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She’lyn Langlois
Block 2
Semester 1
Only senior managers and
public servants wear suits
and ties to work . Office
workers wear casual
clothes .The cowboys wear
ponchos and baggy
trousers .The women wear
traditional African clothing
consisting of long , full
skirts , colored shawls ,
and turbanlike
headscarves .

They may use beads to decorate

there clothing and to use as an
accessory . Some also use body
paint and have distinctive
hairstyles .
Soccer would by far be the most
popular sport in Brazil where it is
called “futebol” . The Brazilian
National Team is the most popular
, where it has been victorious in
the FIFA World Cup tournament
five times . It is NOT unusual for
Brazilians to skip work to watch
soccer teams play .

Most Music in Brazil

is played outside
with instruments
such as cuicas,
tambourines, frying
pans, flutes, guitars
and sometimes a
piano .

Arroz à Grega ("Greeek-style rice") is a Brazilian

dish, consisting of rice cooked with raisins and small
pieces of vegetables.

Feijoada is a stew of beans with beef and pork

meats .

Rabanada French Toast

• January 1st NEW YEAR
• January 6th Epiphany
• February or March Carnaval
• March or April Good Friday or Easter
• April 21st Tiradentes
• December 25th Christmas
Rio de Janeiro
Carnival is held four
days before Ash
Wednesday, making
Carnaval Rio the
ideal time for
celebration as the
Brazilian summer is
December through
March .People here
are very friendly .
There is samba
parades which is
one of the more
interesting activities
at the Carnaval .
Interesting Facts
Most of South America’s
population is in Brazil .
Brazil has the sixth largest
population in the world,
which is about 148 million
people .
Almost half of Brazil's
territory is covered by the
basin of the Amazon River
and its tributaries, a region
that is one of the world's
largest rainforest ecologies .
winters are
from June to
August .

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