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UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES FORMA Pa 1b FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2005 | FOruse by Members, officers, and employees ‘Rovert Willa Bishop 2006 HAY 1S PH 5+ 08 eae _ TANS00 Bram oi, UT 81902 _ mozzs0ss Tau = ates mw |e NonbodieUS. Siam OT 7 Ofer Eno oe: Eine, | Tettecrmercetie Se Empuyee — = ain —Ferinaion Be = pe (@Yromtiuey 16) _|13 Arensment |) Temnaton PRELIMINARY INFORMATION ~ ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS Laos w our spoune Rava Ternod noone fag emai os] oF OD aw ‘Did you, your spouse ora depeodent cid receive any report gat riot wa © 0)" CO we Dee ym contac ee Fie ongen wasnt aan . Roemer esse — | en reir — Seieesaneternecamteats gg gy! me RTI ET we ey yes, compete and atch Sheela uw. ann ot png ps red ay wots | ipo tan anos pret ifyon comet and wch Sea _ | try, complete uate Setacua vm _ ac yy gy me Sah wom | pe ete ei Each ueton he per must ie anvore andthe appropri panned atl sacha sac Yor anpone EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION ~ ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS Trust-e ene be apm omen ns Hl et owen ered ya C) wo So amen rations onmee Exemptions Have you exclded fom this report any other assets, “uwerned” income, transactions, Flabiltes ofa KpoLse or dependent cid Deen ty mec a eee or econ? ve Nowe CERTIFICATION ~ THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED. "Wis Fran Dass Seen gute by Eien Goverment Aol 17, a de. Th Sait ibe anal ay regen pron opr en ‘ication and wt evened yh Cit en Stance Ofc Conca M ele. Ny nsw rant wy oa, ooo noun an wa ty fetes na oprtmey bosib dt pent ane oma sonore fee SUSI ph 4 $101 ang USC 100, = a urna ee atta CAF | Ma 1S,2006 4S ATE RESOURCE CENTER SADR SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME [none narwmmone «Sea | Tat he source, yp; snd amount of eared income Tom any source (tia han the ars Garant onploymant bye U.S, Gover) anny $200 SFO ing the preceding calendar yor. For a spouse lst the source and amount of ay honoraria; tony the sour for cther apouse armed Income excoeaing 200 Source Type. ‘Amount Utah State Retirement System Educator Pension $25,651.15 fox Eider Scho ite [Spouse Slay ‘SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME. Name Reber Waa Bishop Prose 5 BLOCK ‘woke BaeKe ror) Boeke Asset and/or Income Source Year-End | Type ofincome | Amount of Income | Transaction| ‘aunty each asst el for eestor producto income with iter tnn one tthe | Forrtvemen pana or | Incase Seema va excel $00 thon ete reporing pros, | Value of Asset | f.iciaion site, | recta chow ‘S53 ary ober ase or soure of inca which ganeraaamaretan | atcoseofrepeting | theipe oieconety” | yoorsenneetoeets ‘0in "eared nce cg eye. orrenal propery ovina, | yest Fyouuens”” | wteuatrchsescrton | Yooecer yet | Suslt eke Bove an adaas, Provide ful names of any mut finde Fer ase | vasstonmstnes omer | Tntnatiock Ger" | Msctorneone, Rear” | senate Sect RA Go, oe hore yourave ower to slime specite” | an tor marc tn, (tamper ines mcrasiimmasm eneehean inescett” | panwemenne | footwarrimietns | Seger! ‘escrieropmungticoeisteute tee aad ret. | eked ae an Seca neargemne faze tingeanntarnmemancimnnt | Sawer steer i en ese ts generat income, ‘isted 28 income. Ete: Your mon lech eta nea ry Ssitonec tayo eae ya enya spr oe owt elo: copie ling Fapshe me ngerer "you 0 tact youmey deal an att ame su eal tint means Sh orcpenaet Geo sloynea oe ‘ole Soana on eck JT Invesco $1,001 - $15,000 None NONE: 4 JT | Barnes Bank Accounts ‘$1,001 - $15,000] INTEREST $1-$200