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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 FORMA For use by Members, oficers, and employoes, Shelley Berkley neces aa eat Bae = 20THAY 1S PH 2: 57 i oe greece u 9709 Camden Hills Ave ‘ating Aaareasy 7 ‘Davie Teephone: KH £'$. HOUSE OF Reba IVES: Las Vegas, NV 89145 202 225-5365 (rica use Ory Fler Tenber ote US Saw Grew or Epi Oto bt yess ee iO 7 ‘A $200 penalty shall be assessed aad Sevee ot Repreerties De a Dt Ere against anyone who files more than ype CX | phrvet onay 15) Amancment i 30 days late. PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS T. Did you or your spouse have “eames income (0.9. selanes Or {oo of $200 ormorg ram ary source n he opening proc? 1, i any incvicual or organzation make @ donation chart fievel paying you tora speech, appearance or aricle ibe reporting poraa? ‘tyes, completo and attach Schedule t = Ii, Did you, your spouse or a dependent chil acevo “uneared income of more than $200 nth feporing period or hog any ‘oponabie asset mor more than $000. fe ond of te period? ityea, complete and attach Schedle IV. Did you, yout spouse, of dependant chid purchase, sl St exchange any report asset n'a tansadton xceading 5 Gon deg regong pod? ityes, complete ang atach SchoduloN. \V. i you, your spouse, o a cependant cid Rave any reportable laity (wor than $10,000) rng he reporing pened? tyes, complete and attach Schad ‘ob eI ves] vox] ve] =] «A =O) ef CO A Dayo, yur spon, o 8 sapendent cia ene ny rtie git the epoting period (Le. aggre fe reporabe gin ne eporrg sage ‘yes complete and atach Schade Vi Vil, Detyou, your spauso, or a dependent cs receve any ‘eponabla rave! ofremBirsements for rave nthe roparing ned (wort mare than $208 fom one sea)? ites, complete and attach Schedule Vi. il. Dis you noid any repotebe postions on or bfore the ale og in ve current calendar year Ityes, complete and atach Schedule Vit 1K, Did you have ary reportable agreement or arrangement win an dutsise entity? ifyes. complete and attach Schedule IX. HAND DELIVERED LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER ves] vo] oL] wba) ves] nope] Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate schedule attached for each “Ye: " response. EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS ‘TAUSTS—Dotalls -agarding “Qualified Send Trusts" approved bythe Commitee on Standards of Official Conduct and certain other “excepted tuste" need net bbe disclosed. Have you excluded fren ts report detas of sucha ust benelling You, You" spouse, or dependent ch?” EXEMPTION—Have you exctuded from this report any other assets, “unearned” income, transactions, o lables of a spouse or dependent child because they V1 met all three west ot exertion? CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED This Financial Disclosure Si ‘upon writen application ar for who knowingly and wil T CERTIFY that the statements | have made on this form complete and ‘and all attached schedules are true, correct to the best of my knowledge and belit SCHEDULE | — EARNED INCOME more during the preceding calendar year. For a spouse, lst exceeding $1,000. Nephrology and Endocrine Associates/Kidney Specialists of Souther [na | ‘Amgen ‘Spouse Consulting | na Kindred Healthcare Spouse Consulting} NA Touro University ‘Spouse Medical Lecture] NA — Princeton Institute for CME Spouse Consulting Leerink Swann & Co. Inc. ‘Spouse Consulting Since Sibel Conan Berkley for Congress Spouse Consulting For payments to charity in leu of honoraria, use Schedule M, SCHEDULE Ill — ASSETS AND “UNEARNED” INCOME BLOCKA Blocks: Asset and/or Income Source Value of Asset Ionut a cn ana eid or vant | acoso report yar ‘of income with afr raat I you use a valuation method other than fair market valve, please speciy the method used. if an asset was sold and Is Included only bacause it generated an can, you ay nga tat en cee ine te Reese ee cae me For additional assets and uneamed income, use next page.