedule attached for each "Yes" response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS: “Trusts-- Deal rogaring“Gulifed Bnd Toss" approved bye Cris on Standard of Ocal Conduct ard coraln athe “ecaped wow tons" nee nthe dacooed. hive you socaded em ts rope eat ofcachs wus benttng ou your spouse or depencent YES] NOR Exemptions Have you excluded from this report any oter asses, “unearned” income, Fansectons, or aise of spouse or dependent crit _ ecnue thy meet al re tes for norpton? veo Me CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED “Tis FrncolDasionrs Sinner regared by he GPx Goverrot Aco 8, ar onentns. Tro Servet bg aalble Wy oneshg par cia atin mom Sonn nS Og Cone er. hth ogy anatase ee ‘Rhy ft she per ou set ch panes an otal nats (One SUG {CERTIFY tat ho sltemenia have made o Bis fore and all ached scheaes ‘Stetus compat ane sorta aa my kd el _ a co e000 20388-3900 YocmaY 10 PH 22 ny) Name ROBERT L BEAUPREZ Pagezee 7 SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME l ei he soure, ps, and aman of samed income fom ary source (ther han ine fare current employment bythe US. Government totaling 200 or more uring the preceding calendar yer. Fora spouse ls the source and amount of any honoraria; st only te source lor other apouse earned income excoaaing Braddock Development ‘Commissions per prior agreement (1992) | $18,169 Beauproz Piszek, LLLP | Commissions per prior agreement (1982) | $5,234 Heritage Bank | Retirement payment $1,097 Heritage Bank SpouseSalary [NA — | Heritage Bank ~ TSpouse Director Fees NA Lo SCHEDULE Ill- ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME [1 aopenri acauprez Asset andlor Income Source Year-End | Type of Income | Amount of income | Transaction] cot) each saat lor ivesinere production of xcome wi | Value o elt tan on rebromertlacsor | Wea eset SaENrcareatdasioembetareresatsenren | Value of Asset | C2ci cos tp | cccwattconisiow | weeps ‘Quyomurscsswnrcelaconemichgwsd meri | stcoxe treating | tetynstincsraby | yourocroowepeane. "| Phsaa(She ‘Glin uhoured" eae rng tu yur, Foret! pepe orang, | Yar. yeu urea Frere across. Prove ramen af any mtal unde east | Ykaton rahod other recat RA hs coauhare youve‘ power ele te spate | Wan far markt vain, Trveseert,yourmay ents] Srchogoa (2) m “iu torincams Fors | feporing yer the ascts, nest ho idolnomsionoreschacselimieaccomt tat | pewespeciybe "| Incomear Fer care) | Eatery aeons ‘teseds ne reporting twerhld andthe Income eamedor tne wzount. | Meied weed an "| cece me sponte Foran tk orrtronart plan ats nt secede, na the cow sid ana Sonbeion Ogerde even Triton nine acount are pow vats oa ofthe Iced oi Oaeaore Hrommveneg encle be ‘apart prod or an aciv usieae hats not publ wecoarin | Mle gonrated income, ted a com lock Aster rate ofthe business nat geegrapnictoraion.” | the vale shoud be For additonal information, se nstrason book or te reporting ~ che: Your persona! inca (nies hare rea ince {iy dot owed fo yey yourspouna, or by our or our spouse's, arr sng ny depot tng $00 een pereonal Ersoy fovelinwest nonce FomU. ttysuse che, you may int that nae or ncaa cure (hat your pause (SP) or cepa ch (0) ty Pa OT, [the cptanm clumn an efoto GT Reiags Bark, 60, azo Sei TEREST [1-0 soe | ‘$1,001 -$15,000| CAPITAL GAINS | $15,001 - $50,000 | Beauprez Ltd. Partnership (26.4% ownership)Real estate | __| development Lafayette,CO. _ _ Indian Peaks, Ino. (50% $1 - $1,000 INTEREST ‘ownership) Real estate development, Lafayette, CO JT | American Century Funds | $1,001 -$15,000| DIVIDENDS. __| Money Market Acct oy oe JT | Front Range Capital Corp. | $9.105,596(000K | None H Stock (bank stock, Louisville, | value) | coy