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‘NITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES oma FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2006 | "be Menem oars, anc empoyees HANB-DEEWERED. Potter Mim Beary OO MAY TPH 5:24 D5 Riwiven us oS Watinnetor, De Borie force uo oy = oS ae a aa 3 7 pty nav ne = = ae eee hr me et Eon sone PRELIMINARY INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS : vr ee aeeeeeaeree eee He eee ees Je” AO Wg Sane, ee ance “Ol wi Fechner a BO Sle Te dusteceyarereer orto separate moatwornneretansiababe cde bossa Y*She] Nol] Feemnmecren see ‘Yes|<] No} SEee REE. “i «LD areeeeee BO Poet oe eee eee eens Ronee ; ae hae “EO B80 yu sar a eprint chav ny pale Each question in this part must be answered and the jesse ramen See veoLs] sof] appropriate schedule attached for each "Yes" respon: EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION — ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS Se ey ee ey rare eeieen eee re ; SELES Seema es oe em OA [EXEMPTION Haw you excudad fom fs apr ay oer atts, "uneared”ncame,eareactons, orbs ofa epee of pendent chlabocauss they Yagl—] no] bests ve eae ego? ‘et = ” ve] [4 CERTIFICATION — THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED ‘This Financial Disclosure Statement Is roqulted bythe Ethics in Government Ac of 1978, 9s amended. The Statoment wil be avalabe fo ary requesting person upon writen appfcaton and wil be reviewed by he Commit on Standards of Oficial Conduct o ts designee, Ary ichaual whe knowingly and willy tastes, ‘or who knowingly and wily fats to Ne ths Teport may be sublet to civk penalties and exiinal sanctone (See 5 U.S.C. app. & §104 and 18 U.S.C. § 1001), SCHEDULE | — EARNED INCOME ‘mote during the precoding calendar year. For as Ust the source pe, and amour of eamed income fom any source (ater than te flrs carert enpajent by he US, Governnend tiling $200 or ut, te sou and amauta nancaa tony souco fx oe auc eatod ree exceeding $1,000. ™ a 7 Source ‘Amount Amare Lout, Tats (SPrast) hive Bees Tan (4 shut] Merutere Beaty, Lae_( rest) Peat Pay, Sots (serie) For payments to charly In ie of honoraria, uee Schedule SCHEDULE Il — PAYMENTS MADE TO CHARITY IN LIEU OF HONORARIA Ut he source, activity (ie. speech, appearance, or ace, dato, and amount of any payment made by the sponsor ofan event to achastable organization 'n liu ofan honorarium. A Saparate confident tof charties receiving such payments must bo Hed ect mth the Commitee on Standards of Oftoal Gonduct An envelope for ranemitng the is included in each Members ling package. Source canoes | Sema aoa ars, Wah yz Date ‘Amount “we |e ‘This page maybe coped more space Is requied