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zuò dōng

做 东

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• How to express “it is my treat. let me be the host”? Or maybe you need to know “It is your treat today!” ? .

bu2guo4.shuo1 hao3 le. C: 我知道你也喜欢吃辣,所以就带你来这儿了。 Wo3 zhi1dao ni3 ye3 xi3huan chi1 la4. C :等等,说好了,今天我做东! Deng3deng3. F: 真过瘾啊!服务员,买单! Zhen1 guo4yin3 a! Fu 2wu4yuan2. mai3dan1.wo3 hen3 xi3huan.Learn the dialogue .you will get the answer! F: 今天的菜很辣。不过,我很喜欢。 Jin1tian1 de cai4 hen3 la4. suo3yi3 jiu4 dai4 ni3 lai2 zhe4er le. jin1tian1 wo3 zuo4dong1! .

but. C : I knew you love spicy food.Translation F: these dishes are very spicy. Waitress. bring me the bill! C: wait , I have told you. let me be the host today! . I like it. F: It was really terrific. this is why I brought you here.

做东 zuò dōng v. Be host 今天聚餐我做东。 Jīntiān jùcān wǒ zuòdōng. The meal today is my treat. .

the houses are square.) Living N room . Where comes the saying of “Zuo Dong”? In ancient china. and face to the south (courtyard house for example.

Living room .

N For guest For host ( West) (East) .

So “sit in the east side” means sit in the host’s chair. that also means “be host” zuò dōng 做 东 Be host .

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