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FORMA For use by Members, officers, and employees UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Page 1 of 8 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2006 Madeleine Z. Bordallo HAND DELWERED <2) LEGISLATIVE RESOURCE CENTER Sani ~~ (FullName} eee OVMAY 1S AMEN: 52 427 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 202 225 1188 saat a ang rss saan ate Toon og HeLa ‘Member of the U.S. State: GU [J Officer Or Employing Office: A$200 Fil penalty shalt cai House of Representative pistict ap Employee be assessed against anyone who files more than 30 days late, T Termination Date: (Termination Annual (May 15) -]_ Amendment Did you or your spouse have earned" acorns fag salaries Or Tes) OTTO Tid you, your spouse ors Soper! CMs receive Sy Feporable GATT ‘rme rom any source inthe reporting period? Se tnaing prea, eppegeingmore tan Sis eraotcenee Yes) Wo A Ityes, complete and attach Schedule = ifyeo, complete and attach Schedule V i any individual oc organization make a donation to cary inilew of ‘id yeu, your spouse, or &dopendent ci rece've ary reportable Wave or Paying ou fora speech, appearance orate inthe reportng peo? tiburon te eporing prog woth mere anseé” Yes} Wo [] Ityes, complete and attach Schedule I Ifyes, complete and attach Schedule VI. {id you. your spouse, or» dependent child recaive “unearned” income of id you nod any reportable patios on or before the deo ing the Imore hn $200 the reporting period or Roldan repo ass worth umentenenda ear? ves &% No [) mor han 3,00 athe ond of the ered? iFyes, complote and atten Schedule i tyes, complete and attach Schedule VII. id you your spouse, or dependent cid purchase, se of exchange ari 7x. DidyeU have any reportable ogreement or arangement wit an ouside repeal aeetinsannaclon excening 00 alg hereporing” Yes Wy) No [| % ent? Yo [-] No iy] Free, compte and attach Schedule WV. a yes, complete and attach Schedule IX. ‘id you your spouse ora dependent cid have arpa abiiy (ore tam $18,600 dena ie reporteg prio? Each question in this part must be answered and the appropriate yes, completo and attach Schedule V. schedule attached for each "VY EXCLUSION OF SPOUSE, DEPENDENT, OR TRUST INFORMATION -- ANSWER EACH OF THESE QUESTIONS: Detale regarding "Qualified Blind Trusts” approved by the Commitioe on Standards of Oficial Conduct and certain other “excepted trusts” need not be disclosed. Have you excluded from this report details of such a trust benefiting you, your spouse, or dependent YS [] Nol¥) child? a » Have you excluded from this report any other assets, “unearned” incone, transactions, or liabilities of a spouse or dependent child because they moet all three tests for exemption? Yes [] Noy CERTIFICATION -- THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE SIGNED BY THE REPORTING INDIVIDUAL AND DATED ‘This Financial Disclosure Statement Is required by he Ethie in Govemnment Act of 1978, az amended, The Statement wil be avaiable to any requesting person upon writen application and wl be reviewed by the Commitiee on Standards of Official Conductor its designee. Any incivdual wno Knowingly and willy falsifies, of who knowingly ard ‘lly fale to fe th report may be subject lo il ponaltes ane criminal sanctions (See 5 USC. spp. 4, § 104 and US.C.§ 100"). Gata (arth, Day, Year) | CERTIFY thatthe statoments | have made on this form and al atiaches schedules sd correct tothe best of my knowledge and bei SCHEDULE | - EARNED INCOME Name Madeleine 2. Bordallo rors | [List the soures, type, and amount of eared income from any source (other than the filers current employment by the U.S, Government) totaling $200 or more |during the preceding calendar yet 1,000. Fora spouse, ist the source and amount of any honoraria; list only the source for other spouse eared income exceeding Government of Guam, Lieutenant Governor Lieutenant Governor's Pension Government of Guam, Survivor's Benefit | Survivors Benefit Pension | $42,499.92 $12,499.92 SCHEDULE Ill - ASSETS AND "UNEARNED" INCOME ‘BLOCK A Asset and/or Income Source Identity (2) each asset held for investment or production of income with a fair market value exceeding $1,000 at the end of the reporting period, ‘and (b) any other asset or source of income which generated more than $3200 in “unearned” income during the year. For rental property or land, Provide an address. Provide full names of any mutual funds. For a self investments) provide information on each asset in the account that ‘xceeds the reporting threshold and the income earned for the account. For an IRA or retirement plan that Is not sel-diracted, name the institution holding the account and provide its value atthe end of tho reporting period. For an active business that is not publicly traded, In Block A State the nature of the business and ts geographic location. For additional information, see instruction booklet forthe reporting year. Enolude:- Your personel residence(a}{unteas there fa rental income); any debt owed to you by your spouse, or by your or your spouse's child, parent, or sibling; any deposits totaling $5,000 or less in personal ‘savings accounts; any financial interest in or income derived from US. Goverment retirement programs. {you so choose, you may indicate that an asset or income source is that of your spouse (SP) or dependent child (OC) or Is jointly held (JT), Inthe optional column on the fr left. ‘BLOCK B. year. i you use Valuation method directed IRA (Le, one where you have the powerto select the speciic | other than fair martet value, please speciy ‘the method used. Yan asset was sold ands Included only because tls generated income, the value should be "None." Year-End Value of Asset at close of reporting BLOCK e Type of Income Ccheckal columns that Spon. Check "None seve ci not generate any income daring the Galendaryeor. Mather than one ofthe ited atogoion, specty the {ype of income by writing {rat description inthe | box below. Dividend, even Hock. (ror example: Partnership income of Farm income) ‘BLOCK D BLOCKE, For retiroment plans or ‘other assets, indicate the category of Income by ‘checking the appropriate reinvested, should be listed as income. Check "None" if no Income was eared. Amount of Income ‘accounts that do not allow Transaction) Indicate i asset had purchases (sales (8), or ‘exchanges (E) ‘exceeding $4,000 in reporting year. (Jonestown) $1,000,001- | RENT $50,001 - $100,000 | 160 Trenton Blvd. $5,000,000 Tamuning, Guam 96912 : i (Westbury) | $260,001 - RENT | $15,001- $50,000 | 5500 SW 30th Avenue $500,000 | Marion County Ocala, FL 34474 : : ze i Checking Account $15,001 - INTEREST $1 - $200 | Sun Trust Bank | $50,000 | Ocala, FL cae : é : Checking Account $50,001 - | NONE | NONE / "MZB Enterprise" $100,000 | | Hagatna, Guam 96910