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So that sono FIRE

Biography: it sounded to singing FIRE and Dominican composer in

English and Spanish. Sono FIRE was born in yamasa, Dominican republic
in April 26 of 1969 sono FIRE is but the small one of 7 brothers and when
the young era dreamed in becoming a great man for the society and a
good singer.

To become popular, soon sono FIRE decides to form a musical group, but
with few instruments, with only guira, tambora and a guitar, but to people it
liked its music. Soon the members that formed that group left only soon the
continuous one only but with the fanaticada affection of a great one. Later
it decides to record a CD with 12 songs of his responsibility, which was
everything a success in colmadotes and discotheques and later in the
transmitters, soon the television decides to support to me.

TV for example: Transmitters:

Channel 19 = phenomenal Power 103 = juchi langa
•Channel 23= of mañanita Space chain = party I sounded
Channel 27= that this cooking Sun 105 = the same blow
Channel 35= passing invoice Rumba FM = voting the
blow Channel 47= tele supply KQ 94 Several programs
Channel 17= between line RPQ several programs
Channel 12= infantile program and other transmitters but
Channel 10= several programs among others

With God by means of we will ahead follow with the affection of all you and
Ismael towers directing.